“I Cut Off My Own Arm To Save My Life” | Pleasure and Pain with Michael Mosley – BBC
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“I Cut Off My Own Arm To Save My Life” | Pleasure and Pain with Michael Mosley – BBC

October 9, 2019

*guitar music* (Narrator) Sampson Parker has a farm in South Carolina. In 2007, he had to inflict excruciating pain on himself for the greatest possible reward: life. He was out working when his corn picker became blocked. (Sampson) I left the tractor running, and I walked back around the corn picker…… There was a corn stalk stuck and without thinking, reached my arm into the corn picker, grabbed ahold of the corn stalk….. And pulled down and the corn stalk wouldn’t come out. And then I pushed up. And when I pushed up, the rollers that take the shucks off the corn grabbed my hand my hand was stuck. Blood started coming down my arm and….. Chunks of meat and everything. And I couldn’t believe what had just happened and I knew I was in trouble. But I had to block the pain out of my brain. I knew I had somehow to get the machine to stop. So now I took this pin was able to get it out. The arm is still in here, And I took this pin out and reached around the side. I was able to jam it between this chain and the tire…… Stopping the machine. I then grabbed a hold of my arm, thinking all I had to do was pull my hand free. I physically tried to pull my hand off. I put my knees up against here…… And lean back and pull as hard as I could and I couldn’t do it. My hand was still stuck. With the machine being jammed….. The slip clutch on the side of the machine was throwing sparks. Of course the sparks and dry corn shucks…… It only took about 10 seconds and all the corn shucks was on fire. And then up inside here, which was still about half full of corn shucks, it was burning. My arm that was stuck in here, started burning. I could see my skin melting like plastic. (Narrator) Sampson faced a terrible choice: (Narrator) Die, or cut off his own arm. (Sampson) I’d been fighting this machine for hour and a half and it wasn’t gonna beat me. I cried out to God to help me. I didn’t want my family to come down here on the farm and see me burnt to death behind this corn picker. Without thinking, I reached back, grabbed ahold of my pocketknife. I took the knife and jammed it into the forearm. And with everything so far, the burning, the hand caught, that was painful. But when I jammed that knife into my arm and started cutting away the meat, I was screaming. Cutting those nerves in my arm hurt. I can’t explain how it felt. The tire on the side of machine was burning and the wind was blowing the flames into my face. My hair was starting to burn. And I started trying to cut the bone. I only messed with it – just a couple seconds – the tire was like a torch and…… To break the bone, I raised up as high as I could like this….. And then I dropped to the ground. Hitting this sharp, sheet metal. Snapping the bone. And when that happened, the tire on the side of machine…… Exploded. And that was like someone smacked me in the face. And it blew me back away from the machine about five feet on my back. And I’ll never forget I jumped up with blood shooting at the end of my arm. I jumped up running around to my truck thinking: I’m free. I’m free. (Narrator) Despite massive blood loss, (Narrator) Sampson made his way to the nearest road where he was picked up, rushed to hospital and spent the next month recovering. He believes he fought so hard to survive because of his love for LeAnn, his wife of 22 years. (LeAnn) The pain that Sampson must have endured is really beyond my imagination I can’t imagine anyone doing what he did. Even though I know that Sampson is a remarkable person and if he’s determined to do something he follows through and does it. But to me, that’s the unimaginable. (Sampson) Pain was probably my least concern at the time and I was going to do whatever it took to get free.

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  1. This?is?why?I?stay?at?hone?watching? YouTube ? videos ???‼️‼️‼️‼️????????? God Bless his family and this man ?????

  2. When thinking of the scene in my mind, I was like.. Oh my god nononon arm arm arm and I just started staring at my arm ;—;

  3. Him: ima go check what's goin' on back there

    God: turn it off before you do

    Him: ima stick my arm in here

    God: you never turned it of-

    God: Ooooh there goes the hand

  4. I don’t feel like he got any form of ptsd after that by seeing him put his second arm in there. Honestly I would be traumatized.

  5. What a beautiful couple.this is hardcore courage, love that I seen.beside the tragic.there's no way in hell that I can not imagine what this strong loving went through for his life and to hold his very beautiful wife , loving wife.

  6. I would have expected the fat that Imma die .I wouldn't have the webbos to cut my arm off I would just Harry up and jack off to bust one last nutt

  7. It’s sad some people need to comment that he put his hand in the machine.. it’s clearly not on it ain’t gonna happen again ?

  8. This guys got the biggest nads no joke. To shove his hand back in that machine with no fear. I can't imagine going through what he did. The human spirit puts me in awe.

  9. If anybody says demonstrating his other hand is stupid? Yes, but ? The machine is off! Machine dont turn on when its OFF I never heard a machine turns on when it's off. I did see in movies where tv plug off Tv powered on. A horror movie

  10. You could just not have done that, you could like… When the thing, just jammed? Well you could just bye a new one. And…. Problem Solved.

  11. Why in the world would you put your other hand back in there I know it's like for a video and you're showing what happened but you stick your fake hand in there so you don't got to lose two hands you can just replace the fake and

  12. I know that hurt I feel bad because if that was me I would died because I would be scared to cut my arm

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