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August 10, 2019

like that at you yeah that looks pretty close oh my god oh my god oh my god oh dude are you on here let’s go pressure on it breath America huh please come on come on let go let’s go come on dude aah come on we got to get you stitched up he cut his hand with a dude are you alright Lance weird come on wake up hey giving us free just calm down crush get your mother Lance what’s up yo grab the napkins and put pressure on that where is it caught at where on his finger this one the two fingers right there Nina come here come here yeah you’re right come on I’m control the bleeding hammer down he wanted me to keep recording so everyone’s gonna think I’m an asshole for recording this honestly I was wrong at first I even feel it with a librarian friend right we have it recorded you want to create a recorded it yeah let’s hear some more really but if you are got that book I can tell you where I got your wood we’re actually I’ll call you when we’re done little No guys going in yeah I can’t don’t have to save me okay what guys this r2 though tell you what you people how you feeling about this man not good yeah I know look I got blood all over my shirt blood all over my hands both hands actually the cut is so deep on my other hand guys it’s a fan uh if anybody’s eating right now I’m sorry for going back there now I guess I just go wait and see what happens I’m probably gonna stand up get some scissors I don’t want a lot better my mom does not look at it yeah cut a pretty hefty hole in my hand and it’s in my palm as well right it’s on both fingers he popped off my mom wanted to stop talking my mom’s about to pass out right now I just went over there and tried cleaning this hand off there’s nothing wrong with this hand thank God but this hand is full so rinse in the hospital to have a little bit and see what happens that does not look pretty that’s a huge gash all right so everybody came through we’re just waiting right now I think I have to get stitches which sucks but what am I gonna do you know no more fruit ninja in real life guys nobody do that yeah I’ll send my kid when I leave considering I got like 20 today heal me a pair of sneakers by the way dude there’s blood all over mine Atilla guys do me a huge favor and learn from me and don’t do anything stupid like this because I just fucked myself I have no feeling in my pinky I can’t even bend it I think it’s broken or my mom thinks I’m nervous at damage I live it it’s gonna be a long night though not play with knives ever so I just went to the back and got x-rays for my hand right now we’re just waiting for it to get stitched up and we should be on our way I still have no feeling whatsoever my pinkie hey guys I drew a smiley face with my blood I understand how you’re so calm how am i calm because he doesn’t handle any I don’t know how to react like I laugh when I get in pain sometimes oh I know but anyway it’s a smiley face for you guys so I just got numbed um and apparently it wasn’t enough so I need to get some more and it hurt like bad but it’s not like a normal needle like that shit kills but this time they have to numb in the wound yeah are they gonna go in yes I’m all numbed up now now I’m gonna get my hanky dolls and we’re gonna prepare the stitching alright guys so I just got my stitches I forget I think one or two here three up here and I don’t even know how many there’s about nine yeah there’s a lot of stitches guys this was a stupid idea that is for sure now I don’t want food yeah I’m starving I got him a doughnut and fruit salad when Lizzy called the police what did you say she said you’re playing real-life engine and the lady was like dude what the mid was like music and that my mom also called so there was like 12 cops at my house and not even exaggerating there was so many cop cars when we went out there and my mom said I chop my hand off I didn’t know because I might see you because your sister was having a panic attack that was just blood everywhere and I I couldn’t look and also so we should go down that’s when I got the phone and I didn’t know Lizzy was I don’t super dizzy and nauseous and I just like why did candling are you already on the phone with us okay I want to say yeah okay grab one from you all right guys so I’m all wrapped up now we’re actually gonna get a metal splint for the pinky to make sure I don’t move that and bend it and rotate it ah I don’t know how good at it now that’s what I said you’ll may hope you know and I gotta get a tech – shot – I came and say it correctly health it is tetanus or tetanus tetanus tennis tetanus okay tetanus shot gun why she had a weird just got my Tecna shot toughness I don’t get this shot I wasn’t too bad that was like I’m quoting it I was getting I was confused because like I heard but I was like this is my sign it worked all right good what’s up guys hi guys doing today so if you guys remember yesterday when we tried that ice cream maker and we didn’t freeze the bowl long enough so it actually didn’t end up working correctly I’m gonna try and make it the correct way today I had the bowl in the freezer for the past 24 hours it should be more than frozen enough to actually do this now so let’s try it out but this packet of ice cream makes up to two quarts unfortunately I don’t think that freezer bowl is big enough to use all this ice cream X so I’m gonna cut it in half like I did yesterday getting all the ingredients stirred up right now and that’s going to take out the freezer bowl which is in here behind the pizza oh yeah this thing is frozen oh my god it’s so cold all right it’s all stirred now let’s try and pour it into here see the problem we had yesterday is when we took the top off it actually all seeps through so you’re gonna leave this on I can’t take it off we were actually able to use all of it all right so now it’s stirring up in about 20 minutes it should be good grandma hit it hey grandma davin on these hoes beaten and you can watch yeah yeah decided to eat some pizza and then by the time I actually done this should be done as well there’s only two minutes left of the 20 minute timer that we set and it’s starting to look pretty good I think I think we might have to leave it in there for like another 5 or 10 minutes though just so it’s not too watery back in the day me and grandmom used to make our own ice cream all the time yes we did back in my day yeah but what we would do is we would get two plastic bags and then one of the plastic bags would put salt and nollies and then in the other plastic bag which was a smaller one we would put all the cream all the ingredients in for the ice cream and then we put the one bag and the other bag and then shake it up for like 15-20 minutes and we had good ice yet and we made ice cream it was pretty good but we’re gonna have to do that again sometime I used to do it a lot it was really fun y’all taking all this time either oh shit grandma damn yeah so I just took a scoop of the ice cream with a spoon and it’s actually turning out pretty good it tastes amazing too but the only thing is that it’s still a little bit watery so we got to leave it in there for like another 10 minutes at least he just got done looking good ice creams almost done it’s starting to get super thick you can see it’s like looking like it’s about to overflow pretty soon I just tried a little bit of it and it still seems to be a little bit watery but we’re gonna try for it into a cone and see what happens all right stop hmm it’s got a freeze longer it’s been 30 minutes though mmm these sugar cones are bombs fuck what do you think it’s good but she’s not frozen all the way yet what about you ground you like it stop it I just hit my mom with the nerf gun she’s trying to hit me now I’ll break your ice cream maker yeah this is getting impatient so she’s gonna try it again it’s still too watery well I’m not gonna wait did it get any better no get your sprinkles yeah but not knock on it there you go those sugar cones are honestly amazing like I probably had like three of those things right I miss you hi Liz your second stop making a shirt third imam zein Atsushi said stop making it cuz it’s making her fat she thinks yeah thanks hey whatever I don’t care I’m getting fat too so you’re not alone you would have alo trust me he somehow managed to get it all over herself and ripped out the bottom of my phone okay guys so today we’re gonna be playing this game called operation if you guys have never played this game before you basically have a board that we have right here and there’s all these pieces inside of each body part of these tweezers here and you have to try and get the piece out of here without touching the sides that if you touch the sides it vibrates and your L so this we’re gonna play right now I haven’t played this game in forever I used to play this when I was a kid yeah played with you guys yeah this game got really updated since I played though hey keep goin yeah until you hit the side Oh what ha ha Lizzie’s failed like every time listen ah ha ha ha I failed again stop laughing at ha ha ha you suck at this game Lizzie I don’t I just man for the heart well we played the game and I ended up winning I had seven and would you have five yea and Lizzie didn’t get any no yeah after like cheating pretty much okay guys so dating back a few months ago my mom’s car has always had like these crazy problems like we would drive through water and every single time we do she gets his weird noise in her car like I don’t know if her transmission is fucked up she always brings it back to the police and they said that there’s nothing wrong with it and she’s honestly just annoyed of it so she’s had this car for the past like how many years mom like three years now yeah and her lease is up anyway so I think we’re gonna trade in that car and go get a different car today which is not sure what exactly she wants to get yet she has a couple different choices in mind I know what you want me to get I’m getting when I okay she wants a Cadillac SUV I want her to get the Cadillac cts-v which is a sports car and it’s honestly fucking sexy looking I think she should get the sports car I’m pretty sure gonna go over to the Cadillac dealer right now they were looking at Mercedes the other day but my mom just didn’t like the sports car type of feel I think she was looking at an SL K but it was a two-seater car and I guess she just doesn’t like that I want to try and test drive the CTSV though I just want to get a feel for it and see how it is we just got over to the Cadillac dealership and this one my mom’s looking at right now you like this one I do know this caddy dealership they actually don’t have a cts-v so unfortunately I can’t test drive it I don’t know sit in the passenger seat is it’s pretty nice fan but up we’re going to take this card for a little test drive right now my mom will to see how it rides we just left Cadillac we were going to head over to another dealer that’s in Atlantic City but we want to stop at BMW really quick just for us we’re over here anyway this area’s pretty much like an auto mall there’s a bunch of different dealerships over here they go market and I ate you don’t want to not hate me knows I mean she’s probably blast Penske automotive Auto Mall we don’t like them to begin with but their customer service sucks because we walk in I’m like okay where your SUVs in the BMW store they’re like Oh out to the left we walk out I think this has person behind me he just went back to his desk to do nothing yeah as they’re both so wrong with this generation so we pretty much such fuck it so I won’t even look at the park yeah so we said fuck it it’s not even worth it like what I’ve never seen anything like that my like I don’t want to fucking say Lamar but it’s all good I actually just got a call from the UPS Store and they said that I’ve mailed there now so we’re gonna stop there on the way home or at the UPS Store let’s see what we got today got a pretty good amount today pretty good along so if you guys are going to playlist this weekend I’m gonna tell you guys my meetup group so you guys can come by so my meetup is meetup group 6 it’s the pink stripe and it’s Saturday at 2:30 p.m. so make sure to come by guys oh you just want me to stop and if you shoot me all right let’s get started ah I see annoying oh my god another one this is from Jack tank of water ooh that’s kind of sick then that’s huge it’s me thank you this is from grace looks like we had a book in here the book of totally irresponsible science featuring how to grow a Frankenstein head how to turn milk into stone oh so it’s like a bunch of cool science experiments that we can do that’s awesome thank you maybe you can try some of these out and she also sent over this target thank you Oh oh my god what that’s not about the knife it is it’s a box of like eight knives I’ll confirm I’m have fun I get from Lisa block I’m a big fan keep up the good work from Jake aka warrior holy crap let’s check out nice okay yes okay three six nine there’s twelve knives in here oh my god oh I think we have one of these but this is awesome thank you are these all the same exact knife we got two of these uh we got another one I think they’re all this a knife another one another one yeah guys they’re all just to say exactly knife look at that guys we got 12 of the same knives thank you here we got a lynskey sharpener oh this is a blade sharpener for our knives that is awesome Frank was actually just talking about something like this the other day today this is from JT wheel lock Thank You Man you need that yeah this one I’m ready for sure ah we got some more knives and then something else in here so there’s a knife in here for Sabrina and there’s one for Grandma so this knife is for my sister oh that’s sweet looking yes she’ll like that Hey look at that one grandma purple it’s a purple it’s all different colors yeah I’m hoping thank you thank you so much Zippo is this a lighter oh my gosh look at this later this is for grandmom – thank you I haven’t seen one it don’t watch it I haven’t seen one of them in years that’s cool I got quite a lighter fluid forward cool thank you so very much that’s awesome thank you guy see funnel cake then we also got some dog bones in here this is from Curtis Pearson Thank You Curtis ah another night hahaha oh it’s like the other one that we got the other day yes that’s awesome thank you Sean this is from Jordan Thank You Jordan I think this is jail for your hair extreme-sport level-10 hold thank you maybe I can try this out my hair hopefully it works pretty good we got some more nice lamb feel like every box today was like a knife of some sort just about whoa look at that one that’s different that’s sick looking yes it is thank you this is kind of like a hunting knife oh look at that one it’s even got a piece of plastic on the tip and sharp yeah and we also got a nice sharpener as well thank you this is from Patrick her naega ha ha oh my god it says to pick my favorite and then one is for Frank and one is for Lizzy this is from Gary a thank you Gary oh this kind of the other one thank you holy crap that’s crazy-looking that’s awesome sweet thank you another knife ha ha ha this is from Nikolas young lets you kind of let you server is that why you about today’s high school yeah was on monix oh I like that one’s awesome yeah all right holy crap that is so sweet is that a beer bottle opener I don’t know I don’t know if it’s big enough actually I forgot what it’s for but thank you this is sick this is from Victor and Melanie Marrero in here looks like we got some crack screen prank raspberry lemonade rattlesnake joke squirt toilet seat tomorrow’s barrel emanated squirt lighter Window Cling sour gummy bears raspberry lemonade this little sign that they made lance210 great prankster with an air horn thank you and they also made this shirt for us last 3 10 pranks there with an airborne that’s awesome thank you we gave geo the bone and this thing is too big for him is gonna take him a while but he’ll start munching on it he’s a little tired right now you like it boy he just shook his head yes did you see that so my dad just got home not too long ago we’re all gonna go out right now and grab some food for dinner we’re gonna be going to this place Carabas which I love their soup there it’s bomb so I’m pretty hype right now all right guys I just want to tell you some exciting news really quick I’m actually going to be going to Puerto Rico and I’ll be there on September 17th for this event called vlog in I’ll be doing a meet-and-greet there and if you guys live in Puerto Rico make sure to come out I’ll put the link down below on the top of my description you guys can check out all the details there I think it’s gonna be super fun and I can’t wait to meet you oh I don’t know why guys when it’s only when I sit in the back of a car that I feel carsick I always have to roll down the windows and I usually just sit here like this dancer time because I just feel super sick I don’t know what’s wrong me I had those seat bands that somebody sent me I didn’t remember the next time I’m sitting in the back of a car to put those on and try it out so the place that we wanted to go to isn’t open yet and they don’t open like another 50 minutes so I think there’s kind of gone to another place so since Applebee’s was the closest place we just decided to come here really quick they’re both sitting here jamming to the song that’s playing right now what even is this you know back in the day somebody made this meme of grandma ma she’s holding the sniper at me and Frank was actually about to shoot me so I was dodging him and they quoted ground saying that’s it mother fucker no more scaring me we just wrapped up eating I am so stuffed I didn’t even get to finish all of my food got my food put a container to bring home I guess I’ll just eat the rest later when I’m hungry my mom’s letting me sit up front because I’m getting carsick so thank you mom yeah now you’re gonna get carsick I’m sorry all right that’s dull all right oh I’ll fucking throw you right out that door what is she doing hitting you with a water bottle don’t throw you’re always throwing it I’m Tonya I’ll throw you out that fucking door user making my dad sleep in the shed tonight my mom said that she’s kicking him out of the room for tonight he’s gonna sleep on the floor and the couch he can take one my mom’s gonna prank my dad with this water bottle I just turned on the sprinkler look we’re all getting wet now you tried you tried like it’s all over you I feel like they do this once a week I just caught that while she’s whacked y-yo you move the whole um I get dude mom you push the whole thing off look it’s falling off alright guys so to be honest I haven’t done crap within the past hour we got home and I just laid in my bed I wasn’t feeling that great because I was pretty much in like a food coma you guys always hear me talking about this like as soon as I eat too much food I get to the point where I just feel like passing out so I just laid down in one of my laptop and just watched videos the whole time but me and Lizzie wanted to go outside really quick and go into the pool in Jacuzzi so that’s what we’re gonna do right now I do the same shit like everyday I feel like I’m pretty sure that me and Frank aren’t hitting the gym today he said he wants to take a little break for today but I’m pretty sure what’s gonna end up happening is I’m gonna be running tonight I could do a little bit of cardio Lizzie is gonna come with me as well but I don’t know if Frank’s gonna come kick her in no I have my phone all right so she just tried throwing me in the pool I got you I got you I got her in so she got her revenge she threw her ice-cold cup of water all over me so I just got out of the jacuzzi and got changed Frank said that he should be here soon but it’s gonna start getting dark pretty soon as well so instead of waiting on him to get here before we go over to the store and get some watermelon and melons and stuff like that I figured me and Lizzie will just go right now so by the time get back frac should be here and we can start doing it we’re back at Walmart I feel like I come to the store pretty much every single day we’re gonna go in there grab some fruit and it’s ready looking like the sun’s starting to go down which sucks I hope we have enough lighting for this video many personal watermelons I guess we’re gonna get some of these all right so we got all this stuff pineapples bananas watermelons now we just got to check out but it looks like every line is as fuck damn we’re gonna be in here for a while all these people in this line for some reason like every Lane is pretty much closed right now besides two over there that had to be one of the most annoying things ever to self-checkout fruits that don’t have barcodes on that you can just scan so if to like manually go and type in the code honestly which is pain in the ass it took like 10 minutes just to like type in one code because I guess there’s something wrong with our systems right now Walmart and everything’s lagging all the computers are lagging like crazy honestly I was trying to come in here and get out really quick but it didn’t look like that was gonna happen having fun I just called Frank and he said he’s laying on my couch right now so yeah we’re definitely running late okay guys so we have all this fruit right here Frank is here as well and we got our blades and we’re ready to do this real like fruit ninja it’s gonna be fun Oh bust it open oh yeah let’s try this other story plus I feel like the waterboxx is gonna come and go then that goes pretty deep inside all right Lindsay want to try banana go no you got both of Oh No yeah no no use both that’s sick what that is not working Frank using it a force even cut it all I got off it yeah get another oh it was a perfect cut I just got watermelon juice all over me that is such a perfect cart isn’t it ready you’re gonna kill a man yeah oh dude that’s a perfect cut looks like I’m gonna be logging only on my left hand from that one until I get these stitches out which is gonna be in like two weeks but usually what happens is I’ll switch off from each hand because like one arm might get a little bit tired so I just switch to the next one but I don’t know if that’s gonna be happening I just realized that you just got a tetanus shot in that arm it’s gonna be so sore your ma yeah shit I think I’m just gonna have to record it for them yeah liz is gonna be recording me it’s gonna be like a literally a reality TV show where I just get followed by cameras it’s all good though guys I will find a way to make it work because I love doing this shit there was a McDonald’s in the way home so we just decided to get that for food and Frank also got me into a knife or the earth at Wawa so thank you Frank okay guys so I think I was going to end my vlog here I’m getting super tired I don’t really know how long it’s actually gonna take me to edit because of this shit on my hands and I regret doing it but I hope you guys can learn from this and know not to fuck with knives if you guys could do me a huge favor and leave a like on this video I would really appreciate it don’t forget to turn on my post notifications so you never miss a new video and I will see you guys next time there you go abuse abuse you learn how to work it

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