I Challenge Brett @ Archery
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I Challenge Brett @ Archery

August 19, 2019

LEAGUE TITLE. Cornhusker League Championship 2 MY ARCHERY SKILLS ARE NOT THE SAME AS ROBIN HOOD, LEGOLAS, OR KATNIS EVERDEEN… BUT AFTER ONE PRACTICE ROUND I FEEL COMFORTABLE GOING UP AGAINST MEMBERS OF THE CENTER SHOT ARCHERY ACADEMY TEAM IN THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE… “So here we go with tonights challenge with my friends from the Center Shot Archery Academy, you guys are all participating in the State Games of America, boy that’s going to be fun, everyone gets 15 arrows, good luck boys and girls” “Everybody ready, camera crew read, whistle blows” “Are you getting those oohs and awes on the microphone, is it picking that up?” “An eight, a three, and a miss” “Is everyone having fun?” “Yes, no, Sierra” “Eight, seven, two so you finally got all three on paper this time so that would be seventeen, good” “50, we’ll see how I stack up against the kids though” “Third place in our challenge was Creighton with 77, Chloe second with 85, and Connor won with 92” “Alright Connor 92” “I’ll let you place this over his head and tell him thank you” “Alright guys thanks for having me out I had a blast, good luck at the State Games of American everyone” 2 KEEP EM COMING FOLKS… WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO CHALLENGE ME AT… SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS VIA OUR FACEBOOK OR TWITTER PAGES… OR EMAIL US AT SPORTS AT KLKN TV DOT COM… JUST A FEW LEFT FOR THE SUMMER… NEWS ANCHORS SPEAK WITH SPORTS ANCHORS

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