I Bought $540 Worth of Supreme & Tech eBay Mystery Boxes

August 29, 2019

– Really guys? They sent me a pair of shoes. You’re not, I didn’t
order a pair of shoes. Hey, what’s up guys? Keaton here, so you know what time it is, it’s time to open up some mystery boxes. (upbeat music) So in case you guys don’t know
how this whole series works, it’s my second favorite, my
first favorite is Wish Busters. Luxury dog, so luxurious. Check that out right
up there in the Icard. Basically this goes
down where I go on Ebay, you guys ever heard have it? Maybe you have. Where basically you can find these things called mystery boxes. It’s where the internet puts
a value on a box of stuff they fill up and just wanna sell. I’m buying it to let you
know if it’s worth it, what the surprise is all
about, what the hype’s about, and I spend a lot of money. So come along, let’s do this. So we’re on Ebay right now, we’re about to buy some mystery boxes. And I’m a little nervous. I search a lot for these,
and we got some Louis Vuitton wallets, you know where
my heart’s been at. I found my wallet though, so we’re good. Let’s search for some mystery
boxes, put a typo in there. Mystery boxes be two X. Oh, we got some for 50 bucks. Mystery boxx of up to 70 comic books, Copper-Modern, Marvel, DC, Indy Choice. 100% feedback, kingshaven2005. Mystery lox of up to 70 Comic books. Geez, thousands of books available, no duplicates are in the box. May or may not be bagged or boarded. I mean, I’m interested,
I kinda wanna know. I’m gonna add it to cart,
50 bucks you can’t go wrong. Okay, this is kinda interesting,
mystery treasure box, random, 100 dollars,
street-preacher, 98 feedback, I don’t know if that’s 100%. This is a woman/teenage
fashionable mystery box, ship it from Louisiana. Do we trust it? Let me know in the comments
where you guys are from, which state, which country. Louisiana, I think I trust
it, I have some friends there, they’re pretty trustworthy. That’s literally how we have to do this, cause I don’t know what I’m getting, so I have to go off, are my friends trustworthy
from that place? Yeah, add to cart, there we go, two things in the cart, bam. Ooh, what is this, mystery
women’s beauty products box, over 400 dollars in value. All products are brand new, it’s shipping from Canada, Waterloo. I mean, that’s it, 100% feedback, I’ll add it to the cart,
I’m curious at this point. Okay, now we really got it. Mystery tox box, toys
for boys of all ages, ships from New Jersey, 99.2% feedback. Okay, box toy box, three
years, I’m done, no fakes. That’s all you gotta know, no fakes. We gonna throw them in
randomly, it’s worth your money. 20 bucks sure, I’m so amused. This is more of a cheaper one, alright. Ooh, so you gotta know where this is goin, I think I found the theme to this video, it’s the mystery
electronics and gaming box, for 200 bucks, five
feedback, ships from Utah, and they’re charging 19 dollars, so you know they’re making
money on the shipping. You will love this and can
enjoy with friends and family. I’m all about friends and family. Add to cart, not even
making them an offer. Yeah, literally this is the
gaming mystery box video. This is the one. Funko, Marvel Legends DC
Multiverse, 100 dollar mystery box, and you’re gonna get a Funko,
maybe Chase absolute exclusive and other loose figures, not new in box. 100% feedback, wicked_ape_in_rehab,
13 dollars on shipping, why can’t you just give me free shipping? Add it to cart, I’m into it. We got one more box, I
cannot spend any more, I think this is the gaming one, so I’m gonna try to find like,
more of a mystery gaming box. There we go, gaming loot box, video games, board/card games, all items
less than 15 years old, because that’s important,
never seen that before, done a lot of mystery boxes. I like it, it’s used, honesty. Seven things we got, I didn’t
even realize it was seven, we’re getting more and
more every single episode, so make sure you guys get
subscribed, it’s that simple. Bam, 543 dollars, seven boxes. Let’s hope they show up. (upbeat music) So it’s been about three weeks,
so you know what time it is, it’s time to open up some mystery boxes. So here’s the deal, four boxes showed up, so that’s why we do these
videos for you guys, because I basically waste
money, and you get to watch. So let’s open up the first box right here, it’s a shoe box, Timberland shoes, maybe it’s a pair of Tims, is that where they get the
reference from, Timberland? No, is it? Wait, are you joking me? Really guys, they sent me a pair of shoes. You’re not, I didn’t
order a pair of shoes. So when you order a mystery box on Ebay, you genuinely have no idea
what you are going to get. So someone sent me a pair of Tims, I thought it was a joke,
are these actual Tims? Are these actual Tims? Do you know? Wow, these are some nice
Tim boots, gotta love that. I was hoping for some other
knick-knacks and surprises, but no, we got surprised with
a pair of non-marking boots. What size are these? So these are size six-and-a-half. I mean, I’ll try em on, we gotta. Never had a pair of Tims before. I picked the wrong pair of
pants to wear for this one boys. So check out the pair of Tim boots. How do you think they look? Pretty comfortable, if
they were in my size. Would have been a really good mystery box if I could have told
them, hey, I’m a size 13. Maybe, maybe what I gotta start doing is, in my Ebay profile, or in my notes, I gotta put my gender, my
shoe size, my shirt size, give em a little description of who I am, so they can make a better box, and I’m not getting size
six-and-a-half shoes, cause that’s not a mystery. Okay, second box, it’s sad that we only
have four to pick from. Where are they boxing this up? Wow, how much was this? How much was this? How much was this? How much was this? Okay, and we got a nice little note, thanks for the free money? You’re welcome. Wow, so for a 20 dollar box, we actually got 20 dollars worth of stuff. Bar Bugs, put that in a drink. Whoa, knick-knack city,
squirt guns, handcuffs, it’s a lot of like, child toys. I would try em out, okay, I’m
gonna try the harmonica out, just stuff you see, it’s a hacky sack. (harmonica sounds) Beautiful. So to spice it up a little bit, one of the mystery boxes we
ordered in a previous video, that didn’t show up, or so we thought. Actually showed up, and
it was the supreme one. So quickly look up in the
Icard which box you think was the most worth it,
one, two, three, or four. This is the third one,
and it’s a mystery one. And it’s the Supreme one, so I did not remember I ordered this. We order a lot of stuff. He gave me an Iphone fan. Oh and he’s trying to plug
his Instagram, I love it, follow on Insta, Salvatore Santonelli, thanks so much Salvatore. So this is what he hooked up it with, these Supreme gloves from
Spring/Summer ’18 drop. I vibe with these gloves so much, I don’t know why I said that, it sounds a little weird saying that, but man, these are gonna
be perfect for the slopes. Actually pumped for
when it gets cold again, or when my dad asks me for help, cause now I’m stylin and
also helping him out. So wow, that is, love these gloves. All the accessories are so sweet, I just never get around to buying them. I’m not gonna do the fake cigarettes, appreciate ya there, Sal. And then flower seeds, from Supreme. Oh, and this sticker, so
nice job Sal, killed it. Oh, these are delicious
like the mystery boxes. This is a box we expected to
get, box technically three, because the Supreme one
was from another video. Looks like a shoe box,
if it’s a pair of shoes, I’m just gonna end it here, because I won’t be able to handle myself. We got lucky, cause it is, someone just go to Walmart, really? Dude, someone just said,
“wow, I got an order on Ebay, “time to go to Walmart, woo.” Thank you for the bags, new packaging. Ever heard about these bags not being good for the environment? Nope, you didn’t get that memo either? Okay, no worries. But it looks like he gave me some swag. Wow, Metal Gear Solid five. It’s for the Xbox one, this
game actually looks decent, and he left the disc in there, that is not always something you get. They sometimes like to screw ya. And the Battlefield
Hardline, is this a game? I haven’t seen a game
come in a case like this in five years? I’m old, I’m only 21, but Josh, do you remember when games
used to come like this? No, I don’t think they ever did. That might just be the rare
copy of Battlefield three. Some dice, oh, I almost, oh shoot dude, I almost thought I hit Joe. That was a delayed reaction. I know those are mints. Not bad, woo, Battlefield three, some DLC, I like the Meatal Gear game. I’m always down for some new games. If you guys wanna know. Smells funky, smells really old, ew. Smells like these have
been sitting for a while. And, box number five. So, the last box, feels like
this one’s gone so quickly. Drop a like on this video, by the way, if you want us to keep this going. And let me know in the comments which theme you want for the next episode. It’s awesome, I’m really digging these, I never thought we’d come this far buying this many boxes. This is the best one of all, this one seems like it
has the most potential, so we saved the best for last. Maybe a free mystery box? Maybe a wish mystery box? You guys let me know in the comments. What did they order? What did they… They weren’t kidding. That guy was not kidding
about the action figures. He must have a supply closet
or an abandoned storage unit, or, I… Josh, the problems are over,
dude, the problems are over. Have a stack, dude. Whoa, we got kicked up
with action figures. I wanna see if there’s
any resale on these, a Funko, I do know what these are. Shout out to Julien and John. A 3-D printed nerd. Japanese vinyl, Akari,
limited edition 2000 pieces. Josh, see if this is worth anything. Go on Ebay. We’re about to see if we
made some money, boys. – [Josh] 45 dollars. – Nice, we lost money boys. So, that was it for box five. Not bad, I think I like the
fake money better, give me that. I guess that’s really what we bought. We bought some more prop money. We never bought prop money before. (blow torch sounds) So that’s it for this episode
of what’s in the mystery box, if you guys want more,
make sure you subscribe, just click that circle button down there and check out the last
two mystery box videos. And I’ll see you guys next time, peace.

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