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August 27, 2019

what is going on Cher’s welcome to the
vlog welcome to another awesome day oh we got Carter here what is up shares Wow
where is Carter going where you going oh he’s hopping on a dirt bike he’s know that dirt bike and he’s taking
off oh yeah welcome to the vlog sharers whoo
look at him Willie he’s warming up early morning wheelie session oh yeah cars warming up the wheelies again oh
they’re getting much better look at that look at that hang time oh yeah Carter
whoo yeah sure as Carter’s got it he’s so good at dirtbike it it’s crazy
whoa that’s got some power there all right bring it home Carter whoa what’s
up shares welcome to the vlog yeah sure welcome to the vlog line for the kick
stand in for you Carter we have an awesome vlog plan for you today yeah oh
so shares this is the coolest thing so this dirt bike looks basically brand-new
it’s actually super old and all we did was we took these plastics and put new
ones along until it looks super fresh doesn’t look really good Carter oh yeah
I think it looks awesome now but shares if you saw these old plastics you would
tell it the dirt bike is super super old Carter you want to go show him the old
plastic yeah those old plastics or gross check this out I think they’re under the
deck somewhere where they are oh yeah plastic brings
out all their like spiderweb you nasty okay here they are check this out
look it’s like white shares that’s how old it is it used to be this piece look
how that’s like white and it’s like really old looking compare that before
and after this is how old the dirt bike got just completely faded yeah it does
not look good at all and then the other pieces are basically the same they’re
just super faded is basically white it’s not even read anymore so you know what
I’m thinking sure let’s take all these old dirt bike plastics and let’s paint
them oh well that would be so cool we can make these look brand-new again
oh but you know what let’s not only just paint them Carter let’s hydro dip them
oh they give it like a tie-dye like crazy galaxy look yeah hydrodip is the
coolest thing shares if you don’t know a hydro dip is let me show you where’s
Carter where’s that hydrodip puffer board oh what’s over here it’s charging
this is the hoverboard that we hydro dip look how awesome it looks it used to be
completely black like on the backside it used to be this gloss black but what we
did is we took the panels off and we hydro dipped at a galaxy hydro dip look
yeah this is actually holding up really well like it’s like peeling off right
here look at that it just kind of peels off that’s the coolest part of it – well
the reason there’s these huge black holes in it is because Carter why does
it have huge black holes oh we put Rockets on it got it here we go oh my gosh yeah so speaking at this
hoverboard has been through Rockets it’s holding up pretty well yeah how’d you a
dip is awesome so step one the hydrodip need some awesome spray paint colors oh here’s our
spray paint bin let’s see what colors we got oh check out that green lime green
that looks so good definitely got to use lime green oh we got some awesome blue
check this out oh that blue and green looks so good
together yeah if this turns out this is gonna be a pretty sick looking dirtbike
I’m super excited to see how this turns out because the dirt bike has always
been red so now that it’s gonna be a green blue and white hydrodip it’s gonna
look so cool now the next step before we can paint is
the new paint prep we gotta clean off these old fenders make sure there’s no
dirt or anything laughs cuz paint will not stick to dirt so let’s bring out the
power washer yeah I’ll lay all the pieces out don’t break any doing a great
job cleaning the parts I need to find a giant bucket to hydro dip because those
Buc those pieces are huge so we’re gonna need a really big bucket and you know
what this one actually might do the trick this is a pretty big bucket let’s
see if the pieces will fit in here well I got the bucket cleaned up what’s going
up with fresh water and why it’s filling up let’s get gloves and let’s to shake
our paints and get them ready to go whoa look at that it’s like darker underneath
is that the original color whoa you can even see the sticker where it says 250
and it says it on the plastic oh it’s Sun faded all the way through
yeah it’s like sunburned whoa you can still see it underneath the sticker
that’s crazy look at that alright seems shake up that spray paint sweet I think
we’re ready to go caps off just squeeze the side wheeler
oh there we go I’m ready Steve let’s do this let’s hide
you dip this first dirt bike part and see how it comes out I have no idea how
this is gonna come out but let’s try it do I do them some blue do some green oh
that looks so good already oh those colors you’re epic yeah alright
that looks pretty good you want to try it you have enough paint on there
a little more paint whoa look at all this green swirls and they’re it’s so
cool it’s like a greenish yellow and a big a bright sky blue let’s do it yeah
let’s do it go go go here we go in three two one go
whoa is it gonna work is it gonna work let’s see that looks cool oh yeah it looks like
slime it looks like you got splattered with slime it’s like sprayed across the
fender I’m gonna go lay this part in the Sun so it can dry sweet I’m gonna grab
the next part to hide your dip hmm which one should I do I’m thinking maybe I
should do this front fender oh this is gonna be such a good one yes I’ll do
this one you got this Carter here we go put the
green down first remember you want to spray more vertically with the paint oh
yeah look at that that is looking so good oh I like that
whoa this is really cool it looks like blue and green slime it’s so awesome Oh
Carter with a criss cross oh yeah I’m doing all sorts of crazy that looks so
cool all right you got a dip in now add a little more green and dip all right
ready oh yeah I’m ready I put so much paint in
here let’s see how it comes out or look so good ready yeah in three two one go
go go go go oh it’s hard to get under there we go no way whoa that looks
awesome that is really cool who put this in the Sun to dry Steve you know what
I’m thinking to make this look even more epic what are you thinking cut but even
if we had the plastics white first the color would pop even more and you look
like slime even better oh yeah oh you know what Carter why don’t we just try
to take some of the pieces these white pieces off your dirt bike and try those
and see how that turns out yeah those are already white so they look so much
better I put paint on it yeah sure that’s a good idea let’s this man on the
brand-new dirtbike pieces and let’s try it well that’s crazy but let’s give it a
try I got the tool let’s take these white plastics off it’s got to take a
screw off right here oh that’s tight whoa there we go we got it boom there we
go is pull it out just like that no now get the other ones chairs I wasn’t
feeling this hydrodip is gonna turn out even more epic oh yes these are already
white the paint is gonna pop since these pieces have a little bit of a red stripe
at the top I’m gonna go hit him with white real quick
they’re all done now let’s let them dry and in the meantime shares the very
front piece where you put your name or a number on the dirt bike it’s actually a
hundred percent white so we can get to work on Hydra dipping this one let’s
start by clearing this bucket of the old paint there’s still a lot of pain here
it’s use this leap and just whoa swirl it like that just stick it’s so cool we
have to clean up oh thanks to the leaf or whatever you stick in there yeah this
is so sticky in here sweet all cleaned out you ready to hydrodip Carter I’m
ready let’s do it that green is such a cool color I know I love this green look
at that it will add some like that I want some more green in here and some
more blue and some more green and some more blue and green oh yeah oh that
looks so cool I think we are ready to go yeah I think we’re ready ready it’s
gonna be a big fun here we go belly button in three two one
hydro dip yes that looks so good awesome oh my goodness that’s incredible sweet
this looks awesome let’s go let it dry oh it looks like these white ones are
dry let’s go to hydrated bees let’s do this alright let’s see what your
technique is I don’t know I don’t really have a technique I kind of just do it I
just spray and go cool that like mixes you got to keep doing that that looks so
cool oh cool whoa the rainbow colors more green oh
yeah all over whoo and blue and green I feel like we need a green we need more
green all right let’s try this this could be cool I’ve no idea how this is
gonna turn out let’s try it here we go all right see if let’s do it in three
two one go oh my is it gonna work and oh that looks so cool I love it oh
that’s so epic as go put in the Sun you look so good oh yeah these are looking
good we got one more white one let’s go hide your dip this one all cleaned out
nuts and some paint let’s do it whoo you gonna do more green or more blue this
time I don’t know I’m not really sure yeah I’m gonna start with a lot of green
first and then I’m gonna add a bunch of blue it looks completely blue right now
that’s crazy they happened I’ll do it a bunch of green I’m feeling this one’s
gonna turn out really good oh it’s looking awesome you’re doing so much
paint I feel like it’s gonna turn out so good whoo sheriff’s cars becoming a pro
at this look at that that looks so cool the hydro dip Pro oh
this looks so good corn I think it’s ready
oh that’s cool kind of spray a little blue over top of the green that could
turn out well yeah I think this is gonna come out really really good now the new
technique oh it looks completely blue what’s it going to turn out to be let’s
try it see they’re gonna be completely blue or a little bit of green shirts
what do you think right now go go go go go
Oh what’s going to turn out to be let’s see let’s see what it turn out to be oh my goodness Carter you’re a pro wow that
totally worked whoa that’s incredible whoa this one’s
so good that one’s so epic that is by far the coolest one I think oh this is
the best hydrodip ever done in my entire life that looks so good oh my
goodness look at quarters last one share that this is my favorite car is that
your favorite – oh yeah we got to do this again for these last two over there
you know I’m thinking let’s rehydrate it these ones can we even rehydrate is that
a thing no let’s see it looks like this one’s almost dry yeah this is dry so why
don’t we just try rehydrate iffing this one again yeah might as well try it see
if we can get turn out like that yeah that one is so crazy never double dipped
in the hydro dip you know what I think it’s gonna work double dip the hydro dip
I think it’ll work let’s do it hydro dip double dip first
try it let’s do it cars getting so good a hydro dip and
it’s crazy oh this is turning out like last time it could be really good missed
a blue over top mmm mr. blue yeah it became see the green anymore okay let’s
hide you dip this thing but double dip it
double-dip hydro dip here we go in 3 2 1 will it turn out I have no idea oh I
don’t know Steve let’s see let’s see let’s see done oh my gosh that looks so
incredible that’s so cool what is this design call we got to give it a name it
kind of looks like a paint splatter or like paintball paint split hydro
splatter hydro splatter that’s what we’ll call it the blue and green hydro dip
color I love it let’s go let this dry and we have one more piece to do okay I
think we’re ready to go let’s do it this is gonna work I don’t know I’m so
nervous shirts what do you think comment right now here we go in three two one
hundred dip go go go I’m nervous did it work did it work I’m scared to
look yeah that was awesome it just has like one white spot in the
middle that’s pretty cool hey that’s cool it’s unique I love it Oh what have
we tried junking it again real quick and the paint that’s leftover try it just go
triple dip okay let’s see triple dip the hydro dip in three two one work I don’t
know that’s a triple favor oh wait didn’t do anything – it’s helped
a little bit definitely helps a little bit that looks pretty cool
it looks cool it looks much cooler let’s go let it dry sweet let’s let these dry
then we’ll put them on dripping and we’ll even ride it oh yeah oh the red
ones are dry check it out oh yeah sure is here are the red ones oh this one is
actually so cool so this one is like spline cuz it’s like squiggly lines and
it’s like splattered and it’s got the red underneath so it sounds like
sherbert and here’s the front fender we only did half of it but this is what the
back half looks like and it’s pretty cool but it looks a little weird because
the red underneath is showing through and it kind of makes it like purpley
yeah shares the key – this is definitely starting with white underneath that way
the color totally pops when you go to hydrate a bit just like those
yeah sure look at the difference between these this started red first and it came
out like this these ones started white first it came
out like that so it works a lot better if you hide your dip and it’s white
first so shares here is the dirt bike right
now we got the white piece off from that side the white piece off from the front
and the white piece off from that side so when we add that to the dirt bike
it’s gonna make it pop like crazy we just gotta wait for the parts to finish
drying yeah this is gonna be so cool oh wait carton I had to wait for
Parsa dry before you shares they’ll be dry in 3 2 1 and the pieces are dry all
he looks so good oh my goodness look at that that looks so epic we’ve got to go
stick him on the dirt bike now yeah we do come on let’s grab all these pieces
oh I’ll grab this one this is probably my favorite one still it looks so epic
even this one looks better now that it’s dried oh yeah that one looks awesome too
let’s start putting the hydro dip plastics back on and let’s start this
front piece this one is so cool got the piece on now let’s tighten the bolts to
hold it on tight this is starting to look really good now we gotta add the
back two pieces let’s stick this on Carter and 1la check it out Cheers
hi George our fight oh yeah we got the front piece there we got the back piece
here and my favorite piece of all we got this one right there looks so good we
just proved that this does work you can hide you dip your dirt bike parts yeah
not only can you hide it up you can also double dip and triple dip yeah shares
come on right now if you think we should replace these red plastics with white
plastics and then hide your dip them to match the other pieces oh that would be
so cool the entire bike would be completely hide your dips with this
paint scheme like the paint splatter to match would be so epic chairs we gotta
do that if you think we should do a comment right now come on hashtag dirt
bike we should hide you dip this entire dirt bike oh yeah I’m comment at hashtag
dirt bike cuz that’s something I really want to do I’m commenting that too
alright see this thing looks awesome I gotta give it a test drive oh yeah hi just hit dirt bike whoo oh
yeah we lean on the watch up in the trampoline
oh yeah awesome I love it it just pops so much when you ride this thing now the
next step is shares if you haven’t already please come right now hashtag
dirt bike because we need to hide you dipped its entire dirt bike it’s gonna
be so sick when we do so epic yes comet hashtag dirt bike and smash that like
button yeah sure well there you have it that’s how to hydro dip your dirt bike
and it’s still next time you know what to do stay awesome and share the love

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  1. The reason y the hydro dip pealed was because u used pealing paint lol, use real paint and clear coat it’ll stay.

  2. Honestly idk why people like that use real hydrodip not mixed in water paint looks like a kid could take paint cans to your bike and look better lol.

  3. They were small fireworks, not rockets, and there are holes because whenever you rub something continuously with your shoes it will come off, just like recognize a Dirtbike, you get blisters on your hands

  4. The real title should be "we painted our bikes, and they STOPPED WORKING!" Yes that was a joke about their grungy content

  5. Find dab. Jsbahahahhahasftsggsygsygsugsgsuyauyuyaiyaiyaishishishahodabjajajagaayaggagyagyagaaaaasosososoaojaj. Like if you see it

  6. It’s not just because the plastics are “old”. The bike must of been stored outside so it constantly has exposure to the sun. That caused the plastics to become brittle and faded with the white constantly.

  7. Actually on fire hover board it’s rocket isn’t pushing his 200 pound carcass any faster the the actual hover board

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