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November 18, 2019

– [Narrator] Dogumentary T.V., producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (dog barks) – [Miguel] I first got
into the Dogo Argentino looking for a protection dog for my house. And I researched plenty of breeds, but the Dogo pretty much had
everything I was looking for. I needed a intimidating looking dog, I needed a dog that had drive, ’cause my lifestyle was hiking, and I needed a dog that was
good with the family also, and the Dogo had all of that. (upbeat electronica music) My name’s Miguel, and
I’m here, it’s Sunday, beautiful, beautiful day
in Southern California. I’m here with couple of my dogs, my friend Jose from Esparza Kennels, my kids, and we take ’em out. We like to take our dogs out regularly, about once a week, to give them a little bit of work, to kind of simulate the hunt
that they would do in Texas. You know, about a five
mile hike on these trails. Here in California,
we’re very limited into what work we can give the
dog as far as hunting. So, what I like to do
is do stuff like this out on trails that kind
of simulates a hunt, but I also like to go
out with other hunters that track down raccoon with their dogs. It’s a good fight for the Dogo. I’ve been out with hunters
that track down bear. Of course, every time I go
we’ve never had any luck. They tree the bears. And I like to take my dogs,
because running with the hounds, and it’s all great training
and exercise for them. There’s other big dogs out there, there are bigger dogs out there, but none of ’em compare
to the Dogo Argentino. The Dogo Argentino has the elegance, has the drive, has the temperament, is good with the family, loves kids, good with other dogs,
tolerable of other males, loves people, and at the same time will protect you. I’ve found a breeder that had a really good working
line here in the States. Build a good relationship
with the breeder, and that same year I was taking my dog out hunting with that breeder. And ever since then, I do about five trips
a year down to Texas. When I bring my dogs outdoors, they immediately know
they’re gonna have fun. And I can’t bring all of ’em all the time, so I try to bring an adult
dog that knows what to do, and then I try to bring
a couple young pups. But they already know, they already know where they’re going, they already know what they’re gonna do, and sometimes, whether we
take the long drive to Texas, they know there’s gonna be a peak, so they get real excited about that. The reason why we’re not
out here with hogs today is because it’s not allowed in California. So, all the hunting that we do here, that we do, is out in Texas. It’s a 20 hour drive that we do about five times a year, but if 20 hours, if that’s what it takes to get our dogs work, we do it. So, it’s a mission. Texas is not … it’s not in our backyard, but we do it to test the dogs out, and to get ’em as much work as possible. The run down in Texas is, we
load the dogs in the truck. Once we get to the location, we find a good spot where to start and we let the bay dogs out. Now, we’re side by side with the bay dogs, either walking or in a truck. Now, the dogs stay in the truck. Once the bay dogs pick up a
scent, we carefully listen. When we hear the bay dogs,
we release the catch dogs, and the catch dogs go straight
to where the noise is, and they bite. So, as a hunter, you wanna get
there as quickly as possible, because every minute with the boar that might weigh 300-400 pounds, your dog’s life is at risk. So, a Dogo is also a smart biter. Now, it doesn’t just bite a hog and just try to destroy
it like if it was a fight. Like, a Dogo should bite and hold, so it’ll save a lot more energy that way. If it’s just trying to tear up the hog, it’s energy expenditure is too much, so you try to get there
as quickly as possible to dispatch of the hog. A lot of people think that
the Dogo kills the hog, and the Dogo does not kill the hog. The Dogo just catches it,
and it holds it enough for the hunter to get
there in time to kill it. What I like to take out to
Texas, the Dogos that I like, good size, but you don’t
want them overly big. You’ve gotta remember that the
Dogo is gonna be out running, out running, tracking for miles, so you want a good size dog,
but you also don’t want ’em too big where they’ll
tire out too quickly. Like many working dogs, the Dogo Argentino’s form
leads to its function. He’s a catch dog, so as a catch dog, a very important thing it
needs to have all its teeth. The Dogo has 42 teeth, maybe 43, 44 on bigger mouths, but 42 teeth is what you want. You want a complete mouth, ’cause that’s where it’s gonna have all its power. Now, you want a good size mouth in a Dogo. Not too long, like a Great Dane, but you also don’t want
a Boxer mouth either. You want a nice one-to-one ratio where the mouth is the
same length as the head. That’s ideal for the hunt. And that has a nice, you know, lung capacity. And how does he have that?
With nice big open nostrils, big chest, big cavity for breathing. You also want the dog is … the dog is, it’s gonna run, so you want them to be as straight as possible. Straight stance, slight angulation, and a well defined muscular tone. Well, I prefer males
around 110 tops, lean, and females around 100 lean. That’s for full grown,
full grown adult Dogos. When hunting boar, you want at least three seasoned Dogos out there with you, and maybe one up and coming one, as well as the bay dogs, you know, the bay dogs also help with that. The bay dog is a dog that will
pick up the scent of a boar, and will make loud
barking once it bays it, and it does that so
the Dogo could hear it, or the hunter could hear it, and the Dogo will go straight to the bark. Any time you run Dogos,
you want to take bay dogs. It’s gonna make the work
for the Dogo a lot easier. In Texas, we run Catahoulas, and what’s interesting in Argentina, they don’t necessarily
use the Catahoula mixes. They mix Dogo with greyhound, and they’ve mixed Dogo with pointer, to create a different type of bay dog. Now, that bay dog doesn’t
necessarily just bay, like, that bay dog will bite as well, but it’s a more versatile
dog that has a better nose. So, they use those as bay
dogs out there in Argentina. In Texas, it’s just straight Catahoulas, and it’s hard to get one
of those to bite first. Usually, the Catahoulas in Texas, they’ll wait for the Dogo to get there. To me, I like to start the dogs out with hunting as early as possible. So, if I go to Texas and there’s a pup that’s three months, it’s going. If I go to Texas and there’s a pup that’s six months, it’s going, too. Like, I don’t waste any opportunity when I go to Texas, since
we don’t go that often. The young pups that are
learning, they go with me. When they go with me,
they don’t necessarily go out on the full out hunt, they just go in the dog box, get used to being with the other dogs, they get to, if there’s a hog out there, if a hunter’s caught a hog, we let them do a little pin test with the hogs. A pin test is where, you
know, get a hog their size, it’s not gonna hurt ’em, and let them build their drive on it,
let ’em chase it around. The Dogo, I would go as far as saying that the Dogo is the ultimate dog. It could do pretty much
anything you want it to do. If you want it to hunt, the dog could hunt. Now, how well can it hunt? It all depends on you,
how much work you put in, and depending of if you
got a good bloodline. They adapt to any type of situation. I’ve seen ’em in apartments, I’ve seen ’em in the snow, I’ve seen ’em in the, you
know, the desert, in the heat. They adapt to all of that. And really, the Dogo
is what you make of it. It’s a very versatile dog. The Dogo Argentino’s
temperament is outstanding. At home, they will sit next to you, they adore your family. And then when you take
’em out on the hunt, they hit a switch, they
know it’s pig catching time, and they have the drive, they have the fearlessness to do that. And you could take ’em right out of there and back to the family setting, they hit the switch, right back. Just because it’s a hunting dog doesn’t make it a dangerous dog. A Dogo Argentino is really only one. It’s a dog that you
could take on the hunt, and after it’s proven
itself in all of that, you take it out in the show ring to show its beauty, to show its elegance. A Dogo Argentino should
be able to do all of that. Every time we go out on a hunt, there’s always a story to tell, and there’s always a bond that gets closer depending on that dog. There’s been times where
I’ve thought a dog was lost and it wasn’t, it was out holding a hog for about 10 minutes ’til we got there. And those are the
stories that go as closer with those dogs, with the dogs, the stories that we build
every time we go out. Every hunt is memorable, and it builds that bond
between the Dogo and you. I wouldn’t hunt if it wasn’t for the Dogo, and I wouldn’t want a
Dogo now if I didn’t hunt. So, hunting with the Dogo
is what I like to do. And I’ve been hunting without a Dogo, without a dog of my own,
and it’s not the same, I’m not into the hunt. When I take my own dogs,
I’m, like, engaged, you know. It’s all about seeing how well they bite, seeing how well they follow directions. I’m more engaged. I wouldn’t go out hunting now if I don’t take one of my own dogs. They’re just not as fun,
they’re not as exciting.

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  1. you guys are fucking lame, dogs don´t need to be taught to hunt it is in their instincts and worst is what you guys do with those poor hogs!

  2. They are great looking dogo’s you have there, I got pit x greyhound it’s not a bad worker but years ago i a great English bull x greyhound it was a brilliant lil worker

  3. I'm Brazilian, and I have a Dogo. When I was about 13 year's old my parents let me home alone, and two dudes broke into my house, this amazing dog bite one of the guys arm and almost killed the dude the other one run away, when the officers came they had to take tu theif to the hospital. This dog is just amazing.

  4. Que perro respetado que el Dogo Argentino a nivel mundial, comentarios en todos los idiomas admirandolo. Pensar que los unicos que critican esta raza son los latinos envidiosos como los mexisimios y otros

  5. Wow! You're sure hyping those Dogos.everything you said about them could be said about a hunting AM. BULL.,preferably Scott stock.But I know you have to make your money as a breeder so speak on.

  6. The dogo isnt just a catch dog. It's the only dog that can track and catch so guys dont have to run 2 sets of dogs.

    And they are literally 100% the most loving family dog there is. Nothing like a dogo Nothing

  7. My dad used to breed them back when I was a young child…..I grew up with 5 dogos…beautiful loving,powerful dogs….
    Awesome dogs….now I have a Rottweiler also a great dog….I can’t have another Dogo here in Australia…unfortunately is not legal to own them ..they are classified as Dangerous……what a lot of shit….a chihuahua can be Dangerous if the owners are assholes too….

  8. Why do you drop the ears?Cruel and they look ridiculous. That pup you are holding has got it to look forward too.Good on you brave man!

  9. And of course dog bites still occur with none of the banned breeds involved. Knee jerk laws never work.

  10. My neighbor has two of these but they are albino. They have red eyes and look really mean but there super noce

  11. Dogos are a class. They are well balanced in every aspect. Muscular, proper muzzle length, no loose skin and even temperament.

  12. Ignorant people's mix Dogo Argentino whith others dogs , in the country ( o el monte o campo) is common that behavior but a serious breeder not do anything like it, the Dogo Argentino in my country Argentina is th the best Hunt dog no one's not even close, pitbull, fila etc .. all of them is food for a real Dogo… Saludos cordiales de Argentina perdón por mi inglés !!

  13. He needed a dog that had drive because he hikes. I’m an outdoor guy and Idk about y’all but if I’m on a hike or camping trip I wouldn’t wanna chase my dog if he starts chasing an animal lol

  14. So where are these dogs in action, does this guy have a channel, if you want to see real dogs in action nowhere is better then Australia,

  15. The dogo already knows what to do. I live in rural EastTexas and my dogo, Ribs, goes hunting on his own. He comes back with a freshly removed body part of an animal. Last time it was the lower jaw of something with teeth for grazing.

  16. Hermosos .
    Que orgullo y que alegría ver que en otros países tengan buenos criaderos para que puedan disfrutar también del fantástico dogo argentino.
    Saludos desde Argentina

  17. If California and the democratic political party get their way, we will end up like the UK don't forget to vote in 2020 trump keep America free?

  18. when people say that dogos are good with other dogs, its important to clarify. a dogo will behave with other dogs if those other dogs show 0 signs of aggression. its not a dog u should have around dogs if you arent confident in the other dog's temperament. this is common sense for any breed, but with a dog like a dogo it matters even more. they dont tend to start trouble but they will not shy away from a fight and they will finish a fight if they find one. the "good with other dogs" phrase means that they can WORK and LIVE with other dogs, not that they are pushovers who will ignore overt threats from dogs or people.

  19. I am doubting about this breed to be my next dogs….Currently we have rhodesian ridgebacks (2 females and 1 male). Maybe its due to the bad reputation of this breed, you hear all kind of wild wild west stories about the dogo argentino. I think however that their appearance (especially the body) look similar to rhodies. I like athelictic dogs with lots of energy. Will see what my choice will be….. I cant denie they look like amazing dogs. Thanks for your great video's keep up the good work 🙂

  20. I hate how mfs hold the leashes so tight on there throat like mf if I did that to you you’d be squealing like a bitch smfh

  21. I love my dogo. She's got the non cropped ears. Not sure why people do that to dogs. Kona (our dogo) is just a big sweetheart.

  22. My dogo knows if we travel from Austria to Serbia 500 miles… He see baggage and goes to sleep 2 mins after we start. And wake up on the border…

  23. "We take them out regularly. About once a week"
    In Germany people would freak out. Yes, even if it's guard dogs. You still take them on a walk 'at least' once a day, 7 days a week. If it's a pet then 3-4 times a day ca 25 times a week. Just noting the big difference.

  24. Brother love your videos man. The way you document dogs and interview their owners is like nothing else. Same thing about the dogo. Its the ultimate breed in every way and this video is hands down the best on your channel

  25. The ONLY two Dogos that I was around were DEAF….. very good at EVERYTHING that didn't involve HEARING. IN-BREEDING!?!? I do NOT know. Everything is what I do mean.

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