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  1. Lionfish off the Florida coast eat all of the young natural fish. They have no natural predators in the Gulf. Perfect situation for a Seeker story.

  2. Can't they sell the meat of these pigs to other places to hurry the process or is it a meat only appreciated on Hawaii?
    I know the coral reef in Australia is also bleaching it's life away, is there any reef left that didn't suffer that much damage in the world?

  3. Feral pigs…ALONG WITH CLIMATE CHANGE…are contributing to the loss of corral reefs. Just leave the pigs out of this. They're not going to destroy the world by digging a small hole in the dirt.

  4. Ugh people are so dumb. Climate change is the reason for the coral reef dying. The #1 contributor to climate change is animal agriculture. So what exactly is this fixing besides being counter productive? ?

  5. HA blame the pigs not the growing population of humans on the big island that bring fertilizers and pesticides. Lava is porous so everything sprayed on the land ends up in the ocean

  6. Sun corals in Rio de Janeiro are taking over native species… AFAIK they were introduced through ballast water dropped off tanker ships from southeast Asia

  7. Awesome story. I think you guys do a really good job discussing the complexity of the issue on all sides. Not to mention everyone in this video is super attractive.

  8. It's great to get this kind of story- where a huge problem like the destruction of the coral reef eco systems can be solved with fences and understanding- Kyle Thiermann does a great job making connections that are easy to understand and fun to watch.

  9. I mean, humans are the biggest threat to coral reefs and the environment… and they introduced the wild pigs. Soooo….

  10. Coyotes in LA. The breed like rabbits and are very hardy. Liberals are too wuss to hunt them or trap them. Proposes to "live in harmony" with them. Meanwhile they're taking the lives of dogs and cats every day. I had mine taken away from me 4 months back.

  11. I'd love to help with the hunt. this is the same way my tribe hunts. we give the meat to Elder's or anyone who will need it to survive the winter.

  12. could you give your opinion about the dutch VeVa, it is a military program for people around 16 and older for the army, would be nice if you give me your opinion about it 🙂

  13. This is a comment by Mickey Larsen:

    Killing is a nasty business! When Burt Lancaster, in the movie, "Valdez is Coming" is asked by his nemesis, "How long you been hunting Apache?", his response was, "Long before I knew better."

    I lived in Appalachia in the 70's and helped my neighbor, 'Ole Man Stout, kill and dress pigs. "Long before I knew better!" These pigs were raised for food by poor subsistence living country folk. We shot them in their pens with a .22 caliber rifle from a distance of one to three feet. We aimed for the center of their foreheads. One eighth of an inch off would have caused that same pig to run around squealing for half an hour.
    Now imagine a small redwood splinter under your skin. It hurts! Transpose that thought to a two or three foot steel tipped arrow launched from an expensive high tech compound bow into the flesh of a ferrel pig. Chances are a hunter may have to follow the blood trail for hours to catch up with the wounded and tortured animal. Killing is a nasty business!

    Are there alternatives to killing ferrel pigs in Hawaii? Maybe … and they might be expensive. Relocation?
    How about imposing a tax on the over populated Hawaiian tourists specifically for the relocation of the pigs? Another possibility might be a" catch and release" surgical reproduction procedure to keep the population of the pigs in check, one similar to programs with ferrel cats.

    A question to ponder is how much of the sedimentation caused by pigs is actually responsible for destroying the reefs? Can this be quantified scientifically? Overall, I applaud Kyle's ecological and environmental activism. But posing for the camera with a dead pig across your shoulders under the banner of reef protection is less social activism and more narcissistic machismo. Yes! I am a vegetarian. Yes! Killing is a nasty business.

  14. You should do a video about invasive species in Guam. Brown tree snakes and rhino beetles are the most prevalent, but just recently the greater banded hornet has unfortunately made it's appearance here.

  15. we've got californian snakes that are slowly killing rats and lizards that lived here for thousands of wears but they arent a threat to humans

  16. This is ridiculous. Animal agriculture; the production of meat, dairy, eggs, etc., is destroying the coral reefs. So much water and air pollution is caused by animal agriculture. 51% of all greenhouse gas emissions are from animal agriculture, while all transportation only contributes 15%. The rainforests are being cut down at 1-2 acres per second, and 91% of the destruction is to make room for pastures. Killing pigs is not the solution. It is like having a huge tree that is sick, and in attempts to cure it, you medicate and heal one leaf. Or, you could Medicare the whole tree and return it to normal. The medicating of one leaf is killing the pigs, the medicating of the whole tree is stopping animal agriculture. Pig, cow, and chicken populations will drop so fast when we stop breeding/raping them into existence.

  17. I love how silly humans try to blame the devastation they have caused on wild pigs… They probably contribute 0.00000000000000001% of the destruction. And it's our fault they are there anyway. And this individual coral reef is insignificant compared to global warming and other problems.

  18. Oh yes lets kill the pigs since they're damaging the coral reefs and while we're at let's all commit mass suicide since we damage coral reefs too

  19. Nutria rats imported from south America destroying the Louisiana coastline. They are also extensively hunted, but it's proving difficult to keep up with the destruction they cause. They burrow into the mud to get at the vegetation, and when it rains the soil is washed away.

  20. The only solution is to minimize population, the more residents, the more corals will be destroy due to its waste water.

  21. hardy kiwi vines are currently strangling 3 acres of Lenox MA, in addition to our terrible opioid crisis and being an economically depressed county, Berkshire county has enough invasive plant species that you could easily take your pick. Bittersweet and grapevine are actually damaging electrical poles in our town. Wild roses and black raspberries grow in abundance in the summer time. So there are a number of wild edible invasive plants (not bittersweet, thats not food) and a number of poor families, homeless, mentally ill and addicts in our town that need food.

  22. Vegan butthurt detected. So many torn vegan rectums! I'd offer them free stool softener capsules, but they'd insist that they have three perfectly comfortable, odorless shits daily.

  23. I don't know what the impacts is on the ecology but…. in Amsterdam they have wild parrots now.
    Someone held them in captivity and released them in the 70's. And they now still live and breed in the city.

  24. I'm aware of an invasive species! There is this mouse in my house with half it's tail missing. I named it, The Legend of the Half Tail Mouse. I've been at war with him since I moved in my house. He's been on a steady gain and winning victory after victory. It is an invasive species and I need help! I've poisoned it, used glues traps and even shot it with my air rifle. The bastard knows how to do the matrix shit!

  25. I enjoying seeing two seemingly unrelated events: Coral Bleaching and Feral Pigs, related and distilled into a palatable 5 minutes. If you have a serious beef with the idea that these two events can be related, I suggest you go look for peer reviewed publications or other more in depth resources. This piece is clearly meant to pique your interest to dive deeper not to be a definitive primary resource. Further, arguments from "Common Sense" on large scale ecosystem phenomenon like this are nearly worthless. Keep the healthy skepticism folks and then use that to educate yourself. Thanks Kyle for an entertaining introduction to the complicated dynamics of Island Ecosystems.

  26. Yes, people are invading my environment and taking all the parking on my street. Pls shoot their vehicles and sell it to junk yard so their employees can feed their family tonight.

  27. plant trees where pigs dug, even if these dont dig, water will wash soil to sea because nothing will hold these

  28. Hawai'i specific: Introduction of Blacktail Snapper (To'au), Blue-lined Snapper (Ta'ape), and Blue Argus Grouper (Ro'i) from French Polynesia in the late 1950s by the then territorial government to enhance fishing opportunities since Hawai'i had no native shallow water snappers or groupers. TERRIBLE IDEA! These fish today have exploded in population and eating every native fish they can get into their mouths.
    Also our freshwater streams are being overrun by non-native species from around the world due to amateur aquarium hobbyist who give up their hobby and dump their fish in our streams. Our native gobies and shrimp are in great danger of extinction.
    Axis deer on Maui are taking over the landscape adding to the goat, and pig population problem. Impossible to keep population in check because the vast majority of deer, goats, and pigs are on private land, and landowners refuse access for various reasons including liability.

  29. but in Hawaii, is it like there is no proper sewage treatment of the cesspool? if so then due to human waste the corals are getting damaged more compared with wild pigs

  30. thats sad ples hellp that plase i fell so so bad im scerd that the world end ples help that plase i beg you maby make a sine that ses do not kill pigs hellp save the world

  31. Rubbish!!!!!! quit building golf courses and dozing all the land!!!! The spike in people to the islands is the problem.

  32. Seriously u r showing off with "saving the coral reefs"??? U can just make the pigs unconscious with some injctn shooting.. And then take them to a safer place where neither the pig nor the reefs r exploited… A big round of applause for these dummies..

  33. culling billions of humans could help save the environment as well.

    im sure the employees @ "Stories" will be first in line to voluntarily take a bullet to the head.

  34. Stop blaming pigs for the reef damage the real problem is sun screen and golf courses and run off from highways

  35. Das how Haole boy showing respect on packing that pig!!! I made my friend scale a 10lb UHU after that he was in like flynn!!

  36. I would like to see some data on exactly how much of an affect these pigs are having on sediment run-off – I highly doubt it constitutes anything close to that of poor land management practices in Hawaii.

  37. Yeah, they caused extinction of some native land bird and plants, but i doubt, that they can cause considerable negative impact on coral reefs.

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