Hunting Wild Boar with Miss Hunter of Germany ‘Helga Wimmer’
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Hunting Wild Boar with Miss Hunter of Germany ‘Helga Wimmer’

December 4, 2019

On tonight’s show we follow the amazing Miss
Hunter Germany as she looks to take a running wild boar in the forests of the Czech Rep.
Keep watching to see how she does. Welcome to Realtree Global Hunting. In tonight’s episode
we are in the Czech Rep with our good friends at Cervus UK. Owen Beardsmore and Count Leonhard
Colloredo-Mansfeld have invited their close friends and associates on another driven hunt.
The hunters gather deep in the beautiful Czech forest and prepare for a cold day in their
high seats. The temperature has dropped and theres the threat of snow in the air. Although
the usual suspects are all here we aren’t following the rabble today. Today we are following
Miss Hunter Germany 2011 and 2012, Helga Wimmer. As always Leonhard’s Jagermeister Milan sounds
the horn to start proceedings and every pays respect to the game. As the hunter’s head
off Helga is in good spirits and looking forward to the hunt. She’s dropped at the edge of
a thick forest and makes her way to the seat. So, Hello, my name is Helga, I am from Austria,
and I was Miss Hunter of Germany in 2011 and 2012. I have done hunting now, for 5 years,
and right now we are in Prague, in Dobris. We are going to do some shooting, for deers,
wild boars and other animals, and yeah, we shall see what happens, so it is going to
be a good day. The drive starts off slow and Helga waits patiently. Although the forest
is dense, there tree trunks and bare and visibility is good in most directions As always here
in Dobris Milan and Leonhard have given the hunters a list of animals that are fair game
and others that aren’t. Several times each year hunters are invited into these forests
to help control animal numbers. Only game with high numbers are taken to ensure that
they don’t over populate the forest and put a strain on the food supply. Too many animals
in these woods over the harsh Czech winter and an entire herd could become malnourished.
Helga waits and before long there’s a pair of eyes looking her way. But, it doesn’t stick
around the white back side of a whitetail deer can be seen darting through the trees.
This is our seat here, and it is kind of interesting and good. We can shoot, straight, or left,
or right, and approximately 100 metres away, but there are no other animals here. We have
seen one white tail deer. We have another half an hour, and hopefully I can shoot, try
my best. After waiting for 2 hours the drive comes to a close and Helga heads back to the
road. Back at the tableau and there’s plenty of game been taken this morning, despite all
being quiet in Helga’s part of the woods. Every one grabs a bite to eat and relives
the mornings action. There’s plenty of stories to be told. As the hunters ready themselves
for the afternoon drive the snow begins to fall and the temperature plummets. Helga heads
to her seat and gets set up for the afternoon. I’m ready to rumble! She has a good view through
the forest and a few small clearings of sight. Within minutes of being in the seat there’s
a group of small boar running across a small ride ahead of her. She fires twice, but isn’t
sure how she’s done. They were so fast, I just tried my best, and shoot twice, we will
see. It is just a small road down there, so I don’t no. We will check. The beaters head
across her path moving any game on, but… nothings moving in this part of the woods.
As the light begins to fade the temperature drops even further and Helga’s not enjoying
it. The snow begins to fall again. It is so cold! So so cold! But we have just an hour
left, and I want to shoot! So, stay calm! However, her patience pays off and minutes
before the drive is due to finish a big boar comes running out of the thick stuff and behind
her seat. She fires once and hits the boar, but hes still running. A second shot drops
him and hes out for the count. A few final kicks and he passes. Seconds later the drive
finishes and Helga’s quick to get down and to tag her wild boar. Ok, this is my pig,
it came in the last few minutes, yeah it was a little bit crazy, but I tried my best to
catch one. First shot is here, the second shot, the other one is down there, because
I didn’t have any space, and yeah, it happened so fast, but I am glad I have one now. I have
my pig, and that is fine! Back at the tableau there’s plenty of game taken today and the
beaters collect it all together ready for the ceremony. Everyone gathers to show their
respects to the fallen game as Leonhard and Milan thank them for coming. Another amazing
Czech driven hunt with the guys here and Cervus UK. These beautiful forests always provide
an amazing hunting experience and a warm welcome for hunters from across Europe. As all the
hunters head into the tableau to find their quarry Helga finds her boar. After a few pictures
those who have taken their first species all subjected to the usual tradition of a whack
on the backside. Helga’s keen to help out! Milan sounds the horn one last time and the
game is respected by all. To find out more about booking your own amazing Czech driven
hunt of a lifetime visit Subscribe to Team Wild TV for all the best
hunting videos on the web.

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  1. Nice vid.  I like the simplicity of the stand that she uses in 4:20.  I tried to google it to find plans, but no luck.  Is there a name for that kind of stand, or does anyone know where I can find plans to build it?

  2. The first and the seccond shot, have they hit the boars?
    Awsome movie and some good hunting!!! When comes team wild to the netherlands, it would be great!!

  3. Brings back memories of back home in croatia of the driven hunts same scenery same forests and same traditions good hunt 

  4. What about the 2 other boar, where she shot first the big leading sow ( which can´t have been legal game) and misses the piglet? 

  5. Great job. It blows me away how we can still see these great hunting videos coming out of some of the most anti-hunting, anti-gun countries on the globe. Make you a deal, you send us Helga and we will send you ten of these AR-15 and 1911 morons.

  6. Please help us German hunters !


  7. find me on facebook and follow me at hunting:

  8. Great Stuff!  I love the ceremonies before and after the hunt.  Respect the game, it's a concept that many need to learn.

  9. Start with the first pig in the group wich you see is bigger the other pigs and it looks like she misses then tryes on another one

  10. I'd die laughing at the expressions of these hunters if an American ever joined them. While everyone was pulling out $5000+ Blazer 93s, he'd pull out an AK47 or AR15 and drop 30rd mag into it. "Why are all yall backing away slowly?" Oh Europe, you so silly.

  11. If I may add my two cents here, I am pretty sure that shooting at the lead sow (Führende Bache) which she clearly was, with piglets is not fair game and ethically a total no go. The shot at the last Frischling was certainly a miss. Secondly, on the same note, the second boar is also a sow (easily recognisable by the very round body, missing "humps" on her back and then of course the missing testicles), were single sows fair game? Even though I would have never shot her. Where the first two shots tracked?

  12. I have a queston for you hunters:    why do you hunt? What exactly is it about murderig innocent animals that you find pleasurable? Does it make you feel good, do you think it makes you more manly? What is it?

  13. Die schoss auf eine führende bache!!😠 da sieht man wieder dass die jäger/innen viel zu wenig Erfahrung haben und einfach nur schießen wollen !!!! Schussgeil nennt man dass auch !!😠


  15. Bad hunting!!! You shouldnt show this video. Never shoot female boar with piglets! Who made her Miss Hunter? Auf gut Deutsch: so einen Mist hab ich selten gesehen!

  16. Always interesting watching how other cultures hunt. This clip has been put together well. Looks pretty cold to just sitting and not moving. Austrians I guess are good in the cold. Hunting is very important where I live in New Zealand. I hunt 2-3 times a week with dog and knife to feed my family and friends .

  17. Miss Hunter should give back her license. Never shoot a mother pig, this is why some People hate hunters. Really bad, you used to have professionals hunters in your videos!

  18. I cant stand how silly people look with the orange marker clothing. I can understand people using that in america because there is full of idiot hunters who shoot at anything that moves- but in prague? I miss tradition.

  19. I cant wait when things get rough economically and all the crying pussies who wine about hunters come crying to hunters for food and they get a fat dick in the mouth.

  20. Shooting a leading sow? Seriously? Miss failing hunter… You don't want these people on a driven hunt. SHAME

  21. These folks seem to have some very nice rifles! I'm thinking that these folks have some disposable income and hunts like this are the way they spend it. Very interesting video, sure looked cold and miserable. Sign me up!

  22. helga is a sodomite/transvestite/trans-gender/newage/manwhore. you guys are lusting after a sodomite/transvestite/trans-gender/newage/manwhore stupid fools

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