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Hunting Tribes | Tribes & Ethnic Groups – Planet Doc Full Documentaries

December 2, 2019

We’re in Borgou, in northern Benin between Nigeria and Togo, home of the Bariba and Betamaribe groups of the Somba people, one of Africa’s oldest tribes. Formerly hunters, today they also grow crops and keep livestock but hunting is still more for them than just a way to acquire food. They hunt in small groups led by a chief. Their arrowheads are treated with Strophanthus, a deadly poison that they get from a plant. Every May, a number of tribes come together for the hunt. The hunters set out from their villages playing flutes and beaded rattles. The Council of Elders selects a meeting place. The hunt is very important for the Somba people. They hunt to eat and to demonstrate their courage and intelligence. Special powers are attributed to the hunters, particularly to the chiefs, who have the ability to neutralize the animals that they are going to hunt. When everything is ready, they’ll give the order to set out. No one knows how long they will be in the bush, and the hunt may sometimes last for weeks. The Bariba use hunting lures. Of all the Somba groups they have the most ingenious hunting techniques. They hunt antelopes, zebras, monkeys, elephants, buffalo and all kinds of birds. This camouflaged hunter moves silently across the land. He knows the terrain and the behaviour of his prey intimately. If luck smiles on them and they take down a large animal, they will carry it back home to cut into pieces and share all around. Forest rangers allow the Bariba to hunt, but not so the poachers who use rifles rather than arrows and sell ivory and tusks on the black market.

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  1. How come the supposedly good video just lasted for 3:17 min…? Do you have the continuation of this video? Am not satisfied of this so thumbs down on me.

  2. I am vegan and I believe before all the chemicals it was healthy to eat meat and it was cancer free….

    But can any vegan who claims our natural diet is fruits EXPLAIN this?

  3. Advanced people should live with them for some time and learn their language. These people can learn how to read and write. Roman way of writing will solve the problem. At least they are wearing something and some old shoes will be more useful.

  4. We need to start hanging hunters in Africa. One endangered animal is MORE VALUABLE to the planet than 100 million people. I would let over 100 million people starve to death, die of cancer, etc. than I would allow ONE killing of an endangered animal. I would kill their families too. NO HUMAN matters. We are all forgotten. EVERYONE is replaceable. Endangered animals are NOT.
    Humans are just numbers. PERIOD. We have overpopulated the planet. WE ARE EARTH'S CANCER. Better us than them.

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  6. They hunt for quality/quantity meat, I guess they go by the size and type of the animal they prey so there will be enough to feed their village

  7. I wish there was a vegan protester in this video. Jus to see stupid they would look holding a sign up in front of these tribes.

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