Hunting the Radioactive Beasts of Chernobyl
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Hunting the Radioactive Beasts of Chernobyl

November 20, 2019

it’s empty now. You know that, right? Because they had the reaction. PELLA KAGERMAN: Yeah, I know. SHANE SMITH: They had a bad
reaction to radiation. So it’s totally deserted. But then all the wolves
and the bears came. So you’ve got three-eyed wolves
and five-legged bears that are in Chernobyl now. So we’re going to go. And we’re going to hunt them. PELLA KAGERMAN: But
is this serious? SHANE SMITH: Yeah,
it’s serious. MALE SPEAKER: It’s the 20th
anniversary of the meltdown of the Chernobyl reactor, which
was the biggest nuclear catastrophe in human
history besides Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Even now, there’s an area the
size of Great Britain that’s still radioactive. [MUSIC PLAYING] SHANE SMITH: In Italy, or all
over the place, in Eastern Europe, too, they come up to
you with little wagons of panini and birra– birra, birra, panini, birra,
birra, panini, birra– they yell out. And you go, oh,
[SPEAKING ITALIAN]. But here, they don’t
have that. MALE SPEAKER: Where
are we going? MALE SPEAKER: Chernobyl. [MUSIC PLAYING] SHANE SMITH: Neutron. Neutron. We’re in Chernobyl, which was
apparently 600 times worse than Hiroshima. The only guys that survived here
were the firemen, because they were bombed when they were
putting out the fires. It’s the same as the doctors
in Hiroshima. They lived because
they got drunk. So we’ve been drinking,
haven’t we, Pella? PELLA KAGERMAN: Yes. [MUSIC PLAYING] SHANE SMITH: There’s a lot
of people living here. There’s a whole city here. Look. That’s not good. YURI TATARCHUCK: Some
people work here, some people live here. SHANE SMITH: But isn’t it
dangerous to live here? YURI TATARCHUCK: Actually, this
territory was evacuated in 1986, after the accident. But in the period of time from
1986 to 1988, more than 1,500 people came back here. After the explosion of 1986,
April 26, on the reactor unit number 4, it was made decision
to evacuate. April 27 was the date of the
evacuation of Pripyat town. And later in the week,
it was evacuated neighborhood villages. And afterwards, it was
established Chernobyl exclusion zone. Average level of radiation in
Chernobyl nowadays is 35 micro roentgens per hour. And the natural background we
consider from 12 to 20. SHANE SMITH: So it’s double. YURI TATARCHUCK: It’s
double, yes. SHANE SMITH: What’s going
on here, now? YURI TATARCHUCK: They hunted
some animals just to investigate what’s going on,
what processes are going on, what kind of mutation
or changes are possible in nature. SHANE SMITH: Were there a
lot of mutant animals? YURI TATARCHUCK: It was very
clear that some species are very contaminated. [MUSIC PLAYING] SHANE SMITH: Apparently,
I have radiophobia. Radiophobia is when you come
to Chernobyl, people think that they get a sore throat, or
their eyes water, or they have diarrhea. And it’s not because of the
actual radiation is infecting you with cancer. But it’s because you think
you’re afraid. It’s all psychosomatic. This is [INAUDIBLE]. This is going to help us live. So that used to be
a whole village. And they buried the village. YURI TATARCHUCK: Right. The big elements of the houses
were buried there on the side of the hill. MALE SPEAKER: Oh, it’s
going bananas, dude. We’re at 400. SHANE SMITH: We’re at 400? This is the reactor
that blew up. MALE SPEAKER: So that’s
all concrete, right? YURI TATARCHUCK: No. The northern wall, for
example, is concrete. And as for the western wall,
it’s made of metal. And the roof, also metal. SHANE SMITH: What happened? Why did it blow up? What went on? YURI TATARCHUCK: First
of all, it was the construction of reactor. SHANE SMITH: It was the
Russians, those bastards. YURI TATARCHUCK:
It was Soviet. SHANE SMITH: Soviet bastards. YURI TATARCHUCK: It wasn’t
Russian or Ukrainian. Was Soviet! SHANE SMITH: They blew us up. YURI TATARCHUCK: [INAUDIBLE]. SHANE SMITH: Holy shit. YURI TATARCHUCK: Environment
radioactive town of Pripyat. And apparently, there’s wolves
and bears living in these buildings now. And they’re not mutated. They’re changed. There’s no mutations. They’re changes. YURI TATARCHUCK: Look, we can
see the civil defense. These procedures were
never used. SHANE SMITH: So if there was a
meltdown or a war, you’d just put a mask on and– YURI TATARCHUCK: And you
escape to the shelters. SHANE SMITH: Are there
shelters here? YURI TATARCHUCK: A shelter is
any kind of a basement. SHANE SMITH: As you can see,
not so different from us. They liked to play some
basketball, some volleyball, maybe a bit of track. This is in high school. How to kill a tank,
how to attack, how to throw a grenade– oh, that’s amazing. How to spot what different
kind of plane, F-111, B-52, F-14. Nuclear energy is the
future, then. YURI TATARCHUCK: I think yes. SHANE SMITH: If this is the
future, then we’re fucked. YURI TATARCHUCK: This amusement
park was planned to open on the first
of May, 1986. So it was never opened. SHANE SMITH: This is what
happens when we play with technology we don’t
understand. YURI TATARCHUCK: Now here
we measure, and it shows average 100, 150. SHANE SMITH: Why so much? 175– YURI TATARCHUCK: It’s
not too much. Look. SHANE SMITH: 200. YURI TATARCHUCK: On the
soil, under the snow, there is the most. SHANE SMITH: Why here so much? YURI TATARCHUCK: It’s mostly
under the snow. Mostly, it’s absorbing all this
dust and this radiation. SHANE SMITH: It’s at
fucking 600, dude. YURI TATARCHUCK:
More than 600. Without snow, it’s 1,500. SHANE SMITH: Really? Did you see that fucking
thing there, dude? The thing went up to 800. 800 is bad. 800 is very bad. MALE SPEAKER: 1,283, 1,273,
1,284, [INAUDIBLE], 1,294, 1,300, 1,300, 1,297, 1,300,
1,300, 1,275. SHANE SMITH: We bribed
our guide to get some machine guns. And we’re going to hunt the
radioactive wild boars. Now, what we have to do
is be very quiet. We’re in a deserted building. And we have to wait
a little bit. And when we see the wild boars–
there’s hundreds of them with big fucking toothed
fangy things. And when we see them, we’re
going to shoot them with machine guns. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] SHANE SMITH: So after we shot
at the boars, they ran into the forest. And me and Pella go running
after them. And they’re like,
no, no, no, no. If you go in there– it’s
called the red forest. It’s the most radioactive
place on earth. And if you go in there,
you’re going to die. You really feel like this
is the apocalypse here. There’s no fear of death because
everything is dead. The ground will kill you. The water will kill you. The trees will kill you. My shoes are radioactive
right now. The beasts are fucking–
they show no fear because they’re mutants. Everything’s been destroyed. Everything’s been killed,
abandoned. It’s some heavy, heavy fucking
shit here, dude. It’s going to be OK. It’s going to be OK. PELLA KAGERMAN: It was
a bit too much? SHANE SMITH: It’s
going to be OK. I gotta throw these
shoes away. I think they’re radioactive. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Idiots? The animals are living in peace and humans keep coming to hunt them. I think the reals monsters are the one who hunts them.

  2. Chernobyl was a power plant not the city's name the Media kept on calling it the Chernobyl disaster the name of this city is actually called Pripyat city

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    Edit: those are not machine guns i think they are assault rifles (if im wrong sry lol)

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    (They must've bribed their way through Vice hierarchies)

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