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  1. Ummm……. may I suggest red dead redemption 2. It also has a great written storyline, excellent voice acting and visually beautiful on your console.

  2. Honestly a bit let down.
    Hunter Call Of The Wild is far and above the better looking game and is also excellent from a gameplay perspective, not to mention like what 4 years old or more?

  3. Oh look here comes Bambi and her mom. Blam!Blam! Bambi see moms head blown off. The horror the horror. Can I kill other hunters in the game. I want to shoot people not animals. In the game. Seeing some hunter out there lines up his shot a blam I shoot him in the head with. Snipper. Rifle

  4. Just got banned😂 called an automated bot like a stinky head and reorted the bot nd i got banned. Really bad tbh. Its for 7 days aswell. No warning

  5. I really hope this game has actually realistic Gun play and mechanics, physics etc. Because ps4 needs an actual realistic shooter. even though i know its only hunting but they need to nail this one correctly before i buy it.

  6. How's the framerate on TheHunter: Call of the Wild? I've been eyeing it for ages because the graphics look beautiful, but so many games that look like that end up running at sub-30fps (eg Observer, Toren and Eastshade just to name a few).

  7. Ролик о том, как красоту природы нарушает человек своим существованием))))

  8. If you didn't show the ugly animated animals in your trailer, you would only get a few likes … oh wait! That's exactly what you did.

  9. Best Hunting game I have ever played is the hunter call of the wild no hunting game will ever beat that hopefully they add dogs in to it with new update!!

  10. theHunter Call of the Wild is the industry leader for hunting games. Now if they have taken that concept an improved upon it in their own way I might be interested but from what I have seen here I cannot say I am all that impressed because nothing of value was truly shown or presented to the consumer.

  11. Lol the trailer could've been for life is strange 3 with a tragic end for the hunter. The music doesn't help it either, once you see that, you can't unsee.

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