Hunting REMOTE Public Areas, Big Wisconsin Buck! – DEER TOUR E26
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Hunting REMOTE Public Areas, Big Wisconsin Buck! – DEER TOUR E26

November 30, 2019

I know you guys don’t like my sunglass
no you love them because you think they’re goofy and it’s a good way to
make fun of me paying $180 so how many pockets I got these 13 years ago so Jake
would have been Jake would have been the literally this same edge he is now which is five we got super low pressure and windy
conditions kind of warm all these deer under the ground they’ve all dug holes
and they’re not coming out I brought Doug Ferenbaugh’s canoe no exact that by the way grab the best suited to 30 degrees beats in the mid sixties
before you stop watching these videos I’m sorry the worst yeah did looks just
perfect got stuck and we gotta take it about 30 40 yards
and we’re right in the hole oh we’re seaworthy work we’re down here
in the river today and we got high winds as you can probably tell which is
offering a good amount of noise cover and the plan is to come in the back door
of this particular area basically with all the rain that we’ve had lately these
River bottoms have been flooded this river right now it’s actually pretty
deep we’re gonna try to set up overlook in a big CRP field above the river
bottom much of it is flooded and I’m thinking that it’s moved the deer out of
these bottoms because they don’t want to bed in the water and if we see some
movement in there tonight we’ll pull down and move closer for tomorrow’s hunt see these big red oaks right here
they’re dropping their phone on this side hill and deer walk in the side Hill
browsing on the acorns that are rolling down this hill
see were right here that’s what that big buck that Jake and I put the stalk on
was eating a few weeks ago you can just see where the whole the deer been right
in here walking this trail on the edge we’re gonna take this trail in there try
to get to some Bedding that hillside over there is all Bedding
and they’re facing this way watching this bottom they want to be pretty
careful sliding up through here like that I don’t want to be in the open past
this point I don’t think should be able to see him he’s right
there are you on him
he’s right behind that log I see I can see its back I don’t think he’s too alarmed no like
you could never figure out what we were and the wind is blowing like my face it
might have swirled just a little bit back there I could have got up stood and
shop right there I just was unsure if it was something I wanted to shoot it you
know when I first saw him he was standing I happen to see that wide rack
and I was like oh shoot her in that situation I popped up I saw him he was
staring down in here because he heard us walking but I froze and he gave up on it
he started walking straight at me when he did he dropped he dropped his head
and I as y’all saw him duck you know I just screwed back here I made a bunch of
noise doing it but he couldn’t see when we ride on a deer trail I’m sure he
hears deer walking on this all the time that’s a good sign oh there’s a buck out
there better than that edge there’s probably more we got to get up in one of
these trees right here so we can observe a little bit well it’s October 19th today it’s my
fourth day he and in Wisconsin tonight I’m hunting a totally different piece of
timber this is probably only between 8 and 10 acres of just straight hardwoods
Oaks and variety of other trees in here this little piece is a peninsula there’s
water on three sides and we only own about the tip of the peninsula so we
have to actually access across a marsh slash River I know me when we come out
in this problem during the very first week and the bow season when the acorns
are falling and then by 2 or 3 times during the rut but since I really don’t
have that opportunity or option this this fall Im out here today most of the time
what the deer do out here is they scent check for does and that’s why it’s
numbing good during the rut but like I said these cold temperatures have had a
lot of bucks moving hopefully they’d be on their feet and there’s actually a
fresh grape right below the tree that was fresh from probably yesterday and
then I was walking out of the marsh right across that Creek I could see a
really looks like a really big Rub right over here about 45 yards so I know
there’s been a good buck in here in the past couple days so hopefully didn’t
make some mistake tonight and I get my opportunity at one there’s A shooter right there
forty-five yards but let’s let oh my god no way no way
oh my god that was a giant two of them well I just
got off the phone with the neighbor that owns this other side of this island I
rewatched the fudge just really hard to tell in here where the arrow exactly
hits I mean he was a lot closer than I thought I figured he’s probably inside
of 20 but not thirteen yards that happened about as fast as it could have
ever happened after what’s happened with Jace buck and Ted’s buck and even Zach’s
buck where you put a good shot on it I’m I’m pretty worried like I’m really
worried you just keep playing that shot over and over again in your head and I
mean I shot I’m at probably 330 I just couldn’t tell like I would like to seen
him go down that’s what you always want oh my gosh still really shaken up I’m
gonna I’m gonna get down send a picture of the arrow and of like the first blood
to the guys see what they think at their opinion back out go home watch the
footage on a big screen so I can blow up blow it up but I’m pretty sure I can see
blood hit on impact I’m really hoping that’s the case I know the footage
wasn’t great but like it was that or nothing looks like a bruiser to me
oh my how high are you in the tree Oh Logan says he just shot a giant in
Wisconsin we’ve already seen a doe that was
getting bumped around by something running around out there and Logan
called about 20 minutes ago apparently he hit one in Wisconsin but like I
mentioned on the way in here the idea of tonight said is to observe this CRP
field up here right behind the tree here there’s a kind of a marshy riverbottom
type area that has been dried the past two years in most years Bucks bed down
in those willows when it’s dry but since it’s so wet they’re forced up here onto
this CRP this is an awesome spot you can see a long way across some pretty good
bettin to cover at the same one you’ve been watching oh
there’s another deer just stood up out here in this field doe she just stood up
behind that cedar in front of him see her yeah just had to doe stand up out
here in front of us she was bedded right up underneath one
of those cedar trees in the grass in that same buck that we walked up on
earlier that bounded off across the field see that’s why we constantly tell
you guys if you bump deer especially a buck and he doesn’t spook real hard
they’re not going very far you know he just bounded off across that field just
one in that next little finger woods probably laid back down and now he’s up
again working his way back over here if they
don’t smell you and see at the same time they don’t and they don’t spook real
hard they’re not going very far got a deer out in the field another two year old buck I think he’s
back up closer to the primary Betty pretty quick that’s getting on towards closing time
and Jake and I got a little bit of a battle to get out of here so we’re gonna
go ahead and climb down but I think we ended up seeing what three bucks and
eight or ten dozen thongs all together like spots like this a lot because
you’re putting yourself in a situation where you can kill a buck potentially
call to a buck that you see off in the distance and you can learn a lot about
the area without diving in there messing up too much
we got a high wind day tomorrow out of the Northwest so we’re gonna be able to
slide around quite a bit and learn even more and potentially creep up on one on
the grounder or possibly set up on one in this field in the morning I mean the property the piece that I was
actually hunting was what all month many acres the hardwood is out there and yeah
maybe ten acres ten acres of hardwoods surrounded by water on three sides and
private on the other side so we’ve crossed that River to get out there and
like kind of this one out there on a limb and just hope for the best and
coming up here to Wisconsin hunting at my house I am a grown up hunting shot my
first buck off this property and just being able to come up here and harvest a
bow buck like this is unbelievable to me I couldn’t be happier honestly I was
really just hoping for a nice two-year old buck and just to have this three or
four year old freezer to come by is just unbelievable

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  1. I almost pulled a Zach ground hunt! Triax almost ate!!!! Going in again you guys are some seriously good teachers! Only problem is all the other hunters learning these deadly tactics!!! That was awesome bro!!!!! Nice shot!!!! Congratulations!!!!

  2. So where did Logan hit that deer? It would be really cool if you guys could show where you hit the deer, or at least talk about it so we could learn more about our shots and how to proceed with tracking. You guys are awesome. I've learned so much from watching yall. I've Put it to good use this year and already seeing amazing results.

  3. Thanks for the continued hard work and near daily entertainment. Glad to see your subscriber count growing and growing!

  4. Thanks for the excellent videos, guys! Would have been nice to get the breakdown on Logans shot placement and why it took several hours to find him. LED nocks are a valuable tool…

  5. good work fellas ..proves big bucks and deer in general get up and move on windy days. Going after a big 10 point in the morning…It's gonna be a ground hunt with crossbow….gonna be tough because I know he's a nightcrawler and hope to catch him coming back to bedding at 1st light…problem is I've seen him crossing the road well before 1st light ( like an hour before 1st light)…so he may be in there with me for awhile before I can see him…Gonna be touchy I've never hunted this spot or him. I'll get it on my channel if I hook up with him tho. Gonna be tough working the wind, action should be super close –if he comes in , he'll be within 10 to 15 yards of me.

  6. omg, I skimmed a 6 pointer last night. so disappointed, would have been my 1st buck. Great hunt guys! you give me motivation to go back in every time. I hunt Wisconsin Public in Dane county. I was sure there were no good buck in my area until i started watching this channel! now I've seen too in the last week both shooters. Last night was a big boy! Keep slayin em!

  7. Throwing the idea out there for y'all to lighten up your huntin set up BC y'all walk so far and jump around so much… Look into a tree Saddle. All you would need is your 4 climbing sticks and a ring of steps or a platform from tether. I ordered a saddle from AERO Hunter.

  8. Congrats Logan! Great buck and great job pulling it off self-filming! Don’t knock the footage—I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  9. Nice buck Logan! Where in Wisconsin you find him? Don't see too many droptine bucks here in Central WI. Looks like made a good shot on him. Congrats

  10. I watched that video at .25 speed and you can’t see were the arrow hits.

    One word “lumenock”

    Get in the 21 century kid.
    You always know right where your arrow hits.

  11. Every time I have hunted public land there's been a requirement to hunt 6' off the ground in an approved tree stand. I recently gained access to a parcel of private that I was able to hunt for the first time recently. It's mostly grassy field with few, to no trees to hang a stand. I used the information gained through these videos to make a silent approach close to an area I assumed was bedding. I made just a few soft grunt calls and within 20 minutes had a great buck within range. I appreciate these videos as they have made me a better hunter. Thank you for your persistence in posting these videos. Everyone but the deer love them.

  12. And you did it all with a Bear bow!!
    Now that in itself is an accomplishment!!
    Nice job!!
    Someone get that young fella a Mathews!!

  13. Gut shot a nice buck, he was eaten over night by coyotes, never found anything but the initial blood trail and a bloody bed with a bunch of hair and it was obvious something got to him. I feel absolutely terrible about it. But its hunting and making bad shots is a part of it sometimes. I hope I get another chance, good luck the rest of the year!

  14. Congrats Logan!!!! Nice buck man. I to have watched many times and still haven't seen the arrow at any point in the video. Fast as hell bow. Looks like Arron and Jake will be next to draw blood from the looks of there set up.

  15. Hey guys love your videos and have learned alot from them.Keep them coming!!! My son and I was turkey hunting in Nebraska in May when y'all were there we both killed nice gobblers.Happy hunting from Fishersville Va.

  16. Congrats to Logan! Would’ve liked to have seen his hunt be the highlight of this vid with more discussion/congrats from the rest of the THP team

  17. I want to give credit to the THP guys + Mindy for doing a great job. In an internet landscape overwhelmed with exaggerated characters and superficial content, THP has found a way to teach and entertain. Everyone's personalities come across here as sincere. You hardly have to filter through the comments section to see the impact this channel has made. A refreshing use of social media, thank you.

  18. Congratulations again Logan! Great job self filming? That's cool you got to share the recovery with your Dad.
    FWIW- I tested all the solid Nockturnal colors, and for my eyes Pink was the standout color for contrast and visibility (glows red, but was much brighter then the actual red version).

  19. Clearly a fake video. You can't kill a deer like that without a Hoyt or a Matthews. ?. I love how you guys prove that it doesn't take thousand dollar clothing systems and top line flagship bows in addition to tractors and implements to plant food plots. The moral of the story is that you can really enjoy the experience with whatever gear you have. Unless you get one of those cheap off brand Chinese bows (maybe) you have good serviceable gear. Bear makes great bows, and you aren't paying for a reputation. Matthews and Hoyt are awesome too, but I shot my best scores ever with a PSE Vision that I have less than 350 into. Just get out and enjoy the hunt!

  20. Your hunting gear is worth more than your hunting car. WAIT, CAR!!!! Come on boys, need ya a truck. 😉 I'm just yanking y'alls chain. LOVE your vids. Best hunting channel on YouTube.

  21. It's awesome to see real hunting, not people shooting deer that have been feed corn in a particular spot. Real men go out find the scraps, find the rubs, look for tracks and actually hunt. Thanks for creating these awesome adventures.

  22. Do y'all ever public hunt in Texas… if so please point me in the direction of that video…. if you haven't then I as a brand new bow owner (haven't ever hunted with it yet still learning) would be extremely interested in learning how you do it here in Texas…. you can sleep on my couch lol

  23. I'm 60 y/o and have been hunting public land in Georgia since I was 10 y/o. I watch your group of guys all the time during the year on YouTube. This is especially true for the last three years because I have had three major surgeries and been in and out of therapy during that time. I have learned a lot from you guys and really appreciate your knowledge and love for the sport of hunting. I too do not hunt a lease or club. I do not own any land beside two acres which our home sits on so I rely on public land 100%. When I do get to hunt it's mostly by myself, however on the WMA there are always other sportsman who are more than willing to help out and become great neighbors and friends for life. I am a retired Firefighter and worked a 24/48 hour shift which gave me a lot of hunting time while most people were at work. I enjoy your videos, comments, knowledge, sportsmanship, tactics, game plans, interactions with other hunter (especially when you go to the deepest parts of the woods and fine someone already there, that because of the way you act , always ready to help, give hunting information and the sharing the woods). I can tell that your group really care about each other and in a manly way love sharing your life and family which each other. Your honesty and language used is notable and is probably the most reason I have enjoyed watching your show. Thank You for all the great hours that I have spent which was and is well worth time.

  24. u guys must get paid big bucks no pun, cause there is no way the basic person can hunt like that, out of state tags cost anywhere from 200-500 not 2 mention the regular hunting license, its just 2 much 2 do 2 hunt elsewhere. but you guys should do a REAL hunting video, from minute 1 to day 12, cause nobody goes out and see bucks within 1 hour of hunting unless you're on some private land that caters 2 deer. especially BUCKS. i guess thats the good thing of editing. REAL ppl go hunting for hours and dont see anything, i understand u guys put n the work checking signs n the area, but that goes against everything ppl say about deer smelling ur scent. if they so call smell your scent then u mess that spot up. i just dont believe all that, cause then there would be no deer anywhere, because you guys aren't the only ones out there. im just saying

  25. When I first heard Aaron W. was Hunting Public honestly it kinda irritated me because I had got so spoiled watching the M.W. Crew chasing Booners on awesome Private that I unjustly assumed he had access to tons of Private land. So being a loyal M.W. fan I continued to watch and I have to admit I was wrong and getting to know the rest of H.P. crew I'm Hooked! With that being said though I don't know how cooperative Bill would be but someone should show him some appreciation and put him on a nice buck. I know Bill has plenty of connections and you guy's work hard but he's hooked alot of people up and it would just be nice to see that perhaps next season. Like a whole Tribute or Montage dedicated to him.

  26. 10 seconds into the video and your proving how real you are. That wedge holding the window up, just more proof that your regular guys just doing your thing.

  27. These episodes take me back to when I was your ages , scouting and hunting with my best two friends, we killed gd deer and made memories we all will take to our grave, great show, dont let the big sponsers ruin what you all have, they will be knocking, you guys take us all back to our youth. TN DEER HUNTER

  28. Man that is a nice buck !!  Good job.  Question for you guys.  Why are the antlers so white looking for deer raised in the woods.  Here in the piney woods of East TX our deer antlers are very dark.

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