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Hunting real PIKACHU | Pokemon Go

August 18, 2019

We’re in Little Tokyo today because there’s a Pikachu hanging around here somewhere There’s a lot of people playing. Maybe I’ll ask them to see if I can find him. You guys seen a Pikachu? The servers were up, I saw a Pikachu a few seconds ago. They’re up? Finally! I’m trying to find this dang Pikachu still, they’re supposed to be here. It’s Pikachu milk. Oh my god! Random Girl: I need to get my Pokemon Go! You freaking missed! I just raised their rent! I did. I said hey this is so good I’m just going to raise your rent. Pokemon Go came out like 4 days ago We decided to delay the next video we’re working on In the meantime put out a Pokemon Go video ASAP. Keep in mind there is a day where we have to turn around videos in like 4 or 5 days. Our strategy, in order to make a good video that’s quick Is to try and not rely too much on visual effects Or not worry too much about like a story line. It’s just going to be a collection of jokes, and funny things, and funny ideas so we’re going to see how this goes I never fuckin throw them away They may be 25 years old Oh shit. Oh no I got underwear older than you. This looks pretty cool. He’s got a black shirt and it’s open And there’s the shoes. Yeah that’s the one I used and then the black gloves. I guess the difference would be I have to get some spiky gel. If I really wanted it like- Honestly your hair as is, is totally fine Okay. I’d do anything for Sam and Niko. Not me. I just heard lots of people are walking into cars and walking into holes while When you catch a Pokemon, you can give that Pokemon to the professor who in turn gives you back a candy for that Pokemon I give them candy?>:) You feed that candy to your Pokemon to level them up. So no crystal meth? Pokemon crystal Headed, downtown. There’s a lot of places that are really cool and they only sell you like 6, the minimum The first hat we saw looks, almost perfect the front was a little short If we can’t find anything else, it could work That noise the buzzing noise. Always unnerves me I’m afraid of doors to begin with Action! Oh hey here. Here’s the Pokemon Okay It’s gotta look bad ass too ya know it’s like Yeah mother fuckers grind up! ya know Okay… K you ready? Yeah Do you want me to grab you a cup from upstairs? No I’m not gonna give this stuff to people I’m gonna drink it myself>:D *quiet evil laughter* It actually tastes fucking good! Shit. It’s like one thing after another To the next one. Let’s try that place. So it’s 48 for the dozen? “Yes” I gotta call Jake now. Jake isn’t answering. So I might just have to make a call. These are much nicer. But they cost a lot more. I saw we go with these ones. Yeah? “Yeah.” The first guy we talked to in this place. They only sell twelve. Just hang around long enough, they’ll start bringing the price down or the quantity down. Mission accomplished! You know I used to have qualms about, Pokemon rights. And how they were treated. Till I started doing it. Then I realized, it doesn’t matter what those Pokemon think. Because it’s so fun. Collecting every. single. one. Everyone’s going for those Charizards, everyone’s going for those Wartortle’s ya know But me. I get those Digletts, I get those Spearows Dude I’ve won zero gym battles because all I have are Diglett. I don’t like to think about that. I love my Spearows dude. And not Sbarro’s Pizza, that’s different. Shoutout though. You know I’m just out there, trying to get out there, catch my Pokemon, trying to not get hit by cars. I chose a Squirtle because I’m the only cool one in here. Squirtle is dope so… Don’t tell my mom. Is this going on the internet? Started training when I was in 7th grade. And uh, I never thought I would make it this far. And these Pokemon candies they taste really good I can’t stop eating them. These things are great. Alright so we’re going to check out Little Tokyo. It’s one of the hottest Pokemon Go spots from what I hear. People are popping lures. Pokemon are flocking there like mad. See that’s a Pokemon player right there. Watch out! I personally have to catch all the Pokemon. And this is gooey Squirtle and you’re like “nooooo” He was born too early. Don’t actually have it slip out of your hand. We’ll get a shot specifically for the slip. *Peter 5 cries* It wasn’t ready. Um that scene went great. It was the best one of the day. Sam and Niko said it themselves. :3 it’s whatever I’m kind of like an actor sort of. I just like do independent stuff. Right now I am working on putting a Sandshrew into this scene right over here. What I did, was I actually jumped onto Google, typed in Pokemon 3D models or obj’s Well basically my goal for Sandshrew here is not to make it super realistic, but to make it look augmented reality that you see in Pokemon Go. But just a little bit better. So he already came with textures and everything which is great. Saves us some time. And addition to that. He’s already rigged. What that means is, when you have a character that’s rigged, you can actually animate them however you see fit. Saves a lot of time. I’m using 3DS Max to do the 3D modeling and the wrendering I’m using Boujou, to track the scene, and I’m using After Effects to composite all of that. There’s a few special people we’d like to thank You may have heard their names before. Because they are long time supporters. We’ll have to ask Soso what his actual name is in our next hangout. Guys thank you so much for your support. For the rest of you who are patrons, thank you so much Means the world to us. Keeps us doing what we want to do. Keeps us making cool videos. So nice of you guys. 🙂 So so nice of you guys. because it’s so fun, collecting every single one. That’s what matters. That’s all that matters. That and being the very best. Like no one ever was. That’s my real test. To train them. Is my cause. I’m just gonna travel across the land. Gonna search far and wide. Each Pokemon. Will understand. The power that’s inside. Pokemon I will be right back. God damn. Good smoothie? Good? I’m drinking this. I’m drinking this prop when it’s done.

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  1. For some reason a friend of mine really hates this new great game… oooh wait i know why, thats because hes really lazy nvrmnd

  2. Theres this classmate, well i wouldnt call him classmate but anyway, he looks just like Niko but hes a total dick and smartass. i swear i just wanna punch him in the face

  3. Here in my country (Portugal) we have something like PETA and they want to take down the game in here 'cause they say it gives kids the idea to capture animals and make them fight…
    Just stupid.

  4. Anyone know which particular song of Reggie Be Retro it is at the beginning, during the little tokyo part ?

  5. Pokemon Go, such a psy-op, and also helping google recorded where they couldnt get down with a car. But hey! – It's FUN right?!

  6. I was on vacation in LA a few days ago and was there at little Tokyo! Was there on Sunday. Must have just missed you guys 🙁

  7. Man I really love seeing Peter change from this quiet, shy type of guy to an awesome, funny, and integral part of team corridor!

  8. to get Pikachu in Pokemon Go do NOT choose your starter because you have to walk a bit so they reappear near you at least 4 times then Pikachu appears with them.

  9. i cant wait for the moment that there are Dunsparces, just add dunsparces not even the rest of the generation, just Dunsparce

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  11. teach pokemon to understand the power thats inside*, why did everyone think the dude said each in the O.G song?

  12. Next video idea
    Rick and morty hunt for the sechuan sauce in various alternate universes while they are being hunted by an unknown villain who found a portal gun

    Steve the landlord as Rick C-137
    Wrenthereaper as morty

  13. You dont know how many times ive watched this video. Still can believe you guys used some of my instrumentals. 🙂 Note ive been uploading a new beat everyday for 2018. decided to challenge myself this year

  14. Sure, these guys walk around with a camera and a pikachu outfit and everyone laughs and has a great time. I do it and I get the cops called on it. Psh.

  15. I remember I was in a playground full of adults and the only time I talked to people is to see if they know where the Scyther was.

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