Hunting Pack Essentials for the Backcountry Elk Hunter
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Hunting Pack Essentials for the Backcountry Elk Hunter

August 16, 2019

gonna start right now we have the remedy
bag zipped on here this is their 1500 cubic inch which this is a great great
system for a day pack hey everybody Michael Batease from the
Elk Calling Academy out here taking a break from deer hunting with my wife and
a couple of you guys have asked me to do a pack dump or basically kind of show
you some of the stuff that I carry in my pack so obviously Black’s Creek pack so
the thing I really like about this system is it’s it’s built off of the
grip frame so the bags are actually zipped on so you can really change your
bags out for you know really what you’re wanting to do whether you’re just day
hunting or busy hunting so so we’re gonna start right now we have the remedy
bag zipped on here this is their 1500 cubic inch which this is a great great
system for a day pack but let’s just start right up in the top of course
mountain money have to have that so this right here is the MSR trail shot which
this really really came into handy this year when packing out my bowl we ran out
of water but good thing is there was enough creeks that we could just drop
this into those pump it fill up our water bottles so that way we constantly
had access to water headlamp and marking tape so I usually put stuff
up in this pouch right here that I want to get to quickly things that I’m gonna
use kind of on a on a regular basis and the water filter the headlamp and the
mountain money those are things that you tend to kind of use more often okay
now going in the remedy does have the webbing right here that if you were
wearing a light weight jacket or a best start to heat up you can take it off
real quick put it in the webbing tighten it down and it’s nice and secure right
there for easy access later it does have a little pack on our pouch pocket on it
in this pocket I have my Wyoming saw so the Wyoming saw is great because it
completely breaks down works really really well for skull capping but also
to if you are big hunt out there and you need to get a little bit of firewood
works really really well for smaller branches so okay go ahead and undo those
flaps then you have a series of pockets right here in the middle in the top
pocket this is normally where I carry my ready light fire puffs my flint and
steel fire starter and a survival grenade so if you’re not familiar with a
survival grenade it has paracord it has an emergency whistle
within this paracord there’s also fishing line hooks pretty much anything
that you may need in a survival situation the paracord is great because
you know you can take that outer coating off and then you have five to seven
strands inside there that you can do a lot of things with paracord paracord is
a great great tool and something really handy to keep with you okay in the other small pouch I normally carry an extra
pair of boot laces just in case something goes wrong with the pair I
have I always have a backup pair you also do have compression straps right
here so again if you did have another jacket or something like that that you
wanted to suck down you have these compression straps here okay on the
sides in the water bottle pockets this is a great place where I keep my
trekking poles again just just compression straps to you know put those
in it is a nice compartment that you can suck these straps down pretty tight it
does hold your trekking poles pretty securely ok now the main bag and the
neat thing about this 1500 cubic inch pack is it is a top load system just it
has two different compression straps or suck down there sucking those down but
the neat feature that I really like about this pack and the reason I like
this one for my day pack is it has a side zip right here that I can just side
zip and I can access that main compartment so within my main
compartment I carry my winners outfitter hammock with the tree straps and then
also in there is my kill kit which has my knives my gloves everything that I
would need my game bags everything for processing that I usually put in the
bottom and lay flat now the nice thing is about this pack is you have all this
room for lunches or a puffy jacket pretty much anything that you may need
you know like that hammock sometimes later in the season it gets cool you
could certainly put a 4 ounce or 6 ounce or 8 ounce
quilt in there as well you’re only talking a few ounces but you know
throwing that in that hammock that’s a difference of taking a comfortable nap
or being cold so okay so that’s pretty much it for those
main compartment areas and then I carry now next up we do have the knick knacks
apps and these knickknacks acts on this blacks Creek system are great and as you
can see too with this 1500 cubic inch it packs up really really tight so okay on
this side here the knick knacks acts what’s kind of neat about this is it has
two pockets on the outside so that I can carry my wind checker in one and my game
changer in the other usually on this right side since I’m right-handed
this is normally where I keep my open read cow calls my backup diaphragm reads
there also is another little pocket inside that you can put smaller calls
and smaller calls in but the knick knacks acts are nice because they do
have you know a fair fair amount of room in them so you can actually use those as
additional space so even though you only have 15 cubic 15 cubic 1500 cubic inches
back here the knick knacks axe actually gives you a little bit more storage as
well so again the one on the left has the two outside pockets in this side
here I normally have my attractant scent my gloves and then my nature’s paint so now
obviously there’s a couple of things missing on here the three liter water
bladder this pack is set up to use with the water bladder so I like a bladder
just because that mouthpieces always enter on my shoulder so as I’m hiking I
always have the ability to get a drink stay hydrated it’s I just seemed to
drink more when I have access to that so and of course my lunch plenty of room so
that is what I carry within my pack every day on a daily basis so all in all
you know I’m six six and a half pounds so add the water in there you might get
to the seven seven and a half pound mark but definitely light enough and the
reason I really like this type of system is as soon as I get an animal on the
ground I can zip this bag off put the meat on the frame attach the bag back on
with the snaps I have the bow quiver on the back that I can attach my bow into
and then my first trip off that mountain is with me so very very useful tool so
there you go that’s what I carry in my pack so thanks for tuning in appreciate
your guys’s support as always keep calling keep practicing but most
importantly have fun we’ll see you guys on the next video brought to you by Elk
Calling Academy

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  1. That bags pretty cool, couple questions, what's mountain money? And where do you put the meat if your quartering out an Elk?

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