Hunting in Alaska: The Essential Equipment
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Hunting in Alaska: The Essential Equipment

August 13, 2019

So here we are it’s the night before the
beginning of our epic trip to Alaska and I’m about to finish packing my bag I’ve
left it a little bit late as usual. Everything I’m about to show you it’s
gonna fit eventually into this bag I hope here’s what’s coming with us. So, to
begin with we have the Mountain GTX Pro they’re mine I go to hunting boots right next to them my Sims G3 Guide Boots. Now, they’re
coupled with these Sims G3 Waders now there could be a lot of sign that we’re
going through a river crossing through marshes those sorts of things and that’d
be I’ll get your gear for that. Next door to that we have two sets of the
Deerhunter Track waterproof smock and trousers and then another
lighter-weight Deerhunter and survivor watery over-trousers. Taking three sets of
trousers with us. Cumberland which is a waterproof potty Treecko. The Predator
which is a softshell slightly thicker and then the strike which is more of a
cotton canvas and lightweight. Next to those we have our Avanti waterproof
fleece in Realtree Max-5. Cumberland quilted jacket, Cumberland quilted waistcoat there are insulating layers. Five pairs of liner socks for
using the waders, five pairs of Merino socks for use under my boots, six pairs
of sports underwear now they’re not cotton they’re more polyester or manmade
fibers so that they are wicking. Some thermal long-johns to go underneath my
waders three sets of Deerhunter Greenic base layers. Two sets of Dunbar
insulating layers so that’s all of our clothes as you can see. Two sets of
heavyweight gloves two sets of smaller liner gloves, face mask and beanie hat, two baseball caps in Realtree Max-5. I’ve got this larger hat which
is better for keeping the mosquito net off my face. Over into our deluxe
accommodation, sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner in case it gets cold,
emergency bivy in case you get caught out I get chewed up by a grizzly bear.
Therm-a-rest inflatable mat here is my Helix seat that I’ll be
using both in camp and also for glassing. I have a waterproof fleece blanket. Too
easy quick dry lightweight towels and then moving here to the front
a small spotting scope, Hawke spotting scope a Hawke LRF 900 Rangefinder, Hawke Endurance12x56 binoculars, Go Pro for points of view filming filming back
at myself. Stills camera and little tripod thing there. Head torch,
absolutely essential don’t to get chewed up in the woods when I
want to go for a wee at nights. Cards, shooting sticks
Vanguard B 62’s, go everywhere with me. Various bits of toiletries, toothbrush,
deodorant, Vaseline, suntan lotion might not need it. These are what I’m probably gonna be using most of the time to keep ourselves clean baby wipes. Over
here we have a solar panel and a battery pack that space for the cameras for the
video cameras and also for our GoPros and all of the various different cables
and connections we need for charging here. These are quite important we’ve got
the cleaning kit pull through lens pan so all my gun tools and maintenance
equipment. Here’s just general stuff cable ties, tape, paracord, bungees just
general stuff that we might need for fixing and keeping things together.
of course gun oil, this is Purdy cape from James Horn. Onto the kitchen, two Nalgene gene 32 ounce water bottles, mug camp set share mug which is basically going to be
having all of my freeze-dried food reconstituted in their essentials being
a titanium coffee cup jungle formula both roll-on and spray on anti mozzie
repellent mosquito hat or face mask sorry. My trusty buck 1 10
folding hunter knife 40 rounds of Hornady superformance 225 grain 3 3
ammunition a leather case to carry it in and that is pretty much
it. Whilst that looks like a lot of gear, the fact is it’s not really I’ve got three
pairs of trousers, three base layers, two tops, some insulating layers and then a
lot of waterproof. Now the key is just to make sure that we’re insulating
appropriate for the conditions now for up and moving and walking around that
might mean even walking in her underwear I put with the weather does come in and
it gets cold we need those layers go on top more importantly we need to stay dry.
So, fingers crossed this is all going to go into the pack we’ve been in there
before the next time we’ll be speaking to you
guys is probably on the way to the airport in the morning, so wish me luck.

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  1. First of all: Good luck 🙂
    A question about the solar panels: Do they work well? I mean have use them before and can we trust them? In the hurry to see the next vid.

  2. Hope all base layers and underclothing are made of wool. Just can't beat great heat retention even when wet. Any woodsman with respect for themselves and the elements would use wool.

  3. Ian and Steve, question for you guys on kitting out.

    My friend and I want to go to AK, the problem is we're both pretty big fellas – I'm 2M tall and just south of 110 kg. He's a bit shorter, but just north of 120kg. Sure seems like for a typical bush plane, there won't be hardly anything else we can pack in. Any thoughts or suggestions on how to approach this, or just start asking around with the outfitters when it's time to make the booking?

    We're both 50 and could stand to lose a little weight, but that might give us an extra 10-15kg of gear at most. For a 10-day hunt, that doesn't get us much.

  4. Hi
    Do you have also medical kit or a 1st Aid kit??????
    Thx in advanced & stay safe!!!
    matthew (from switzerland & Tucson,AZ)

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