Hunting Heritage: A Public Lands Tradition
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Hunting Heritage: A Public Lands Tradition

February 6, 2020

It is so uplifting to be out here and Refreshing and I can be out here and I don’t think about work And these these hours and miles out here Are just totally filling but you don’t think about working This country, was crawling with Buffalo 200 years ago so I’m always hopeful that I’ll find that buffalo skull, sticking out of the bank Shed deer antlers I have found a few buffalo bones Actually did find a buffalo skull one time like I got a empty beer can in my pack that somebody else left out here in this beautiful country Your dad got me into hunting birds I enjoy it I get to spend good quality time out in this country it’s time to see your family and I just got to shoot one more bird than your dad I can think of three reasons I hunt One is just being outdoors out forgetting the whole world while you’re out here looking all this beautiful country Enjoying it getting a little bit exercise family and friends sons and daughters and grandkids and dogs We all got these good-looking dogs and they’ve got to work too and It’s it’s so fun watching the dogs work and they love every minute of it I have labs they have a black lab and a yellow lab labs are flushers they Find the birds they smell the birds and they flesh them up in the air for you. Pointers like Griffons and Britneys German Shorthairs those kind they find the bird and then they they point it they stop chasing it and they point it so that you know the birds there and then you walk up there and flush the bird I prefer flushers because their labs are such great dogs and their such great retrievers I wouldn’t trade my labs. Well I might give them away Be careful now, she understands what you’re saying Saturday we walked 8 miles Sunday we walked six miles and today we walked five miles that’s 19 miles in all, almost 20 I’ve been hunting, I figure about 62 years I had a BB gun at six “Who got you started hunting?” Oh my dad That’s why I’m a bird hunter That’s why you’re a bird hunter, it’s probably why Joey is gonna be a bird hunter Oh I’ve hunted deer and elk But I’m kind of getting too old to pack an elk out and I can pack a rooster pheasant, so that’s why I hunt pheasants a lot easier and I can sleep in my own bed at night and “What about you young mister?” It’s fun because there’s a bunch of jokes and it’s fun to go get exercise and play with the dogs and It’s just fun! One of the joys of being out here are those those little highlights of every trip that we have like seeing the rattlesnakes two days ago they were so cold they were harmless You remember the dog who got into porcupines Oh porcupines. Yeah the couple of dogs have been snake bit you will remember, we remember all the little stuff Yeah the memorable part it are all the little highlights that make a good day like The frost melting off the grass this morning it was just delightful Makes it all worthwhile The reason I hunt is I only see my dad a couple times a year and This is one tradition that we have done since I was 12 years old my Mom and dad both taught me how to hunt and I still go back and hunt with them every year and it’s very special to me it means a lot spending time with my dad and being with the dogs Teaching my kid how to hunt and being with my husband it’s it’s the one thing I really look forward to every year Okay now don’t pull the trigger. Are you ready? I’m going to throw my hat. Here it goes. Okay and I’m gonna try and shoot it? Yeah! For sure. Ready, okay? Well, I think you missed. I think I missed.

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