Hunting Giant Wild Boar in Hungary
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Hunting Giant Wild Boar in Hungary

November 17, 2019

We’re here in North West Hungary with Wonderhart
and we’re hunting for pigs. Big pigs. This is a forest bursting with game and I
need to find me some boar. Hungary has become a hunter’s hot spot for
these ancient woodland creatures and no wonder. Their size and speed is legendary and so is
their temper when things don’t go quite according to plan. Looking after me on this trip are Zoltan and
Tom. Zoltan is a hunting legend, and one of Hungary’s
most respected big game hunters. Tom is one of Zoltan’s star pupils and created Wonderhart
to bring hunters from across the globe to Hungary’s hunting paradise. Just driving around
gives us a sense of what’s in store and I can’t wait to start looking for a big Kyler. We’ve seen a huge tusker, he’s just down at
the plantation below us, Ash plantation. Now he’s got a bit of a funny jaw, one of his
tusks is broken on one side which has allowed the other one to grow quite long, the bottom
one. So our guide Zoltan is just going to go and
check him out. The wind was against us so we’re going to try and come around the bottom
and then push up, come from downwind of him. Let’s go and have a look. The wind is going to be a problem this evening,
as we head towards the thick cover of the plantation we hear our boar, who either has
tusk ache or thinks we’re a little too close for comfort. You’re standing in the Ash as it’s good cover
and if probably we crossed him at the Ash plantation then we pass him and turn against
the wind. Because he heard us and smelt us. Yes, smelt us. Because he made a bit of a grunting noise
heading into the ash. He’s a grumpy old boy. He would be, he’s got a broken tooth. On this one the boar comes out on top, but
just in case he’s still close we approach this Fallow with caution as not to spook it. We get closer and closer, Zoltan thinks about
moving in for a hug but finally its survival instinct kicks in, if a little late. So actually we got pretty close to that Fallow,
turned out to be a young buck, really, really young, it looks like he’s not very bright. Here’s us thinking we’re super human stalkers
when actually I think we’ve got a blind Fallow deer. Anyway, maybe he thinks he human. For the rest of the evening we try and find
our single tusker, but with no luck. However as we head back to the lodge this big boy
shows himself and I can’t wait for tomorrow. So, we’re back at Wonderhart this morning
and we had a phenomenal day yesterday, but we didn’t get our boar. Now there’s loads of game out there, we saw
quite a few big tuskers but the problem is the light just went and we just didn’t have
enough time. But however the sunshine is out today, we
did so much scouting around we know exactly where they are. So, you may have noticed yesterday that I’m
using this, which is my Ruger Gunsite Scout .308. Now it’s based on the Ruger M77 Action,
which has this one piece bolt, maus rejector, laminate stock. But more importantly it has
this a sixteen and a half inch barrel. 308 calibre so 16 1/2 inches is actually quite
short normally 20-22 inch is standard. But this is absolutely perfect for hunting in
enclosed conditions such as tight woodland or tree stands and hides. And these 185 grain Lapua Mega’s are perfect
for pole-axing pigs. So we’ve got exactly the gear we need all
we need now is our tusker. The good weather means there’s some sun worshipping
going on in the dappled light of the forest, a large boar is taking it easy. So easy in
fact we get within a few yards before it senses danger, we have a tense stand-off with what
we now see is a female with piglets. So that was quite exciting, we spotted a boar
lying in the sunshine, quite a big boar but we couldn’t see if it was a male. So we stalked all the way down here, we go
within 15 yards of it and it turns out it’s a large sow with some piglets. She didn’t
look very happy we were there. She snorted a little bit, kind of like my
wife does and then she buggered off. Very exciting, you’re never really sure of
what’s going to be there and I wasn’t quite ready to take the shot anyway. Great to see we’re getting closer and closer
all the time Surely we’ve worked hard enough over the past
two days to get close enough to a big male and sure enough half an hour later this guy
appears from behind the trees. Once he’s clear I shoot and he drops on the
spot, it’s a magical moment and Zoltan is as pleased as I am. And he’s down. Super hunting. Now that’s some hard work, now that is one
huge pig. Now we’ve put some serious work into this over the past 2 days and good old
Zoltan here he can smell pigs a mile away. So we’ve been doing a lot of walking, a lot
of stalking a lot of spotting and there’s been hundreds and hundreds of youngtsers or
sows and this is the first decent boar we’ve seen for a while, and now we get a shot. He really is a monster, just the sort of animal
I was hoping to find in this country where they really grow them big. Nice big, healthy pig. He must be 4 or 5 ears
old he’s huge in the bodyand no exit wound you know, there it is actually. Yo know on the continent tradition and hunting
go hand in hand and we pay our respect to this magnificent Wild Boar. If you want to find out more about hunting
here with Tom and Zoltan go to

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  1. Amazing ? ! You are abnormal and heartless . I Wonder how you would escape  like these  poor boars !!! This dog who runs there , i would beat him to death.

  2. Demented people. You have a boar in the title pic facing away eating. Then you have the guy standing behind with a rifle going to kill it. Big man you. Why not try proper hunting. you and a knife and the boar. hunters are just wankers in my mind. Cruel barbaric wankers

  3. Great cameraman…not even Steven Spielberg could have been filming so precisely with the back of your head in front of the camera hiding the subject of the video min 5, real smart people over there.

  4. Love it..I'm an American first gen .Hungarian and my family always hunted n the story's of it n to see the country side was gr8..wish was me..n my grandkids

  5. What is remarkable is the gleam of intelligence that can be detected in the eyes of all these bullshit heroes.

  6. Don't you dress and eat it? Feral pigs must not be the problem that we in the states have. Why not shoot the sow? If you are going to decorate him put a big red apple in his mouth.

  7. you idiot.. next time you go without any arms and then have the bloody guts to hunt a boar or a bear or a want to show your chauvinism by killing innocent unarmed animals.. you do not deserve to call yourself a man…SHAME ON YOU

  8. What does several year old boar really taste like? I'm not at all against hunting. It's a lot more moral than slaughterhouses imho. I really am interested to know what several year old boar tastes like though. Rank and tough or juicy, tender and tasty? I realise that tastes differ so would it be classified as an acquired taste like um brussels sprouts? Ta 🙂

  9. Don’t forget pigs will eat alive any baby mammal ,they find deer , also birds , snakes , they are omnivore,s very disruptive to the ecological system

  10. Sh!t here in New Zealand where I live we use a 308 for shooting deer but for pigs we have dogs that bail them up and all we really need is knife but sometimes a gun

  11. There was no comment about them eating the pig. The tastiest pig I ate was from Papua New Guinea. This invasive species needs to be eradicated.

  12. mmm… cassava fries with roasted wild boar – the best I ever tasted. Or any fries for that matter. Are any hunters hungry for that (I mean the wild boar)?

  13. So I am trying to generate interest in … wtf Hunters have at the wild boar … NOW … oh and please cut me off a slice when you are able. It is a serious problem where I live.

  14. My father is in air force …..i have seen him shooting hundreds of pigs …..he also ran over the pigs by jeep …..that was because an f-16 caught fire just because a hog came into way when it was taking off …..

  15. First of all,I want to congratulate the Hungarian people for rejecting illegal mass immigration,rapes,terrorism,Sharia law,crimes and standing for nationalism ??I'm into hunting too and I'm thinking about moving to Hungary through the legal channel

  16. In india wild boars are caught in a iron trap attracted to banana or some other fruit when they try to eat the fruit their leg gets stuck in the iron trap the way wild pigs or boars hunted in india no 16 millimetre gun.telescopic rifle meaning this channel making wild boar hunting a big adventure ha ha

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