Hunting for the MacBook Pro 16″
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Hunting for the MacBook Pro 16″

November 19, 2019

So today was kind of interesting 9-to- 5 Mac
released an article stating that there’s a private press event being held in New York
and that select media is being sent there to be shown a brand new product from Apple. They’re saying it might be the MacBook Pro
16, but others think it might be the Mac Pro. Now, I decided to do my own investigative
journalism. They do call me the tech hunte cowboy or THC. I decided to check out creepily some of my
favorite Instagrammers or YouTubers who are constantly invited to Apple events. First, I decide to check out Renee Ritchie
fantastic analyst always covering everything Mac and as you can see here, he is sitting
on a runway. That’s not poutine. That’s snow. Next up, we have iJustine we know she’d be
invited to a Mac event. As you can see, she’s showing off some cool
toasters over here and finally if you keep scrolling boom she also happens to be at an
airport. She’s in her undercover pink Mac hoodie. This is how I know she’s going to a private
event. She doesn’t want to be seen because it’s that
top secret. Next up is Karl Conrad. He usually gets invited to Mac related events
and as you can see right here, he too is sitting at the airport crossing his fingers he’s gonna
make it out alive. And I know this sounds very creepy, but it’s
there, It’s public knowledge. It does tell me that there might be something
Mac related what exactly it is? We don’t know if it is the MacBook Pro 16,
which I’m hoping for I’m gonna be very excited. I want a MacBook Pro 16, I want a 16-Inch
display because the more screen real estate you have the better it is to work with. For those of you unfamiliar what the products
going to look like we think it’s going to look exactly like the MacBook Pro 15. Same sort of chassis just a bigger display,
which means the bezel’s on the side are going to be thinned out. In terms of keyboard, they’re going to move
away from the butterfly switches and more towards the scissor switch. This should improve the way it feels when
you type and most importantly less faulty keyboards in the long run. It seems like they kind of solved that with
the latest MacBook Pro, but I still don’t think it’s been long enough to really feel
if that’s solved the issue for good. Other than that they’re saying an escape key
is going to make a big return a lot of developers were upset that the escape key was gone. This is something they use on a day-to-day
basis. Port situation. I think it’s gonna be exactly the same. You’re gonna have two USB type-c ports on
both sides of the computer giving you lots of speed to hook up different peripherals. So back to the display for a second, you’re
gonna see a higher res display. Because it’s 16 inches, they’re gonna move
away from 2880 by 1800 to a 3,072 by 1920, so it should be slightly more pixel dense,
but you’re not gonna get like an OLED display. It’s still gonna be LCD. Besides that you’re not gonna see many more
improvements, the internal specs are still gonna be using a 9th gen processor you can
buy with six or eight cores and it’s gonna come with a Radeon processor. I don’t think the thermals are gonna be greatly
improved a lot of people think they are because the chassis is using a 16-inch display, but
if they’re keeping it in the same form factor, it might just be slightly thicker which means
it’s gonna be the same size. So thermal should be in line with the 15-inch
model. So anyways, we’ll hear more this week whether
or not it’s the 16-inch MacBook Pro or the Mac Pro. Could be the Mac Pro Calvin Harris did leak
it on his Instagram page, but either way I’d prefer a laptop first, just because I think
it’s a lot more accessible to many more people whereas the Mac Pro is for a very niche market
due to its price point. Let me know your thoughts in the comments
below, like the video if you liked it subscribe if you haven’t already and I’ll see you guys
in the next video.

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  1. Looks like we are getting an Apple announcement this week! A lot of people are convinced it's the MacBook Pro 16 but it could also just be the Mac Pro. What do you guys think? Hit me up on discord if you have any questions.

  2. If it doesn’t come with a new keyboard a majority of people with common sense will not be wasting their time as there are newer laptops with better keyboards and older MacBooks pre 2016 with better keyboards that have retained their value.

  3. Stalker alert!

    Going with Apple style of marketing. Should probably be Mac Pro. 16 inch MBP is still not announced so they can still put the thing on hold until they achieve the "Apple Standard" which AirPower failed to.

    But again, why not wishes for both? Hahaha

  4. Wouldn’t it be awesome if apple worked with amd to swap out intel for amd i know its a bit slower on windows but there’s so many different company on the windows side so they ind of cant optimise where as mac may be able to squeeze out more juice from amd and fuuuuuffffff if they got one of the 7nm chips wufff ! I think intel has been holding a lot of the industry back with its inability to give more power and shrinking the nm and all that maybe amd could step up

  5. I've been a die hard Windows user for 20 years, used it from Windows 95, was struck the first time when i saw the MacBook Air, but still didn't make the switch, is it time to do so with this new MacBook Pro 16" ?

  6. God I hope we see it soon I’ve been saving for a while now but the longer it takes the better version I’ll be able to get!

  7. So its like macbook but bigger and it has pro in its name. I get it. Why so much fuss about it? All apple makes these days is dongles as it seems.

  8. I’m waiting for a 14-inch model, I think for me personally it would be the perfect sweet spot between portability and screen real-estate, especially if you’re someone like me who connects to an external display about 70% of the time, the portability aspect matters more to me when I actually need to lug the device around.

  9. I think the "thinner" design has partly left with Jonney Ive. With the new iphone 11 s ditching 3D touch, getting thicker and increasing battery life substantially, I think the new macbook would probably have very similar or even identical moves: ditching butterfly keyboards, getting thicker and increasing battery life, hopefully substantially too. I think that is why Jonney left cuz they are going back undoing everything he did in the past couple years. It's basically saying that he was wrong and Apple will not continue with his decisions. IDK. Jonney has brought such good designs for so many years it's sad to see him leave. But I want better battery life and better keyboards so much that I'm thinking that maybe it IS time for them to go seperate ways.

  10. Between an Macbook Pro 13” 8gb/128ssd or a Macbook Air 8gb/256ssd, both for 999, what would be a better option? Or spend an extra $200 and get PRO 13” 8gb/256gb?

  11. Apple macbook pro 16 inch will have to be thicker because of thermal heat problems with thn computer's and they don't have the technology for the cooling for cpus like Asus does have.

  12. I'm a developer and I use my function keys regularly for debugging, but I think I can live with touch bar fn keys. Still not ideal though.

  13. Just bought the Macbook Pro 13" 256gd few days ago, do you think it is worth it to return and upgrade to the Macbook Pro 16" if I type a lot? Thanks

  14. Congratulations on the investigative tech hunting 🙂 Full credit for the effort and a nice spin on the usual Apple news.

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