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Hunting For Big Bad Hogs

December 2, 2019

– [Narrator] From Careco TV, one of the longest
running outdoor programs on television today. Exploring the country and the
coast in search of adventure. From the mountains of
the great northwest, to the shores of
the Atlantic Ocean, this is Americana Outdoors. Presented by Garmin. This week, Americana
Outdoors gives you a look at
recreational hog hunting. A national trend that is gaining
popularity in recent years. – Hog hunting is a passion for
people now across the nation. When you go to trade shows or
you’re looking at social media or you’re just
visiting with hunters, they’re always
talking about looking for great hog
hunting opportunities and there’s many of
them across the nation. – [Narrator] Wild hogs were
first introduced into Texas by the explorer Hernando
de Soto in the mid 1500s. However, it was
not until the 1980s that populations of feral swine literally exploded
across the state. Despite the hunting
and trapping efforts, wild hog’s population
continues to be on the rise. – When it comes to hog
hunting specifically, lots of means and methods
that people can use. Whether you’re a bow
hunter, a rifle hunter, crossbow, handgun, wanting to hunt with
modern sporting rifles, the means and methods that are
available are wide ranging. Always check your local state and regulations for everything you’re gonna be
doing in an area. Make sure that there’s
not something specifically that’s gonna stop you from
doing what you’re wanting to do in that area,
but for the most part, you can hunt 24 hours a day, seven days a week
across the nation when it comes to hog hunting. Here in Texas where
we’re at right now, we look at the hogs on our property as a
hunting opportunity. But we also look at them
with a distaste, as well. We look at them that we
need to eradicate them. We need to hunt them, we need to knock
their population down, because they can compete
with our whitetail. They compete and
damage the range or where our
turkeys are nesting, where are quail are nesting. They do a lot of
damage around farmland. Ranchers despise them, they feel like they impact
some of their crops. Destruction to
some of the terrain that the cattle are gonna be on, I’ve gone into places
and seen them where they just rooted
entire areas up. So when you look at
some of those things and there’s many different
reasons that drive people to go hog hunting
whether it’s eradication or whether it’s sport hunting. (peaceful music) – Got a lemon pig
scratch right there. I doubt we got the
second shot on camera. On him right there. We been having a lot of
problems with the pigs, they have moved in and really
done a tremendous amount of damage so we’ve got an
opportunity today with this wind and we’re gonna do a lot
of spot and stalking. I’ve done it with crossbows,
I’ve done it with handguns and it’s all fun. Big old spotted pig here. He’s got some
cutters on him, too. This one hasn’t missed
any meals right there. Golly. That’s awesome. He’s got some cutters. Put the smack down on him. That’s so awesome. You know hog hunting, I
talk about it all the time, you can see the damage
that they do to properties. How they compete
with the native game that are in so many places. They are a nuisance animal
100 percent out there. And they’ve got to be controlled and they’ve got to be hunted. They are fantastic
to eat, as well. We like to hunt them
with everything. As we’ve said many times
and we will continue to hunt them with everything. (electronic music) We continue to talk about it,
it’s an eradication process and this is a fine
gun for eradication. – [Narrator] We’ll be right back with more hog hunting
action after these messages. Americana Outdoors presented
by Garmin is brought to you by, Garmin Virb, life,
camera, action. Cabela’s, it’s in your nature. Yamaha ATV, real world tough. And by Thompson Center,
America’s master gun maker. Americana Outdoors
Kevin Giesecke, is getting ready
to go out to the dead oak stand this
morning for hog hunting. – I shot a nice deer there
last year at this stand. It’s a cool stand, pigs
are coming in on it. We wanna try to control
the pig population, they’re getting a
little outta hand. So we had a day off and
I get to go hunting. (peaceful music) (dramatic music) Got him! How’s that for a stalk? That right there is a full
pass through right there. Look at this, look
at that blood. – [Cameraman] You smoked
him, I’m telling you. – Look at this. Holy moly. Golly, it’s just a
painted blood trail. Look, there he is! He went 30 yards. That was fun, that was fun. So predator control, yes. Lot’s of fun, yes. Hunting with a bow, awesome. Especially a stalk with a bow. All right, let’s load her up. (peaceful music) – [Cameraman] Did you get him? – That’s two pigs, two pigs! (rock music) I hit him a little back, but. You know what they say? Wade always says, “Shoot them in the ear,
they don’t go far.” I did my best, I might’ve
been a hair back. Let’s go look at the other one, make sure he’s
down and good, too. Let me see if I can
spin this guy around. We’ll get both of them. He’s a 100 pounder, anyway. There you go. I hit him somewhere, I’m
not sure where I got him. Pig hunting’s a lot of fun. A lot of people, that’s what they wanna do
when they go on a hunt. They are a lot of fun to hunt and for us they’re kind
of a nuisance deal. So we’re trying to eradicate
them at this point. We want to get them away so
we can get feed to our deer. And improve that herd, so taking these two
out, I feel pretty good. I feel pretty good. We’re gonng load them up,
get them back to camp. – [Narrator] There’s
a lot more hogs to take out from our deer camp. Coming up, we’ll use the
advanced thermal scope and hunt down some
hogs in the dark. Americana Outdoors presented
by Garmin is brought to you by, Smith and Wesson
Performance Center, performance when
it matters most. Purina Quick Draw
Mineral Blocks, a
difference you can see. And by Walkers Game Ear,
protect it or lose it. (upbeat music) Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. Well this week it’s
all about hog hunting. Yamaha’s Steve Nessl is out
looking for mature bucks. But this morning, a bunch of hogs just walked
into his shooting lane. (dramatic music) – That TC did some damage. Well, i haven’t seen any sign, there’s a big spot over there. But I can see a ton of sign
on that cactus back there. And that’s where he
went or she went. You see that? I think it was done and
it was just running. Itself this way. Oh yeah. It’s not small. There it is. All right, let me get it. That’s a decent sized pig. Gonna work up a little bit of a sweat getting
her outta here. (dramatic music) – Got that one. It was right underneath
their corn feeder. And that’s where they’re
doing a ton of damage. You can see where they’ve
been walling in here. Just tearing everything up. He was just in here
walling, look at that .308, just blew everything
out through there. This gun’s gonna wake
up and hunt with me. It’s not gonna be worried that
it’s got a little dirt on it, got a little mud on it. Pour a little water on,
get some of the mud off. It’s on me, this
gun didn’t care. That’s what it’s designed for, it’s designed to look good
when you’re not using it. But it’s designed
first and foremost to get out there and
perform in the field. Whether it’s dirty or shot. I get excited about hog hunting. But I also look at them with
such a distaste at times. I understand what they do to
compete with our whitetail. For range and when we have some of our free choice
feeding programs, they dominate some
of those areas. They’ll come running in, spook
the deer off a lot of times. So we’re pretty aggressive in
our hog hunting opportunities. We’ll use traps
and we’ll hunt them with any means or
method that we can. We’ll have specific
hunts even like this one that we’re doing right now where we’re gonna go out after hours and use digital
and thermal scopes and try to knock down
some of the population or push them off some of
those areas altogether. – We’re down in
Texas hog hunting and we got a couple of products
that we wanna talk about and give you a little
insight on just exactly what you can do with these
products for hog hunting. The first gun we’re
gonna talk about here is the .44 magnum outta
the performance center. This is a .44 magnum hunter. What’s really unique
about the gun is the fact that it’s got a muzzle break
interval thick fitting rail. So you can mount your
optics right through, it’s nice and rigid, you don’t
have to do any gun smithing to it, right outta the box
you can mount your optics. It’s got a performance
interaction. So you can expect about a three and a half pound single
action trigger pull. And around a 10 pound
double action trigger pull. A single action trigger
pull is really important, when you’ve got an
optic on the gun and you’re trying to get
a hog in your sights. You want a nice smooth
light trigger pull. And that’ll do it for you. We’ve got a red dot
mounted to the gun, so if we get any
opportunities to hunt hogs, during the daylight, that’s
what we’re gonna use. We’ve also got a .460 outta
the performance center. Once again some of
the unique features, it’s got a muzzle break,
it’s got fiber optic sights, we won’t be using those, we’ll
be using this thermal sight that Trijicon gave us and
that’s gonna be really great, especially for the night shots. Some of the unique features
about this optic is the fact that you can just zoom in on it. Up to four power and the
thermal imaging is superb. It’s really clear, you can really make
out the animals in it. Does a great job, performance
interaction on this .460. We’ve used this
for deer hunting, we’re gonna use it
for pig hunting, I’m sure it’s gonna
do a great job. We were using
Hornady ammunition, they donated an
ammunition for this hunt. So we’re using .45
long colt in the .460. Less recoil, we can get back
on the animal a lot quicker. As well as .44 magnum Hornady
ammunition for our .44. (dramatic music) Hey this thermal
thing is really cool. It’s pitch dark, we’re out here. Heard the animal come
in, put the scope on him, lit him up like
a Christmas tree. Walked around a little
bit, we watched him. Finally got a nice broadside
shot, bang, down he went. I think I could
get used to this. – [Narrator] We’ll be right back with more hog hunting
action after these messages. Americana Outdoors
presented by Garmin, has been brought to you by, Ten Point Crossbow Technologies,
perfection lives here. ConQuest Scent, hunting
and dog training scents. And by Bradley Smoker,
food smoking made easy. Welcome back to
Americana Outdoors. Smith and Wesson performance
setters Tony Mealy and Wade Middleton are
preparing to go out after hours and use a thermal scope
to hunt wild hogs. – Hunting strategies
when it comes to hogs, I believe a hog has a
great sense of smell. I believe that they’ve got a
good solid sense of hearing. And a decent set of
eyes, but I really think, when I look at the times where
I’ve gotten busted by a hog, a lot of times it’s
very scent related. You’ll hear a hog off
in the distance growling and running and your
wind’s not perfect or maybe it’s swirling
in some of those areas. And they’re gone,
they’re out of it. And a whitetail,
what’s ironic to me, is a whitetail may stay
around in the same area and pass through where
the hogs were darting in and darting out and gone. Know that maybe you do need to
take it a little more serious sometimes than people
do, they’ll go, “That’s just a hog hunt.” They’ll go out and they’re
not playing scent control. They’re not using attractants. And they get busted. It’s 6:30 right now, we’re gonna stay out til
10 or 11 o’clock tonight. We’re gonna use a
variety of handguns. We’re gonna use NMVs, I’ve got the six point
six five Creedmoor. With a thermal scope on, so there’s no telling what
we’re gonna encounter. One thing’s for sure, we’re
gonna have a lot of fun and hopefully we’ll
knock down some pigs. (dramatic music) – [Narrator] There are very few restrictions on
hunters here in Texas. When it comes to
Texas hog hunting. However, please check
your local regulations before you go out chasing hogs. Wild hogs seem to be able to survive almost any
climate or condition. And they really have
no natural predators to threaten them as well. So, besides exciting
hunting opportunities that hog hunting provides,
killing wild hogs year round, is a great way to
limit the population. For in depth stories
from the fields and to watch any of
our previous episodes, visit our newly designed and
easy to navigate website. At Americana Outdoors dot com. Thank you for watching and we’ll see you next
time on Americana Outdoors. Americana Outdoors is
a Careco TV Production.

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  1. It helps to suppress your AR for hog eradication. Sometimes the hogs don't know what direction the shot is coming from when hunting suppressed, so they run towards you and you can kill more at a time.

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  3. We kill hundreds of hogs every year and every year their numbers increase. So we paid particular attention to the females. When we get lined up at night with six or seven AR-15 .308's equipped with thermal sights, we will identify all the females we can and they all get the first shots. Because once those fuckers start running, your shot percentage drops like a rock. They are fast, agile and very intelligent. The theory being less sows, less population growth. If you start with just a boar and sow, in one year those two have multiplied to over 200. Easily. When you look across the fields at night, you can see hundreds of them. What else can we do?

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