Hunting Deer: Amazing Genetics of Whitetail Buck “Crab Claw II”
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Hunting Deer: Amazing Genetics of Whitetail Buck “Crab Claw II”

December 3, 2019

This Is a Short film about “Crab Claw II” the amazing Whitetail Deer. Crab Claw II was sired by Crab Claw in 2012 He displays incredible growth for a two year old free range Whitetail buck. This video narrates this deer’s growth from a 2 month old fawn until to now year Two, an amazing immature Whitetail Buck “Hunting 2015 Whitetail Nation Geographic Deer Growth Resume Biggest Free Range Immature Buck Ever” an animal documentary is very similar to films by “National Geographic” I have proven over the last 5 years I am The Leader in Outstanding High Quality Whitetail Deer Footage and have accomplished that on a small budget. National Geographic should consider my YouTube channel and these amazing videos as my Whitetail Deer and Wildlife Resume and hire me immediately. I’ve compiled the very best video footage of Crab Claw II since uploading my very first HD video of CCII on July 26 2013 From my Sony Z5 Digital HD High Definition Video Camera. Captured ONLY on #HawgNSonsTV

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