Hunting and Foraging: MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland (Episode 4)
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Hunting and Foraging: MUNCHIES Guide to Scotland (Episode 4)

November 19, 2019

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  1. me and my hunting m8s have a rule you shoot it you eat it or some one that is to old to hunt eats it. it makes you think more before you shoot. 90% of shooting i do now is target shooting for fun. but yes i still do shoot to eat every so often.

  2. It's nice to see that little snippet of Scottish hunting culture. Not really far from Appalachian hunting culture in America.

  3. I have a certain respect for hunters who follow environmentalist guidelines. If you are prepared to eat meat, you should be able to kill your own meal and from an environmental perspective, hunting is far less damaging to the environment and if done in the right places actually can improve biodiversity.

  4. 0:38 "after spending some time in Scotland, I've realised how insanely rich my family are. i'm on my way to meet Walter, a londoner…"

  5. Well done!
    Hunting at its core is about respect and understanding. We respect and admire the life taken, but understand that death is life giving.

  6. Never fails to blow my mind….in the Nanny State, where weapons are "scary", shooting suppressed is just good form. Here in the States where guns are commonplace? Suppressors are "scary"

    Very confusing.

  7. Everything that gentleman said about game is correct. A well placed shot from an ethical hunter is the best death an animal can see. If not taken by a hunter, animals starve to death or are eaten by other animals. Maybe killed by a car. Lean meat sourced by yourself is the eating humans were meant to do. It’s one thing America does well, manage game. Good for her. She did it right and felt the right way. You should feel for the animal and appreciate its life and death.

  8. As a Canadian from Northern Ontario who has hunted his whole life I must say she handled that very well, the shot and all. It's good to remember somewhat where we came from. Anyone who complains about hunting but lives in the city should keep their mouth shut. Awesome video!

  9. Just like a fairytale: As we swiftly walked away, we wondered if the two men drowning in the river whom we neglected to save, would still be alive later.

  10. Charlet, you and the deer are now one, this is the purpose of blooding, it is a measure of respect and thanks to the animal.

  11. persian cucumber has so much more flavour than a cucumber we usually have it with a bit of salt im half persian half scottish 🙂

  12. Nice shot i remember when i was a kid and got my first kill i got blooded as well, with varmints we never did it until it was time to kill a big game such as deer i think i had shot about 500 rabbits before a deer, now i have killed about 30 deer's and many more animals its a thrilling experience, those who have not killed and are against it need to try it, its primitive and makes you human adding respect for the animal like giving its last bite of food and blooding your self or by someone adds something to it which words cant fully describe, yeah you make a violent act of killing but its nature and we are made to do it either by gun or a spear or just with hands, the animal gives us the gift of life with his own life

  13. The full circle of Life experienced for Charlet on this show: Killing a deer, but helping to bring two new lambs into the world in Wales.

  14. Thank you for showing the actual cleaning of the animal. I think it's good to show people where their food comes from and what is involved to prepare it. Too many other channels don't show this.

  15. Animals live better lives in the wild than farm factories where they live in tiny spaces. Alot more humane to hunt than go to the supermarket

  16. Venison gives you gout . So eat it up boys and get your gout. It's really not good for you to eat all the time once a month is ok anything else is a risk. Gout is very painful.

  17. It’s such a surreal thing when you kill your first deer. I used a black powder rifle, so there was a big plume of smoke and I couldn’t see if I hit it. When the smoke literally cleared, nothing was there, I didn’t know if I had killed it or missed or injured it, and this wave of anxiety washed over me. Went down to the field and looked in the area and found her in the grass. She dropped on the spot, just like in the video. Right through the heart, just like in the video. I felt pride and relief that it died painlessly. I felt sadness wash over me too, they are such beautiful creatures. No shame, cried a little. I thanked her, skinned her with my dad, and ate very well thanks to her.

    I think it’s something that everyone should experience. You get a new perspective on the power of firearms and the sanctity of life and where your food comes from, what the cuts are and where they come from. Hunting isn’t inherently evil, it just can be.

  18. You're as good as Stacey Doolittle and that's flipping good and you gorgeous and you funny your voice is amazing love watching your stuff god bless

  19. Shit all that ninja stuff for deer size of my dog, here in USA they come feet away from my back porch and big ones as well

  20. Shoulda asked why he uses a silencer. And obviously, it's to silence the shot 🙂 But why? Silencer also reduces the muzzle velocity and reduces accuracy. Just thought it would be interesting to know why they're concerned about the sound.

  21. Good on you, Charlet. A quote from a hero of sorts to US hunters.

    "I have always tempered my killing with respect for the game pursued. I see the animal not only as a target, but as a living creature with more freedom than I will ever have. I take that life if I can, with regret as well as joy, and with the sure knowledge that nature's way of fang and claw and starvation are far crueler fate than I bestow." -Fred Bear

  22. Seeing this series gives me a terrible case of settler's lament….my heart weeps with a longing to return hame.

  23. to say the truth, the whole show is not just terrible, it is deeply terrible. a consumer heaven, when a deer carcass appears and you are oh such yummy feel hungry much

  24. aye i bet you bastards make a fine living killing those poor silent little victims of your intense cruelty

  25. So many emotions – food for everyone to eat and share at the table ! Give thanks !!I Girl your father was soooo proud of you !!! ??

  26. While fishing, I caught and killed a fish (once) 13 years ago. The fish squirmed and struggled, as I gutted it and chopped it into pieces, alive, to use as bait.
    That was the last time I killed anything. Good luck, Charlet.

  27. What a load of contrived bollocks. So bloody hilarious. Get yourself down there and you might see one. I see dozens, daily. Freezer full.

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