Hunting $1,000 in Half Dollars – Solid Silver Boxes with a Benji!
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Hunting $1,000 in Half Dollars – Solid Silver Boxes with a Benji!

November 20, 2019

guys um it’s bittersweet and let me tell
you why I told you last week that I picked up my half’s and the Coinstar I
got a 1943 steel cent which is pretty cool this week so I decided to go ahead
and check the Coinstar I didn’t record me grabbing it but let me flip
the camera around we got a silver quarter it looks awesome
but there’s a problem and let me show you so in the Coinstar guys look at this a
1954 quarter 1954 D and then we also had a dime a couple stuck together dime and
penny and then a nice 2009 I don’t know why it was in there… so this is really cool
I’m super happy that we got us a silver quarter nineteen fifty four D I’ll take it
here’s the problem though my bank and this is the bank inside the Tom Thumb
with all the… the grocery store and look what they gave me
ahh this bank never really gives me more than one Harrisburg Bank box of half
dollars and this week’s pick up I was hoping for a continuation of last week
and this bank gives me two Harrisburg boxes so a little depressed I don’t I
don’t you guys know I don’t score well with Harrisburg well let’s get them
opened up stairs in my coin hunting room and uh hope that we have some Enders and
hope that they’re better than just duds let’s go take a look – all right guys
we’ve got the Harrisburg Pennsylvania boxes ready to open and I hate sounding
discouraged but I really wanted this epic Bank I say that because the last
several weeks have been just score after score I really was hoping I at least get
one of my Loomis boxes there but you never know maybe I open these and
they’re are a lot better than I thought maybe I’ll tell you I think out of the
ten or twelve of these boxes that I’ve opened and it could be a few more boxes
than that I’ve only got probably five Silver’s I mean it’s amazing for me to
get one or or any at all so we’ll take a look in here I don’t see any Enders
whatsoever which is normal for me though last week was the exception seeing all
those Enders yeah I don’t see any Enders let me go ahead and flip them over and
we’ll check the other side okay box one is a bust no Enders on each
sent I don’t I don’t mean a bust I mean a bust for
Enders but that’s alright because we’ve got another box let’s take a look at
this one and see if anything stands out in this Harrisburg PA box yeah I don’t
see any silver Enders on this end so let me go ahead and flip these around for
you I’ll take another look alright I don’t see any silver in this one
either on the ends at least but I do see a couple of burnt coins and seeing how
I’m only a couple hours away from silver seeker and he had a great score with
some silver coins in some burnt coin boxes from Harrisburg maybe I got
something to any extent, we’re gonna save this box for the second box it’s got some burnies in it and we’ll get to this one and I’ll loop
you guys in if I find anything along the way wish me luck
okay guys Harrisburg might be coming through 9th roll in looks like a silver
let’s take a quick look could we get a silver in Harrisburg we
did 1966 all right we got on the board with Harrisburg early and we have also
got a marked NIFC ’03 but I’ll take it
so 66 silver in only our ninth roll come on Harrisburg Harrisburg strikes
again 15th roll in guys and that’s looking silvery 1967 that’s two silvers
and the first 15 rolls all right Harrisburg doing me well let’s
keep looking okay guys roll 37 I may have a couple here I think I have one
from my thumb the fourth coin up and then right there
about six or seven coins from the top let’s set this down let’s check out this
one first 1966 silver number three and woah
1964 90 percenter philadelphia mint holy cow I will take it first 90% of the box
to go along with three 40% okay maybe we’re hitting the hot spot let’s keep
looking okay if you want a little excited right
now we’re gone roll 39 and that my friend looks like we have a silver here
and a really worn edge so let me go ahead and take a look at this other one
first see if it’s silver don’t want to sneak a peek at that one at all it is
1967 for 40% er um let’s see what it is I’m so nervous rsorry – it’s a Franklin we’ve
got a Ben Franklin is there a mint mark no mint mark 1952 my second Ben Franklin ever found
coin roll hunting it’s worn pretty pretty good to tell you the truth but
it’s a Franklin second 90% silver of the box harrisburg is coming through in a big
way two 90% and while I have you here this coin looks a little weird too
let’s just double check it no it’s just a beat-up 1980 all right guys well now
we’ve got 5 NIFC’s two 90 percenter one’s a ’52 Ben Franklin Philadelphia and four
40%’ers well let’s keep looking okay guys we
finished this box on the last roll and I’ve been looking at this coin for a
while I think I have an 82 P no FG and let me show you what I’m looking at here
that way you guys can see what I see and the coin is in pretty bad shape
let me show you what I’m looking at so on my screen using my microscope you can clearly see it’s a 1982 P half-dollar and that coin specifically has a variety
that has no FG under the leg of the eagle and I can’t tell cuz the coins in
pretty bad shape but I don’t see FG now there’s some raised elements there but
there’s raise elements all over the back of the coin so it’s really hard to tell
if that’s a faded FG that’s not really visible or it’s not there so I’d love to
hear your guys input I think it’s an 82 P No FG it’s the
only one that I’ve seen in the whole box that it’s hard to see or impossible to
see an FG and as you know the FG would be right here so I don’t see it let me
know what you guys think is it an 82 P no FG at the end of the
day that Harrisburg box was fantastic five NIFC’s we had a Ben Franklin 1952
Philadelphia mint 90% and a 64 Kennedy Philadelphia mint 90
percenter and then four 40% 2 – 66 and 2 – 67 I was not expecting that out of Harrisburg
and I opened this box first cuz they didn’t have the bern coins like this one
did so it did end up having a couple of burnt coins but not on the ends I’m
hoping that this one is at least similar but I’ll take anything might as well try
to get it into two box hunt and hopefully I keep the video under 15
minutes let’s crack into the next box now 10th roll into the second box guys
and check it out could be a 90 percenter nope but it is a 65 40% er we’ll take it
and add it to the last box finds silver number one in the second box let’s keep
looking roll 14 guys this box is like the last one we got a silver the 10th
roll instead of the ninth and the 14th instead of the 15th because that’s gotta
be a silver coin right there don’t see any others let’s take a look 1967 yep
40% that’s awesome so it looks a little weird we’ll just take a quick peek it’s
not will get back to the hunt now we roll 24 silver strikes again right there
let’s see what it is the third silver of the box so far 1969
we’ll take it man third silver this box 9th silver of the two boxes so far and
we’re really only a box not even a box and a half in so let’s keep looking roll
28 got another silver 1967 we’ll take it and more importantly
now guys that’s ten Silver’s in the two boxes just over halfway to the second
box alright guys we finished that second box and you know what it got really cold
the last half of the box but that’s what happens at the end of the day though
gave me four more 40% Silver’s and so here’s a summary of the finds we got six
nifcs I found this crazy little 88 lucky
half-dollar I figured I’d keep it it’s kind of cool
possibly an 82 no FG we got a 52 philadelphia Ben Franklin and a 64
Philadelphia Kennedy 1 65 2 66’s 4 67 and a 69 for a total of 10 silver coins two of
which were 90% at the end of the day what a good set of boxes concerning I
had low expectations going in and they’re not gonna have boxes like I’ve
been having but these are definitely still solid boxes hope you enjoyed the
hunt with me if you did please give the video a thumbs up and as always everyone
thanks for watching

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  1. Rob when I went to the bank to get a box of dimes I asked for any halfs or dollar coins and the bank teller gave me 5 40%s, 3 90%s and one 2006 s proof 90% silver. I was sooo happy!!!!

  2. Rob when I went to the bank to get a box of dimes I asked for any halfs or dollar coins and the bank teller gave me 5 40%s, 3 90%s and one 2006 s proof 90% silver. I was sooo happy!!!!

  3. A few weeks ago bad weather and bad health prevented me from metal detecting so the wife suggested I buy some halves. Bank had 2 boxes so I took one. Wife decided to help and she immediately got a ‘64 Kennedy. Then she scored a ‘53 Franklin. Then I got a ‘64. And a ‘42 Walker comes my way! Plus we found 13 40% coins, 3 proofs and 24 uncirculated halves. Wife insisted I go buy the second box.
    Second box gave us a ‘40 and a ‘46 Walkers. The ‘46 appears uncirculated. Absolutely beautiful. We also found 11 40% coins, 1 proof, 14 uncirculated and 4 error coins including 2 no FGs. Absolutely the 2 most magnificent boxes I’ve ever searched.
    And the bank promised me another box today.

  4. Hi Rob is there a hub in are area you know where all the ones you check go to get rewrap because I am finding boxes with coins marked with a marker.I am south of you just wondering

  5. Ok two questions….. After you find those coins what do you do with them? Sell them? And if so how much and to who? And what do you do with the rest of the coins that are normal coins and not silver?

  6. I have the Harrisburg rolls in my area. I have searched through a few boxes and I found a Ben Franklin, 2 1964's and I even found a 1908 O Barber half a couple of weeks ago. I mostly find 40%ers but I'll take whatever I can find. Haha

  7. Can someone please educate me on the premise? If you can find silver in these rolls, and you pay face value for the box, why wouldn't someone just do this full time, instead of just as a hobby? What am I not understanding?

  8. I have so much silver from hunting I need a new safe . Love it .. keep up hunting . Also I only keep 90 percenters

  9. INSTEAD OF UNWRAPPING AND DUMPING EACH ROLL to check coin edges… Wouldn't it be much easier and faster just to cut out a small QUARTER INCH RECTANGULAR STRIP from the sides of the rolls using an Exacto knife? Using a cut-out as a view port seems like a way to save you a bunch of time and the bank is going to have to recount and re-roll everything you return in those brown wrappers you bought and spent even more time filling with coins. MAYBE YOU ARE IN NO BIG HURRY!

  10. Just realized you are out of frisco! Love seeing another local coin hunter, Fort Worth here! Happy hunting man and see you soon

  11. Man I never heard of coin hunting from bank rolls! I just watched the penny one now im here. Good stuff bro! Much love and respect for your hobbie. I seriously want to go through my change now haha.

  12. My dad passed away a few years ago and this video just brought up a deep forgotten memory of him. He used to have a 1952 franklin half dollar coin with a hole drilled in it on his key chain.

  13. You would think banks would take these out and keep them for themselves!! But I guess not, I don’t think that would be allowed but still that’s more money in the banks pocket! No??

  14. wonder if you ever check quarter rolls for Susan B Anthony silver dollars… people used to confuse those coins…

  15. I inherited my grandfather's coin collection and it was 20 peanut cans of silver quarters dimes and half dollars. Alot of mercury dimes in it

  16. For the price of a couple of ASEs, you could buy a few shares of a low price miner,trading at 1 to $3 a share. Trade these for some profits,DO NOT TRADE YOUR GOLD. EXK, which trades about $2.50, was up 7.5% one day this week, up about 15 cents in a day. I keep a little portfolio of 7 of them. All are rallying ,along with gold and silver. Their Tech charts are good. SSRM has a great chart, with a huge cup, followed by a nice handle. Trades in the $15 area. I would not think of trading the coins.
    WHEATON, WPM gets $27 million cash flow per employee!

  17. I used to coin roll hunt all the time. Used to love it until everyone found out what silver was. ?
    I found a complete roll of 64 Kennedy half dollars once and used to find tons of silver. It just seemed around a few years ago when silver peaked I couldn't even find rolls anymore at the banks.
    Coolest coin I ever found was a Lincoln cent with a Masonic simbol like welded on it. Happy hunting.


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  19. is there any website you use to determine the value of certain coins? Or do you just sell to the highest bidder for rare coins? Or do you just put them on display?
    Please answer

  20. I just finished going thru a $1,000 in Kennedys and all I came away with was 4 coins (2 1966 and 2 1967) – not even one 90%er….
    That won't even cover the cost of gas I burned to go to the bank to get them and then back to return unless the price of an ounce of silver doubles while i sleep tonight.

  21. My auto roller uses the same paper as this guy is showing in these supposed bank boxes. Easy to fake opening a box.

  22. My theory is, you will find the most epic coin of all from the least expected place, so when you get a box from the the bank you don't want, there is still hope!

  23. Must be nice.  I've been asking every time I've gone into a bank – literally for over ten years now – for half dollars, and am always told they don't have any.

  24. Hey man I gotta a lot of extra time these few days and would like to try this, does it cost money to order one of these boxes? if so whats the price's? how do I get one from my bank?

  25. I bought $500/wk in half dollars for about 3 months at lunch form work. That was about 9,000 coins. Never found anything silver or older than a Kennedy.

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