Hunters – Official Red Band Trailer I Amazon Prime Video
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Hunters – Official Red Band Trailer I Amazon Prime Video

February 14, 2020

Wake the fuck up! Hello. What is this? Who are you people? Those are some very deep,
existential questions for a fucking Nazi. There is evil among us. We will purge this country
of the filth. So we created The Hunters. You went to a matchmaker to put
together a group of Nazi hunters. That’s the Jew-ishy shit
I’ve ever heard. How did Nazis get into the States? I’m on the first flight
back to New York to find out. I think someone out there
is taking them out. So let us get to cooking
these Nazi motherfuckers. There’s no room for failure. Fuck your face. I’m the monster under your bed. Let’s take down these Nazi fucks. Fuck you. There is a right way to get justice. Come on! This shirt is silk. Do it again… and again… and again… …till we loosen the screw
in the back of her throat! Okay, everybody, say “cheese.” Cheese. If only they
could see you now, right? A real-life fucking Jew-perhero. Mazel tov!

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  1. Bhai mirzapur ki bhi kuch details de sakte ho tumlogo ko toh maze aa rahe h esa laGta h Amazon prime video se lakh ghuna better Netflix h %100

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