Hunter x Hunter 2011 ED / Ending 1 Sub Español – Eng Sub HD720p
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Hunter x Hunter 2011 ED / Ending 1 Sub Español – Eng Sub HD720p

January 24, 2020

Listen closely to the sound of my voice and heartbeat, Now the beating has stopped – Can’t hear a thing. All the pieces have fallen apart. The world we live in today is filled with gloom and tears. And the only thing we can do is sigh and sit alone in the dark. In the old days, everything shone so brightly! We didn’t have to carry fear towards the future. Our dreams colored and lit up our minds with hope! The sound of the heart we shared… It still beats in memory, the same as it did back then. Can you hear me sing? Don’t forget me.

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  1. >Intense screaming
    >Fear, and Loathing in Motherfucking Las Vegas
    Yeah this is the same artist as Kaiji Hakairoku-hen's opening.

  2. Man, I get the chills at he final part, Killua tearing blood saying "Don't forget me". After watching the whole series that line makes it so….sad and meaningful. After he departs with Alluka without knowing when will see each other again (if ever)…I wish so hard the author gives us a proper ending to the series

  3. この曲で初めてラスベガスというバンドを知って、今じゃもうラスベガス無しじゃ生きていけない

  4. ハンター×ハンター、始まってからの初ED。

  5. 重なってた胸の音


    Life filled with vanity
    Colors have faded
    Things you desire exist here
    Flee from this colorless world

    洗い流された初期衝動を 呼び覚まして走り出せ
    拙い言葉 思うままに繋ぐよ あの日の鼓動

    Oh my lord, it's gone!!
    What shall I do?
    Pieces I had have fell apart
    Where do you belong?
    Where should I aim (for)?
    Once you've lost sight it's left to fall apart

    Let's start it over again

    Rebuild and combine all the pieces we have lost
    To become one
    Like a puzzle
    Take it one at a time

    When I stopped (a) rusted chain tangled me up

    Tying my body onto the ground
    As I sink underground I call your name
    What can I do to see the day light once more?

    Tear it apart and rip it off
    Break the chain now
    Sink down or swim up
    Fight your way through
    Seek your way out
    If you can not, you are left to drown deep inside
    Chain tangled me harder, chocking my neck



    Misery is nothing
    It is all up to your thoughts
    and beliefs to bring in success within your life

    Don't you compare yourself with other people
    That's a waste of person you are so why not be honest to your emotion

    All the promises made between us
    Broke in pieces (and) turned into sand
    Let's escape from this colorless world to find myself
    and tomorrow (that) we live

  6. 実はというと深夜帯に放送してて初めての深夜アニメがこれ

  7. これ初めて聞いた時小5だったけど初めて聞いた時は怖かったけど今聞くとクソかっこいいんだよなー

  8. Ok but after finishing hxh and coming back to this i still get emotional when seeing killua say “dont forget me” like aAaAaaAaawaaahHhah YA CANT DO THAT TO MY HEART YOU PRECIOUS BEANS WHY DID YOU SPLIT UP!?

  9. I hate Hisoka's design

    edit: I feel like he did not fit in this kind of anime since this anime was like hunting or something like that so I prefer him wore something more like a hunter…

  10. Самое лучшее аниме, такое прикольное, что его плагиатит сама геройская академия!

    Только шипперам Гон×Килуа можно читать дальше!🔸

    Мидория очень похож на сына Гона и Килуа, пипец насколько сплагиатили персонажей создатели аниме "Моя Геройская Академия".♥️🔺

  11. I didn’t read the manga but I watched the 1999 version and the hunter exam was longer then the 2011 which was more faithful to the manga?

  12. Even though it appears in the manga, I really want to see more of Hanzo and his abilities, physically he was faster and stronger than Gon, now imagine him using nen, I would say that he is on a level of Shoot or Knuckles, maybe less experienced but still really strong

  13. This ending is the most perfect ending for Hunter x Hunter. It's fast-paced, unpredictable, and whenever it plays I imagine a squad of hunters running through the country, capturing beasts, solving problems, just like in the show itself.

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