Hunter X-Core Programming Overview and Setting Up Program A
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Hunter X-Core Programming Overview and Setting Up Program A

December 15, 2019

So, in this segment we’ll be talking about basic X-Core programming. We’ll go through all the dial features
and we’re going to learn how to set up the current time and day in the controller. We’ll also learn how to set up the
three ingredients for a complete program which is the Start Times, the Run
Times and the Days to Water. We’ll also be covering the rest of the
dial positions; Seasonal Adjustment Solar Sync settings and Manual Operation in the system off position. We’ll cover how to use the green
square buttons and green triangles to navigate through the display. So, we’ve plugged in the X-Core controller and you’ll notice that the current time of day is flashing. It shows 12:00 o’clock so we’re going to start by setting to begin with the current time and date and that’s the information of today. We are going to use the buttons up here to do so and there’s the plus (+) and the minus (-) button and
we’re going to use those to change up or down whatever is flashing. We can use the right arrow or the left arrow
to scroll backwards or forwards through the different choices. The PRG button needs to be changed from
Programs A to B to C, but we’ll make those selections at a later moment in the video,
for right now it’s current time and day. The year is flashing, we hit the plus button to 2011 then we’ll use the right arrow and you have the month and the day so the
month is flashing once again plus (+) or minus (+) changes the selection. We’ll go to August and we’ll hit the right arrow. This is the day so we’ll just use the plus button and go up to August 4th. Use the right arrow to advance to the
next option. Remember, we are still under current time and day the next option is AM PM you can go plus (+) to PM plus (+) to 24hr. mode, plus (+) to AM or you can go backwards through the
three choices. So, right now it’s PM so we’ll leave it even on
PM. Use the right arrow and we’ll go over to the
hour of the day. We’re going to say that it’s 1:00 p.m., right arrow to the minutes and we’re going to use the plus (+) button to put in the appropriate minutes on. That’s the last feature so when we hit the
right arrow it goes back to the year again 2011, so that tells us we are done with setting the current time of day. You can take the dial and put it back to Run
and you can verify what you’ve put in it will show the minutes, the hour, AM PM and as well along the bottom of the screen
the day of the week should coincide with what today is. So, to explain further the use of the
different Programs A, B and C, we’ve made a little chart here kind of like a Tic Tac Toe board and we have columns A, B and C. In this example we’re not putting
anything in Program C, but you’ll notice that each of the programs has all of the three
ingredients: Start Time, Run Time and Days to Water. We’re going to take our run times which
is here for our individual stations results and were splitting them up over two
programs. Reason being Stations 3 and 4 they have a different
watering day requirement we’ve got every 5 days listed for the fruit trees on
Stations 3 and 4. Stations 1 and 2 is the grass zone
and they only water on Tuesday and Thursday. So, because they have different data
requirements then does Stations 3 and 4, every 5 days, we are going to split them up into different programs. So now we’ll move the dial down to the Start Time position and under Start Times position. You’ll notice that third shows Program A in the screen and Start Time 1. This Start Time 1 is not station one or zone one as people call it It is the controller start time. So it’s the first time that Program A is going to start cycling and we’re going to use 10:30 a.m. for Program A to start cycling so we are going to use the (-) button and go back to
10:30 p.m. in the top right corner there. So now we know that program A’s first
cycle start is 10:30 p.m. you can use the right arrow to go to the
second cycle start or the right arrow to the 3rd, right arrow to the 4th
and arrow back to 1. You only get four cycle starts per program, these are not stations or zones, these are when the controller program starts cycling. You may have 6, 7 or 8 zones, you only get 4 starts per program. So, now that we’ve got the one start time in Program A we can move the dial to the Run Time position and these are the individual zones or stations in your yard. We are going to include station one, Program A
we’ll give him 10 minutes because he’s going to live here on Program A. Then we’ll use the right arrow to
advance to station #2 which will be the other half of the front grass and we’ll give him 10 minutes and these are the only two stations that were
invited in Program A under the Run Time Position. Right arrow goes to Station 3 and we’re going to leave him blank Station 4, Station 5 this may be a
6 zone or a 7 or 8 zone controller, but we’re only inviting Station 1 and 2 to this program. At the end of all that you are going to have the total Run Time for that program at this instance to show 20 minutes. So now we’ll go to the Water Days position and these are going to be the Water Days for Program A. You’ll notice that it starts out with
a blinking water drop over Monday. Right now all days have a water drop
so this is going to be watering 7 days a week. For water days selection plus (+) means yes
and minus (-) means no If we want to water on Monday we hit the plus (+)
we’re going to go Tuesday Thursday. So, it’s blinking over Monday we use minus (-) to say no water on Monday. Tuesday the cursor moves over right, so Tuesday we hit plus (+), the cursor jumps to Wednesday, we’ll hit the minus (-) to say no and on Thursday we say plus (+) for yes then Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we’ll say minus (-), minus (-) and minus (-). So the cursor does jump back to Monday blinking, don’t be alarmed, that’s just the cursor saying hey here I am, do you want to change me? So once you have a water droplet over the Tuesday and Thursday, those are the two water days. Monday, Wednesday, Friday,
Saturday and Sunday will have a circle with a line through it on non-water days. So now Program A is complete the letter A is still showed on the screen. We have start times, we have run times and water days all in Program A. We can turn the dial back to the run position and programming is complete.

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  1. It displays the sprinkle sign in the display window but it doesn't sprinkle water in the yard. Can you please tell me what is wrong ? Thank you very much for your time and assistance in this matter

  2. I get the programming, my question is that none has answered yet lol is, HOW DO I KNOW WHAT STATION IS FOR WHICH PART OF MY YARD!!???? In one part of the house are my trees, the other part of the house are my girlfriend's flower bed.

  3. My home came with this controller and it is the most frustrating I have ever tried to program! I have had other controllers in other homes and have never be so ready to rip something off my house like I am now. Watched every video I can find, printed and read the manual, reset the thing multiple times, but it still does not water at the right times or from the right valve. Where can I find real help?

  4. I've tried to program mine and then my friend tried to help me too. Most confusing thing ever. I programmed the run times to 10 mins and it just keeps resetting to 4 hours so I manually have to turn it off or else it will flood the yard.

  5. Do the stations have to run sequentially? I can't figure out how to get all the stations to run at the same time…

  6. THIS video is the first one I have found to discuss programming multiple ZONES with unique schedules. THANK YOU!

  7. My Hunter X-Core was provided by the company that maintains my irrigation system. I think they chose it on purpose because the average homeowner can't figure out how to program it. I have tried for 5 years to figure out how to program the thing so I can fire the irrigation service and save some money. Maybe good little video will do the trick, but I am dubious.

  8. Agree with many commenters below. I programmed my sprinkler system in my other house for 17 years, never a problem. Moved to this new home with system installed by builder. Frustrated! This thing has a mind of its own. I have followed the manual, and this video instruction, and it always looks like it is all correct, and then – bam – it goes on at wrong time, stays on longer, etc. It is mind boggling. Fed up with it.

  9. once i saw this video i was finally able to get the 2nd zone going, it was my error in not programming properly

  10. It's most frustrating thing ever. Why do you exist? I wasted money. People renting my house can't operate this. Result is they paid huge water bill. Wastage of water in rain season ?

  11. This is so incredibly confusing. I'm a new homeowner and can't figure out how to simply water for 15 min at 7:30 AM. This guy is the worst communicator on the face of the earth.

  12. Did I miss the part for a simple seasonal change? I'd like to increase the existing program for the summer. My eyes are watering trying to figure this out;)

  13. I'm having issues with mine, i set program A to go off at 430pm im outside and i hear it go off at 930 am, then 4 minutes later i hear program B which was set for 1030 go off (sprinklers) so i think mine has a mind of its own someone help please

  14. Brilliant video. Every thing is covered by this guy. Even dumby me can understand it. Thanx a million to whoever you are.

  15. Thanks for the video. I had program A1for my front lawn set to 6 am and program 2 for my back lawn set at 7 am. My front yard is station 1 and backward is station 2. So it was cycling twice back to back. The freaking lawn was flooding and I could not figure out why. Got it figured out thanks to this video.

  16. This is the worse controller I have ever used!! SO CONFUSING!! The video has helped. So if I have three stations and I want them to start at 10pm for 15 minutes, I only put in ONE start time of 10pm, not three start times, one for each station, such as 10pm, 1015pm and 1030pm, right?

  17. heres my issue.. Im setting program a to go off at 11pm every night, but only 1 station is going off. I have 4 stations how do i get them all to go off at the same time?

  18. So my manual one station is all messed up. I have to set it at solar sync settings. If I set it at manual station it just says system off. Not a huge problem but it's freaking annoying.

  19. The knob keeps getting stuck… then it finally clicks over, but doesn't register that it's moved, menu stays & doesn't match to where the knob is pointing… reseting programming obviously didn't fix it. Help?!

  20. Wow. Thank you. Been manually running one station for a month because I couldn't figure this you. All fixed now, hopefully.

  21. Thank you Mike for the training video. You took something complex and explained it well. However I think Hunter should invest some money in a touchscreen system. If not maybe create a Wi-Fi connection and release an app to control this similar to what nest thermostats do. I think this would set you ahead of the competition. I would pay the extra money for what it cost to company to invest in such a thing.

  22. I switched to system off but the water still runs. Before when I switched to system off, the water did not run but this time, it still runs even though the system is off. Can anybody tell me what I did wrong? Thank you


  24. This unit came with our house when we bought it, the manual was not intuitive in the least, this video however helped clarify. I kept getting confused between the numbers linked to Program Start Time thinking they were station numbers, but as this video points out, they are NOT station numbers but start time numbers; you only get 4 start times per Program and only 3 Programs (A/B/C). The system will sequentially run each station/valve assigned to each Program (A/B/C) so you don't have to worry about programming a start time for each valve (just a run time), if you have 3 valves/stations assigned to program A, and you have 3 start times for Program A – 1 = 3am, 2 = 9am and 3 = 6pm then that means that at 3am your first valve will start, when it is finished with its run time, the next valve will start automatically for its run time and so forth, this will all start over again at the next start time which in this example would be 9am and run through all valves/stations.

  25. Thank you for this ! I finally realised from your video, that I was getting totally confused between PROGRAM and STATIONS. My yard was being watered every two hours or so ! You cleared it up for me. I was ready to call someone out to take a look for me. You saved me some $$$.

  26. The front screen is completely blank. Do you know what the problem could be? I have used the reset button and no results.

  27. This video helps, but the controller is klunky and a challenge because it isn't always clear whether it is a "station" or a "start time". Terrible UX!

  28. Fantastic video THANK YOU for this. Helping my grandpa in Boise Idaho with his sprinkler zones, station timing and overall watering management and your video was clear and concise! Will check out the second video later today after I may out all these sprinkler heads! God Bless

  29. How can I tell if I have A B. I have a back yard and a front yard. I think it was done wrong because I have water allover the place.

  30. A fantastic controller, one of the easiest and logical to set. These videos are well presented and very valuable to people who don’t quite understand.

  31. Great video, I made a really easy to understand video for my Channel too. It takes the stress out of something new. Would love to have a scale sticker along side the screen to help indicate % without the need to turn dial to seasonal adj.

  32. I did this set up but the ground splinters aren't popping out from the ground. Just staying at their resting height and flooding water

  33. Fantastic job on explaining this system. Wow, you should be a professor in physics. Way to explain the material. 🙂

  34. The most valuable, instructional part of this was the grid. With that, you can see the basic architecture of how this system is set up to work.

  35. Whatever may be the position, combination of pushing buttons, my digits simply do not FLASH ! Please help !!

  36. Good video. I was able to figure out using the manual and the card posted inside the box. I did such a great job that it comes on a second time. How on earth do I stop that? I have scrolled through each function B & C and made sure they were turned off. I only use for grass and want to use program A {m,w & f}, 7 am for 25 minutes.

  37. Good job explaining. Professionals installed the hunter x-core & irrigation system. Two years ago it worked with 5 zones. Last year it stopped working one zone at a time. I reprogrammed as explained again this year. When the water source is turned on, all the zones come on at once. I have turned my programming system to off & the water to all the zones still run & all at one time. I have to use my water source to turn the irrigation system on & off. As far as I know we have a secure power source.

  38. One question. When I return the dial to “run” it show the year blinking. Why is that ? This is the best video!!!! Thank I so much for your explanation. Finally, after watching it I was able to programm it.

  39. Is there anything else to do from outside because I did everything you showed but my system didn't start.

  40. This is awesome thank you! I was confused by the the cycle number being the area/stage/location, rather than the fact it isnt.
    I couldnt work out why it went to 4 rather than 6, 6 being the areas I have. Thanks heaps 🙂

  41. Hi. I'm helping an elderly lady to set the times for the sprinkler system.
    Her late daughter had it all set up. I drew a map of what activates what.
    Got it all down. BUT there is only A, B, C and 1-4 even tho on a system setting it showed 8 stations.
    Number 5 is linked to 2 heads in the backyard but it doesn't show up on the start times. On the run times setting i set it to the right run time.
    How do i get it to show up when ▶️?? (Arrow right/hand)
    Thank you!

  42. Instruction manual was horrible. This video was perfect, still had to pause/rewind/pause video. But I’m not very bright ?. Tks again

  43. I have a ERROR message on number 8 my tree bubbler and won’t water my tree how to fix that please make a video.

  44. Unfortunately, if you need a youtube video to explain this device, it is too complicated. I have one and I wish I could get one that actually is programmable and works. I hope the engineers have created one that is simple to use.

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