Hunter X-Core Programming Multiple Programs and Additional Features
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Hunter X-Core Programming Multiple Programs and Additional Features

November 20, 2019

So, now that we have Program A all set up, we have Stations 1 and 2 with run times we have a start time and we’ve chosen our water days for Program A. That’s all three ingredients, so we are going to go back up to the first
ingredient which is Start Time of the three and we are going to hit the PRG program button over to Program B. That is going to carry through on all three ingredients and we are going to give Program B his first start time of 2:00 a.m. We are going to hit the right arrow and also have Program B cycle again at 4:00 a.m. So once we get the two start times in there for Program B, we can switch to the Run Time position. We’re going to skip over Station 1 because he’s not invited. Use the right arrow to go to 2, he’s not invited, on the 3rd station with the right arrow Program B is still showing, you can give him 30 Minutes. Use the right arrow
go to Station 4 and give him 30 minutes also with the plus (+) button. So now we’ve only invited Stations 3 and 4 to Program B and we’ll now go to Water Days position. We’ve got seven days a week showing across
the bottom, but we want Program B to be on Interval so we’ll hit the left arrow and it shows a big number in the top of the screen. Use the plus (+) button to go up to 5 which
means it is watering every five days on Program B. You’ll see the letter B here still so now B has all three ingredients also. When you are finished with B, put the dial back to the Run position and you have two separate watering programs. So now that we have all of the Programs A and B, programmed here in the light blue area, we’re going to work our way to the left of the dial and the first position we come to is System Off. Pretty straight forward it means the
Controller is not going to irrigate until the switch is put back to the Run position. Notice that you get a sprinkler icon with a
circle and a line through it and the words “Off” will appear. You can leave it like that water will not turn on until the switch is put back to the Run position and the current time is displayed. Now you’re in auto mode and automatic irrigation will occur. As far as Manual operation goes there’s two positions, the first one here is called Manual One
Station and it’s just that one station only is going to show Station 1 to begin with.
You can use the right arrow to scroll to the desired station that you want to
come on. Make sure it has some minutes in the runtime spot if it does not you can simply hit the plus (+)
button 3, 4, 5 or 6 times and once you’ve got the desired station
and the minutes in place
you can go back to the run position and that zone will activate. When it does don’t be alarmed but you will have
a flashing sprinkler icon in the window stating that a system or a zone is running. You can let that countdown and when it’s
done you are already in the run position. If you like to turn the water off before
the allotted time is expired simply go to the system off position. It will say off and return the dial back to the run position. That’s Manual-One station. If you would like to do the entire program you will use the right arrow with the hand here above on the top right. You’ll hold that button down and you’ll see a program appear you can change the program to programs
B or C and then release the button and that program will start. That program will consist of whatever
stations have a run time in the program, be it A, B or C program. Once the first station starts once again,
you’ll see the flashing sprinkler icon that means water should be running somewhere for
that station. While that’s occurring if you want to turn it off
before the program is Completed, simply go to system off like before let it say “off” And then go back to the run position. So the next position down here is Solar Sync
Settings. That only refers to if you have a Solar Sync sensor hooked up to the X-Core, but we’ll cover that information in the other video. The last setting down here is called Season Adjustment Now Season Adjustment is going to come from the
factory at 100% and you notice that there are bars on the left hand side that correlate to the number in the screen. This is a broad-brush setting that affects
all the stations run times on every Program. Now as you recall before we put in ten
minutes on Station 1 and if we go here to Season Adjustment we’re
at 100%. So, let’s say it’s September or October and
you’ve been doing a summer program all summer and you just want to back the water down some. You can use that 100% and you can go down to say 70%. At 70% if you go back and check your station run time that 10 minutes now turns into 7 minutes. So, this is the way for you to be able to
adjust all the station run times at one pop.
So back to Season Adjust, we can go to 50%
and that would give us 5 minutes. We originally had 10 minutes at 100%
or if you so choose you can go up to 150% if you want to increase. Say it’s Springtime and you don’t want to
mess with everybody. Just go to Season Adjust and from 100 and now your 10 minutes turns in the fifteen minutes and you can also go back
down to 100% which would be the original times. Now you’ll notice as you do your changes
these bars go up and down, they kind of give you an idea where you are at % wise. So that’s Season Adjustment, so the last feature on the front of the X-Core is the
Sensor Bypass switch. It’s fairly straightforward it has two positions active or bypass. In the bypass position whatever Rain
Sensor, Mini-Clik or Rain-Clik that you have hooked up, it’s simply going to ignore the input from that sensor. So, if you aren’t sure if your Rain Sensor is working
and you just want to ignore if for now but a Sensor Bypass in the active
position that means it’s going to honor the sensor input that’s being given into the
controller. So, if you have a Rain sensor and it rains
and gets wet that is going to shut the controller off and put it into Sensor off mode. No water will occur until that
sensor dries out and sends the dry signal back to the
controller and when it’s ready to irrigate you’ll see
the current time in the screen. On a Solar Sync sensor by utilizing the active and bypass that
does not nullify the entire Solar Sync it only
cancels the Rain-Clik portion. The Solar Sync will continue to adjust to Season Adjust by % even though you switch to bypass because
that only controls on Solar Sync once again just the rain sensor portion of it. So now that we’ve finished programming the X-Core
controller it will come on, on the days and times that
you’ve indicated. If you intend to hook up a Solar Sync
sensor to the X-Core you can reference the X-Core Solar Sync programming video.

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  1. I have the same system and i followed all your instructions and it shows that the system it's running but water it's not coming out help please

  2. Are your valves turned on ?? I have this sometimes when my gardeners are working on the lawn, checking to see if the sprinkler heads are popping up OK… then they forget to turn the valves back on..

  3. I live in SW AZ. I have a Hunter XC, but at times I turn off the power because it's connected to a sodium vapor light and turn it on later at night. Unfortunately, the Hunter XC is on the same circuit. When I turn on the power to this circuit at around 2200, I notice the screen is blank on the Hunter XC on the screen. I thought the battery would keep the memory and time on the screen? I'm finding out I'm having to reprogram the time, date (not the start times, days) just the set date, time)

  4. The XC controller is designed to be operated under a constant power supply for best performance.There is a built in Lithium battery designed to retain the programming in the event of a brief power loss. Depending on how many power interruptions you have experienced and the age of the lithium battery/controller, it may no longer be useful.The good news is the battery is replaceable. It is a CR-2032 lithium battery and can be accessed by removing the small Phillips screw next to the SEN terminals.

  5. Hi,

    Thanks for the informative video. How do I reset Start times to show 'OFF'. I accidental set more than one start time. Thanks,

  6. The OFF will appear between 11:45pm and 12:00am. Use the arrow to advance to each start time and plus/minus buttons to turn off. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  7. I had my system OFF wile it was cold in TX, after I turned on to RUN system is still showing OFF, can some one please let me know what to do.

  8. Awesome video. I just bought a house with a controller similar to this, and there were NO instructions. Now I can get started!!! Thanks a ton!

  9. Thanks for this helpful series of videos. Just to double check; if I've got 4 terminals on program A, I set a start time for 1 while 2, 3, and 4 say "off" and the system should cycle through all four of them starting with terminal 1. Is that right? This means I should NOT set 1 for 5:15am, 2 for 5:30, 3 for 5:45am etc. all under program A, right?

  10. That is correct Samantha. If you set one start time for program A, the remaining zones sequentially. Good luck!

  11. Didn't he say he was setting the Run Time for 30 minutes but then program the controller for 3 mins? 30 mins should read 0:30 not 0:03, right?

  12. You are right David, good catch. We do our best to demonstrate what "can" be done in an efficient manor thus the reason for only going to 3 minutes. Thanks for letting us know though!

  13. Very easy to program the XC , installed, programmed and started to water the backyard plants. Yorgos/ Greece

  14. How do I get the manual setting to work?  I set program "A" for 15 min and turn it to "run" and the sprinkler icon just blinks but nothing turns on.  I cant figure this out…

  15. On my controller program B setting 1 has a time set.  2,3,4 are turned off.  How do I turn off setting one on program B?

  16. I have a serious problem with my irrigation system. All stations work correctly and once the cycle is finished, it starts all over again. Why is that, and what have I programmed wrong? I need it to STOP once the cycle is over.  Thanks for giving me an answer ASAP,

  17. I need to operate two program in the same time in icc controller because I don't like to make wire sharing
    For example if i have 30 station and connect all but want to operate 15 in program A and other 15 valve in any program to let number 1 run with number 16

    With my best wishes

  18. Water pressure is a problem and I have 5 stations. The pressure will only cope with 1 station at a time. Can the X Core be programmed to turn each station on separately in turn? 

  19. Hello Anthea. Most residential installations do not have the system water design capacity to turn on all the stations at once.
    The X-Core only turns on one station/zone at a time. It does not have the electrical capacity to turn on more than one at a time. When you set up the program and all stations have programmed minutes, the stations will run in numerical order. If you continue to have technical issues, please contact our Technical Support team at 1-800-733-2823. Thank you.

  20. I am wondering if this system will run all A,B and C programs in the Run position? I don't want to have to change within each program, and I want certain sections to only water say once a week. So, for example I put my fruit trees on program B to only water once a week, and nothing else. On program A, I have all the other zones except the trees, so I am expecting this unit to run all the programs, without me manually selecting which program to run. Hope that makes sense, and does this unit have that ability? If not, when will we have a unit that has the same amount of tech that is within our phones, so we can customize which zones get watered at certain times and days, and still have all of the different programs run?

  21. my x-core shows no indication in the program to water at 1:30am on Fridays however it come in at that time. all other days programed are good.
    can someone help.

  22. I get the programming, my question is that none has answered yet lol is, HOW DO I KNOW WHAT STATION IS FOR WHICH PART OF MY YARD!!???? In one part of the house are my trees, the other part of the house are my girlfriend's flower bed.

  23. I would like to add that if you're only going to do manual watering by putting the switch in the "run" position and holding the right arrow "hand" button and selecting one of your programs, you need to set all your water days to off. If you don't do this it will utilize automatic watering for whatever is programmed still. Now if you can remember to go turn the switch to off after is done its manual water cycle then good on you, I sure don't want to have to do that.

  24. Hello; very nice video, this controllers are not easy to grasp, but I finally think I got it!
    One doubt, please tell me if I'm right: If I assign more than one station to a programme, and the programme has a single start at 10:30 and the run time is 10 minutes, the X-core will run station 1 from 10:30 to 10:40 and
    then station 2 from 10:40 to 10:50 (and so on if the stations are more than two)?

  25. When in manual mode, I activate one zone to water but a separate zone will gurgle water from the heads while it waters the designated zone. How do I fix the issue of a the zone that gurgling/spitting water?

  26. Program A B C? If I program all of them they will all turn on designated run time, for instance I want program A for a normal cycle and I program B for a 3 minute 4 times a day cycle after I overseed to help seed germinate. My understandings is that A and B are going to run. In other words I cannot just select B to run, I have to go into water days and 0 out the days of program (A or B) I do not want to run. I hope this makes sense.

  27. Video is very helpful, but system is still very hard to understand!!! I only want and need to have one watering program. However, the system has had multiple start times, etc. Program "A" is set, but zone run times are showing "AM" & "PM" in different zones and I cannot change them. I've tried going to "12:00" and hitting the back arrow without any change. I've also tried using the "PRG" button the switch from AM to PM without any luck. What am I missing? I have to say, the Hunter programming is very difficult to use!

  28. after the seasonal adjustment has been used do you put the system back on RUN to make it work with reduced sprinkler time?

  29. The water electrical control unit has NO now power to it and the shed electrical sub-board has been tripped, any reason for this? The electrical sub-board has been reset however the water electrical control unit has no power to it?

  30. Ok. So I know how to set multiple start times in the same program but how do I turn off a start time when it is no longer needed? I cannot get the clock to go back to off. I set the run time to 0:00 thinking it would not run. Nope. Still runs.

  31. How I stop restart after it has completed all zones? If I keep my system automatic on, it start at programmed time and after completion of all the zones it will start it again and keep running. Meaning it start running again and again. How it stop it??

  32. Hi, i used tour video a couple months ago to set the timer! Worked great! I scheduled them to start at 5am tues, thurs and sat and cycle through. I noticed for awhile on sat they would also come in at 330am. Today (thurs) they came on at 330. I have looked and dont see anywhere where 330am has been scheduled! Can you you help me with this?

  33. thanks for the great video. can you tell me what should I do if i have 4 zones and i want each one of them to start in a separate time of day?

  34. Great video, thanks. Terminology is tough to get straight, watching multiple times is worth the time spent. Y’all are consistent in using the terms and that is invaluable. Thanks again!

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