Hunter – Warhammer 40K FanMade movie (Christmas special)
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Hunter – Warhammer 40K FanMade movie (Christmas special)

December 27, 2019

This is Hunter 2. We’re approaching Beta location. What are the coordinates of the target? The target is now moving to the Theta X2 sector. In time T 60-90 seconds, it moves to the Theta X1 sector. Continue in hunt! Understood. Continue toward Beta location. All systems normal. The spirit of the machine is calm… … and hungry. So feed him… We achieved Beta. What is the status of the target? Approximately T – 60 seconds. I’m starting the litany of preparations. Stabilizers active, praise the omnissiah, gravitational field with a deviation of 10.2, blessed be the spirit of this machine. Starting the secondary battery. Weapon systems go into active function. Weapon systems ready … The will of the Emperor is done. Calibrating with a blind target … 4, 3 2 1 Calibration successful. Brother! The target must not penetrate through a blockade! I repeat, the target must not penetrate to deliver its cargo! Catching the echo waves. We have a positive finding. Visual contact still negative. Brother, take him down! For the Emperor! May thee weapons be guarded against malfunction, as my soul is guarded from impurity. Commencing fire. Negative impact. Target still in motion. Activating Icarus protocol. May the wrath of the Machine God drives thee. No christmas gifts from you, Heretic! Target destroyed. I repeat. Red Sleigh Down Praise the Emperor. But who will now deliver gifts to heretics? It’s Christmas, after all. Don’t worry, brother. We have presents for them … Big ones!

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  1. This is the best kind of present, one that is unexpected but filled with passion for the ones receiving it.
    Happy holidays to you and may all your programs be crash free and responsive.

  2. I got a big black screen after the Missile is fired. Am I the only one? Creator should check the Machine Spirits on his Video. They don't appear to be happy.

  3. That was fun. I like the sound choice for lascannon. Nice work and I hope you had a lovely Christmas.
    Animation feedback- be aware of inertia and the way things accelerate and decelerate, even to the point of limbs moving. I liked your particle simulation around the tank, but in at one point around 2:22 the particle area is very sharply separated from the surrounding space and looks jarringly wrong after the earlier exterior shots of the tank.

  4. Merry Christmas? It's Sanguinalia heretics.

    Nice vid btw, may us be blessed with more visuals of angels doing God Emperor's work.

  5. message from the emperor! It reads as follows: (Ahem)


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