Hunter Street | Don’t Miss the First Official Super Trailer! | Nick
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Hunter Street | Don’t Miss the First Official Super Trailer! | Nick

November 18, 2019

to Hunter Street. Wait for it. Wow. You guys are not like other
families I’ve stayed with. NARRATOR: Home to a
brand new mystery. Guys, wake up. Eric and Kate are gone. Can we freak out now? I play Max, who is the
new kid in this family. NARRATOR: Where the only way
the Hunter family can crack the case is to do it together. The parents have
disappeared, and we have to figure out between
siblings how to get them back. GIRL: What’s that? We found our first clue. We go to a different
place in this, and it becomes an
adventure to find them. Gotta go faster. NARRATOR: But to
uncover the truth– What if it’s
some kind of code? NARRATOR: –they’ll have
to dig up old secrets. But we find some secret
rooms in the house. BOY: It’s a map of
tunnels under the city. –that keeps on going. NARRATOR: No matter what
stands in their way. There’s a bunch of obstacles. Guys, I could
use a little help. Somebody tries to
setup a huge trap. Or who? Do I have your attention? I was like– It’s crazy. (COLLECTIVELY) Hunters! [MUSIC PLAYING] SONG: Open your eyes,
and you will find. You OK? NARRATOR: Hunter Street. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. this is literally a more modern version of house of anubis it's the same set and they have the gem with is like the for is her gem from house of anubis and u can also see that one kid was doing the glass to the safe method which jerome in HoA did to get the gem. House Of Anubis FAMILY WERE U AT?! #HOUSEOFANUBIS

  2. Does anyone else think that this is like the new House of Anubis? Or is it just me? The shows are just too much alike.

  3. Hey Nickelodeon tell all of us what is going on. Everyone loved House of Anubis and it's over but now you come out with this show that is exactly like House of Anubis, and even has the same producers. I mean I like Hunter Street but House of Anubis will always and forever be my favorite show. I'm sure many people agree.

  4. I now everything that is gonna happen
    (we have " de ludwigs" and all of the seasons are over )

  5. No offence but I 1st I thought it would be a rip off of house of anubis (and I had a craze for like 5 years straight of HOA) but I've seen the 1st 5 episodes (I'm in uk so only five have come out) and they are amazing maybe even better that house of anubis (prefer for the 5 year craze on this xD)

  6. okay uhh i just seen this on tv right now where they were talking about this weekend summer hang out thing thing…I really don't know I'm sorry buut this show came out this year if I'm right? but when? it doesn't look like a bad show it seem pretty cool but it does have some similarities to house of anubis which is one of my favorite shows don't get me wrong but my main question is when did this come on tv? ??it's new so i guess​ it won't be on Netflix either??? i don't know I'm a sad person

  7. They could've just translated the original Dutch version, but I guess making a whole new series with different actors and the same location/set as the original series is fine too I guess.

    Ut looks cool and all, but I think I still prefer the version of my country though.

  8. I love you guys so much Thank you for making this video love you guys so so much I always watch your videos Thanks love you guys so much Thank you for everything love you guys so much love you guys

  9. Lol every single time they do the 'Hunter' with hands in the middle, I think they say hotdog. I know they don't say that, but it's funny!

  10. Hey I am from Belgium wait I don't get it. We don't have these movie but we have 'De Ludwigs'.In our country your movie looks exactly like that of 'de ludwigs.' I do not even know your movie. One of you or from us steals the film.

  11. It called hunter street right I have a theory could max ankia Evie SAl Jake Tess Daniel be hunter direct descendants that why they adopted them ?

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