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Hunter Street Campus Tour – University of Buckingham

November 15, 2019

Hello and welcome to the University of
Buckingham. I’m Natalie, a graduate from here and I’ll be showing you around our
Hunter Street campus. This is Hailsham house one of our
accommodation blocks. In here we have both ensuite and non-ensuite rooms you
can visit the accommodation page on our website to see inside. Now I’ll show you
some of our study areas. This is the ADR building where Business
and International Studies are based.All the staff in these departments have their
offices in this building like the rest of the university they operate an
open-door policy as long as they are teaching you’re welcome to knock on
their door and ask them a question. This is a casual study area unlike our other libraries which are quiet study only here you can work in groups make some
noise, eat and drink. The glass rooms use for
seminars but also ideal for group study. Now, let’s go to Hunter Street library. We have two libraries at Buckingham. One
at Verney Park and one here on Hunter Street. In both of our libraries you can
freely access the desktops and the printers you get the printing allowance
which is topped up each term in addition to the books and DVDs on the ground
first and second floor there are lots of magazines and journals as well as a vast
array of online journals. There are lots of different study spaces all over the
library. The library is open until midnight during most of the term, until
3:00 a.m. during crucial essay and exam periods. We’re a small university with
around 2,000 students a lot of the campus that’s made up of historic and listed
buildings like the Masons building where history and art history are based. The Radcliffe Center is one of the
most beautiful buildings on our campus. It’s a former church that was converted
by the University and displaced with teaching public concerts and guest
lectures. In this area we have our Business hub
for Business Enterprise students Afro-Caribbean hair salon which is
founded by two former students. One of our three campus launderettes, a
Santander branch and behind me is our university bookshop. This is the
university bookshop which is used by both students and the public all of the
course books you need will be available here. You can also buy greetings cards, stationery and university merchandise
among other things. this is Beloff house in the lawn of our
student accommodation blocks and this space is Beloff flung on hearing of
sporting and social events like volleyball matches and barbecues this is
also where we have our graduation celebrations. This is our Student Union
Building the Old Tanlaw Mill. The town’s water mill. Even though we
have two campuses at Buckingham Verney Park and Hunter Street we only have the
one student union this means you get to meet people from all over the university.
Now let’s look inside. This is the student restaurant.
You can get breakfast, lunch and dinner Here you can choose between hot food,
sandwiches, salads and ice cream. There’s always something vegetarian and
gluten-free and the staff are happy to cater for other dietary requirements.The
restaurant serves up as a party venue with the bar opening up third rates
until 4:00 a.m. This is the student bar if the tube is pint entire than the
latest worker. We have parties on Wednesdays and Fridays as well as the
parties with events like pub quiz night, pool competitions and much
more. There’s something for everyone to enjoy here. This is access to you who have classes
like center, kickboxing, pilates and much more whenever they know if there is something you are interested in and we can offer it. Sports Union always need to hear about new ideas of classes in clubs. Just let them know. This is our gym which
is split into two groups. Training and Cardio. It’s available to
students at a very low dose attendance We put up today in excellent condition. Anyone up for ping-pong? Now let’s go to the Chandos Road building. This is our Chandos Road building which
is home to English, Journalism, Foundation one Foreign Languages and our Medical
school. Thanks a lot for watching at all. If you’d like to find out more, you can
go on our website or even better you can visit us in person and see our lovely
campus for yourself.

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