Hunter Schafer Talks ‘Euphoria’ & Friendship w/ Zendaya | MTV News
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Hunter Schafer Talks ‘Euphoria’ & Friendship w/ Zendaya | MTV News

November 18, 2019

– I think I feel most
creative at like, three in the morning
when I’m spiraling. That’s what happens at
three in the morning. You know, if you’re
in bed just thinking. Spirals. That’s what happens, you know? Right? Leonardo DiCaprio (beep)
watches ‘Euphoria’. Our cast has a group
chat, and it has been like about that literally just reveling in the fact that
he watches, that’s insane. Barbie has just sent
us a draft for T-shirts of his quote about ‘Euphoria’. I think she just ordered them. We’re really excited. It was really cool to witness a young trans girl realizing that she does
not have to be attached to this certain route of
receiving affirmation, and I think the way it
plays out with Jules is that she is moving
into a form of queerness like by proxy self-love
that I don’t think she knew she had inside
of her, or was possible. And, of course, that comes
with its complications just because things with Rue
aren’t super perfect either. But I just, I have
hope for them. Jules’ arc is also something
that I haven’t really seen on TV before
in the way that we’ve done it on ‘Euphoria’. I don’t know, I
think I was like, really terrified of
crying for a long time, and like, we had to
cry a lot on this show. So I think it just made
realize it’s okay to cry. And it’s like normal there. You and your scene partner
will have to do it together. I don’t know, there’s
just something like, normalized about
the full spectrum of emotions through
this experience that, I don’t know, like
feeling things is nice. It’s cool to be able to see that whole spectrum
and like, feel it. Working with Zendaya,
she is such a force. When you’re in a
scene with somebody and you’re like, bouncing
off of each other, it’s so exciting, because
it all starts to feel very real, and it makes
the acting part easier. And so, I think Z
was just so committed to doing it,
holding space for me and that made it
that much easier to reciprocate and
to make our world very visceral and immersive. And also she’s just like,
the sweetest person ever. So down to earth. The scene in episode three
where Rue kisses Jules for the first time, and
it’s kind of unreciprocated, I just remember that
was– it was so sad just seeing her standing there, and just so vulnerable. And I know that must’ve
been really hard. And so, yeah, I was really
proud of her after that. I would describe Rules’s
relationship as home. Sweet. But then also, messy. And maybe like walls, because they have
communication issues. Sometimes they make
each other feel like they’re at the
top of the world, and then other times it’s
like, they’re kind of ripping each other’s hearts
out, maybe not on purpose, but. It’s really complicated,
because– and it’s something I’ve actually been
thinking about, ’cause I’ve been
publicly shipping Rules, and then I have actually
watched the episodes now and realized how toxic
their relationship is. And I feel a little
bad for shipping them, at least at this point
in their relationship. But I think it’s just,
it’s conflicting, because I think
underneath everything they have a really
beautiful connection that only they can really
find with each other. And it’s just sort
of circumstantial and specific to each of them,
what’s kind of keeping them from really being able to
be together without issues. Whether that’s Rue’s addiction or Jules using Rue
as a sort of rebound. Yeah, it’s a little
messy right now. I think my biggest
takeaway from ‘Euphoria’ was just having a
new relationship to feeling things. Just over the
course of the season I had been kind of learning
this craft that is acting along the way and
learning from my co-stars and watching people do it, and it’s changed
my relationship to letting myself feel
emotions completely. And, I don’t know, I’m
really thankful for that, because it’s acted a lot
like therapy in that way. Yeah, and then also
just coming out of it with a massive family that is
everyone who made ‘Euphoria’. Acting was not in my
plan at all whatsoever. I didn’t really even think I was capable of performing
in that way. Making clothes and
like fashion design was kind of where
I wanted to go, and then this kind of came up and flipped
everything upside down and I’m so thankful for it.

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  1. she’s pretty much like Jules but her real personality is so much more charming and authentic. Love Hunter, she’s so likeable

  2. She's just insanely beautiful. With Zendaya, they are probably one of the most good-looking on-screen couples 😀

  3. Drugs are such a hindrance to maturation. The characters, Rue and Jules in many ways spoke of my inner being and due to the drugs i uaes in late teens and most of my 20s i really didnt know who i was. Its weird, humbling and yet freeing to say that after a few of these episodes, namely the one that expounds on Jules' life that gave me the resolution to go "the next level", as Jules put it near thr end of the first half. THANK YOU, CAST AND CREW OF "EUPHORIA", your work helped me open my eyes to the level of acceptance around me, and thus dysphoria is further behind me by leaps now.

  4. Hi, hope you're well. please check out my Euphoria inspired song, I made a Rue and Jules video to go with it. thank you

  5. i didn’t even know she was trans, like for the first couple of episodes i didn’t even think about that (until it was made obvious lol) ?

  6. Last two days im sad because i wont see Rue And Jules again(Euphoria 2020). Im so addicted on them, so somewhere in my mind, there is a need of seeing Rue And Jules in real life, but its impossible. That feeling is hurting me last 2 days…

  7. Hunter Schafer really helped me out with trying to find myself and i somewhat am slowly coming to terms of accepting who i am and putting the pieces back together. She truly is an inspiration for me. Much luv and respect.

  8. Idk why but when I found out she was trans it literally never crossed my mind that she was born another gender. She was born a female periodt. By soul. By appearance. By everything. U ARE A WOMAN NOT A TRANS

  9. I picturing her like i seen Rebecca Ferguson? they just have this kind of aura that people would like to see more and more of their talent or what act they capable of in the film industry?❤ dream big

  10. She’s just so charming. There’s something about her smile, her voice and just the general aura that draws you in. Much like the character she plays.

  11. I feel like Hunter is the type of person to offer you a tissue and advice when she spots you crying on the subway at 2AM.

  12. Her: I didn't really think I was capable of performing in that way
    Me: Uhm, excuse me, you're a freakin natural, have u watched euphoria yet?????

  13. well, for someone who really never thought about to performance or acting, she really nailed it at her firts try .D.
    Gg, Hunter^^

  14. Euphoria is one of the few shows to address the shameful subculture of closet cases that will fuck trans women and feminine gay men while having a family. I guess th only aspect of that reality that the show doesn't address is how willing those men are to ignore and/or subvert the rights of the lgbt at the same time.

  15. This is the best comment section on YouTube, hands down!! I love all of you beautiful people! Keep sending positivity into the world!

  16. Hunter's thoughts on Rules mirror mine exactly! I thinks Rules have a gorgeous connection and that the love they have for each other is real. They just both have something within themselves that stops them from being able to have a healthy relationship

  17. So glad they got a normal trans person to focus on. So sick of the trenders that get the attention and make the community look terrible. This is a pleasant change for once.

  18. Shshsh even hunter said rules is toxic at this point of their lives like i love their chemistry and everything but they both need to sort themselves out before they can go back to each other and help each other

  19. Wow I never watched the show. So Jules and Trans? this show has to be amazing ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  20. Publicly shipping Rules? You're not the only one Hunter.

    She is stunning. And she is 19 wtf. You know you're growing old when actresses you have a crush on are younger than you.

  21. She's looks so innocent and so pure, she's like a soft fluffball, it makes me want to wrap her in a blanket and protect her.

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