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Hunter S. Thompson on Outlaws

November 29, 2019

(“Come and Get It”) – It was just like the motorcycle. Anybody who has any kind of
sensuality in them at all would get a tremendous boot out of just what the Angels call “screwing it on”, just getting a big bike and
just running it flat out as fast as it will go. I used to take it out at
night on the Coast Highway, just drunk out of my mind, ride it for 20 and 30 miles in just short pants and a t-shirt. It’s a beautiful feeling. (“Come and Get It”) I recognize it as an
illusion and a fantasy. But for somebody who has
nothing else to go back to, this is maybe one of the
happiest minutes of his life. And you can imagine if that’s true, just how powerful he’d feel if he could give you one of these, you know, kind of, yeah, in the head with a karate, it’s not a chop. It’s a head snap. The Angels, a lot of the
Angels are big on karate. (“Come and Get It”) – Hunter Thompson, our guest, is a new kind of journalist. The journalist who is not detached, who becomes involved, and in fact, he was
almost an honorary member, or a dishonored member, of the Oakland Hells Angels. You were with them for about a year or so? – [Hunter] About a year, yeah. They claim, the Angels anyway, claim that they don’t look for trouble. You know, they just try
to live peaceful lives and be left alone. But on the other hand, they go out and put themselves into situations deliberately and constantly, that are either gonna
humiliate somebody else, or cause them to avoid
humiliation by fighting. – [Studs] You speak of foul fighting. They stomp someone, you were stomped, in which there’s no question
of rules involved here, just beating, violence
for the sake of violence. – [Hunter] Well they have a rule, it’s bylaw either number 10 or 11, that says, “When an
Angel punches a non-Angel “all other Angels will participate.” So I was a victim of
bylaw number 10 or 11. I should have known that though. It’s a lapse of caution. (“Four by Nine (Bed Version)”) All during this stomping I could see the guy who’d originally teed off on me just out
of, you know, nowhere with no warning, circling
around with a rock about, must have weighed about 20 pounds. I tried to keep my eyes on him because I didn’t wanna
get my skull fractured. (“Four by Nine (Bed Version)”) – [Studs] Your observations
are more than about the Angels, they’re about our society. And it’s since World War
Two pretty much, isn’t it, this phenomenon has come to be? – [Hunter] I think the Angels
came out of World War Two, and this whole kind of
alienated, violent subculture of people wandering around
looking for, you know, either an opportunity,
or if not an opportunity, then vengeance for not
getting an opportunity. Then they get to be 30,
and suddenly they wake up one morning and they realize, you know, there are no more chances. It’s all gone. It makes them meaner, you know, and maybe they want to
get back at the people who put them in this terrible, this dead end tunnel. – [Studs] Now who are these people they want to get back at? – [Hunter] Oh, they don’t know. It’s kind of “they”, paranoid. You know, it’s you, it’s me, it’s whoever might come too
close to them on the highway in a car. It’s somebody that makes
a remark in a bar to them. They call them the citizens, anybody who looks respectable and looks like he isn’t doomed, you know, like he has some kind of option, or money, or a home, or all the
things they don’t have. (“Another Man’s Treasure”) – [Studs] What do you see
for us, for everything? – Christ, it’s bad. I mean, I’m not very optimistic. I think one of the most
important things is to recognize that we do have this
mounting violence in us, and then to find the reasons. And once you find that,
it’s like curing a boil. And if people insist on saying, “I am a very gentle person “and only these little
bad gang of hoodlums “over there is ugly and mean,” then it’s just putting off the recognition that the same venom that
the Angels are spewing around in public, a lot of people are just
keeping bottled up in private. I think this technological, the science of obsolescence, or the fact that people
are becoming obsolete. The people who are most affected by this are the ones least
capable of understanding the reasons for it, so the venom builds up much quicker. It feeds on their ignorance. Until you recognize what’s happening, you know, what makes you
do these wild things. Christ, I used to throw beer
bottles into bar mirrors and stuff like that,
and get stomped, always. I can’t remember ever winning a fight. I don’t do it anymore
because I finally caught onto what was happening. Until you recognize it, it’s like an albatross around your neck. (“Another Man’s Treasure”) Yeah, I learned a lot about myself just writing about the Angels. I was seeing a very ugly side
of myself a lot of times. I’m much more conscious
of the kind of anger that lurks everywhere. I don’t do any, you know, I keep my mouth shut now. I’ve turned into a professional coward. (“Unfiltered”) I wouldn’t just call the
Hells Angels in Oakland the only violent part of our society. I think Lyndon Johnson is, you know, would be a good Hells Angel. The Angels reflect not
only the lower segments of the society, but the
higher and, you know, where violence takes a
much more sophisticated and respectable form. (“Unfiltered”)

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  1. Interesting how there's such a relaxed nice take on white violent white gangs but not the same for other groups

  2. really great channel here.
    some enlightenment goin on for sure.
    great to listen to while i'm 'driving on parkways and parking on driveways'

  3. "i recognize it as an illusion and a fantasy but for someone who has nothing else to go back to this is maybe one of the happiest minutos of his life"

  4. we didn't have the terminology for it back then. but this is a study of "toxic masculinity" . you can apply what Hunter learned to the various alt- rights, MRAs, PUAs, and incel groups today….

  5. Why coulden't Hunter stay so sharp has he got here,yeah I know he did to many drugs,and it cought up to him but damn he was on to something….

  6. Couldn't help but notice a lot of comments with people drinking the cool right out of Hunters dick. Look, the dude was a total, way overrated, complete asshole. I'm glad this guy got his ass handed to him by the Angels, he needed it. In regards to fear and loathing, it's pure shit. Only retards like Johnny Dep find that bit of fantasy interesting, so get over it.

  7. Fuck! We need people like him nowadays. Stop being comfortable people. Be strong and chase after your dreams. Same advice i give myself everyday. Be strong, be smart

  8. I was so close to being sucked into this madness luckily I had a good woman and people who loved me also. As time passed I realised that those guys were just little boys who never grew up. So sad.

  9. Good to put a voice to the author rather then my own version of what he sounded like and applying that to the books. Changes quiet a lot id say.

  10. I love how I only read things on Google about Hunter, I do read some of his writings as well, but then I get a suggestion automatically for this video… With all that said though I love the style of how this was done and Thompson was the man, Blank on Blank you got a new Sub.

  11. Brings the question why would and angel randomly attack hunter and was He with them for a year before or after this incident

  12. He wrote some decent material at one time, which he rode for more credit than he deserved.
    He was a terrible person.
    Kids, don’t be like him.

  13. If you’re oblivious to the beast inside yourself how could you possibly temper it and keep it in check. Society by that measure is just an extension of our selves if we expand our conciseness. Make war into a business. Don’t let be surprised when your children kill in a reflection of the society that they live

  14. He basically predicted the Trump movement all the way back in '67. Man…I don't know if I wish he were here to see how right he was or glad he didn't have to be…

  15. Grade A Pedophile and Snuff Film Director piece of trash. Crazy that people idolize these Satanists like Thompson.

  16. Hm…tying the rise of the Angels to the disenfranchisement caused by the capitalistic post-WW2 era in America. That was the same motivation that Alan Ginsberg had when writing Howl. Hell, there's even a line in the opening of that poem that names "Angel-Headed Hipsters." Might be nothing, but it's still a fascinating connection. I wonder what we'd find if we turned such a lens on modern society that has grown only MORE disenfranchised.

  17. Ive always been fascinated by this man. My parents accidentally named me after him in the great year of 2000, and all my life I’ve had older people ask me if I knew who he was. It’s nice to know what he sounds like too now.

  18. He mumbled random ideas about some very simple questions… And some how every word in the interview was timelessly quotable.

  19. "I kept my eyes on him because I didn't want to have my skull fractured?"
    LOL Amazing human being he was! Every aspect of his words and thoughts were incredibly honest, interesting and mind blowingly thought provoking!

  20. Watched this about 25 times. Great insights, but I'm really just looking for the song at the end now if anyone knows it.

  21. In My Opinion; A Quick Treatise on the Criminal Mind "Flanking Gorgon Stare and Tickets of Power "
    Simply put, people first start finding themselves on the criminal side of the law who didn't expect to be there. They start the attitude that they don't get caught in their mind. They begin lying and creating a bandwagon of similar criminals. In their mind they begin embracing crime without acknowledging guilt. It's similar to the kind of reverse psychology where if you battle back, a person doesn't flee, they battle also. I feel sorry for hard-working product makers who begin to see a criminal element take over their, at first, respectable product. Criminal denial sets in like drug denial and are probably intertwined in most cases. In my opinion, crime begins when someone stops respecting or understanding the seriousness of the world, which can happen with drugs chemically. They don't take danger seriously or respect hard work because they are on top of the world. Crime then becomes two-fold as victims become confused on how to fight back and victims end up perpetrators. This leads to stereotyping and stigma battles and forms of flight. What's particularly distressing to me is that they enjoy their criminal times. The times age like a fine cheese and they cannot grasp the seriousness of the victim's suffering. People who have not been previously struck by a personal disaster eat these mass shootings up like they're candy. This is just a grand time for the shooters in most cases. Criminals may have no one to answer to, they're parents may simply be proud of them, or they may win battles of freedom in their homes. The crimes settle as self-fulfilling because a person is simply a self and everything goes positive.

  22. Patrick, David and Amy my hat goes off to you.
    I'm a lifelong Hunter S.Thompson consumer of Hunter's work.
    Not sure if he ever saw your work, but I think he would be uncomfortably amused and reluctantly flattered with your work here of him.
    Thanks I personally loved to see someone taking a new interest in his work.
    I only wish he were here now and reporting on this 2020 Campaign trail.
    With the clown car of Democrats that are running.
    I'm sure Hunter would have had many choice words about them and the opposing team of TRUMPET'S.
    Sure miss him.
    Keep up your good work. It's much appreciated.

  23. "ive learned to keep my mouth shut.ive turned into a professional coward"
    this is something that needs to stop.i myself am very guilty of that.we need to speak out against these shitbags that have risen up in this world.from the overly tyrannical powerful to the common wannabe street thug that cant pull up his pants.We need to speak up!!thanks Dr.Gonzo

  24. What a jackass. Riding drunk as fast as he can go on a motorcycle? Have a little responsibility for your actions.

  25. Hunters is literally talking about the shadow and the fact that we all need to understand it to become whole. you can't just have one if you want to be whole you must find and understand the good and evil in yourself and what your capable of.

  26. Dr Gonzo generating some navel gazing sociological psyhco-drivel that the establishment wants to hear, and still posing as an outlaw.

  27. I read through all these comments and if your scared of the violence that is structured in society . your not alone. but don't ask me what can we do about it as a whole. I can barely keep the faith.

  28. I used to live not very far from where their club is located in Oakland. With that being said I never witnessed anything major, besides a shit tin of bikes parked out front once in a while and them riding up and down Foothill Blvd from time to time.

  29. Hmm…I crashed on an ex angles couch once. He was living under a different identity out in the boonies of Vermont. His wife was… well I thought she was my friend at the time. Turns out she felt like I was…I guess…somehow too easy to talk to, whatever that means. She got pissed at me that she let a few old details of their past life slip when she had one too many martinis. So..she kicked me out?

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