Hunt: Showdown Console Launch trailer
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Hunt: Showdown Console Launch trailer

February 20, 2020

Take the shot. [GUN SHOT] Getting a new hunter now.
New hunter, new gun. Just sent the invite, I’m ready to go.
Okay, lets go! I hear gunshots, watch out.
We’re getting closer to the clue now. That just must be in here, cover me?
Covering, covering, all clear, all clear. I got it, I’ve got it. Shhh, don’t let him know you’re here. Watch out, watch out, watch out.
He’s coming, he’s coming. It’s gross. Hell hounds coming at me, Urgh! Got the grunts.
Nice try. Nice try. Kill the Hive, kill the Hive! Watch out, don’t shoot the immolator?
Too late. Right, coming in with a stab. There’s like a team of three inside. I’ve got another one at the exit. That’s clue number two.
He’s not in farm. I’m taking the shot. [GUN SHOT] Got him, got him.
Oh, Nice One? Yeah, I think they are in there.
Oh, you think?! Guy coming on the left.
Got him through the wall. Nice, nice, nice. Take him, take him.
Ooh, that was a good one. Watch out, hive bomb! Backing away, backing away.
Okay, okay, okay. Nice boom! You go ahead, I will block this one. So last clue, last clue. Spider’s coming out. There he is, there he is. Did you just hit it with a lantern? Assassin.
Good, I am running away. Backed away.
To the right, right. Grabbing the left one!
Watch out he is cloning. Okay, I am banishing now.
And now we wait? Keeping an eye out. Okay, I see they are banishing over there.
Let’s go. Okay, get your bounty, let’s get out of here.
Get your own bounty! I am pretty sure someone was outside.
Yep, I see them through the wall. One Sec? He’s dead. Western exit! Yeah, I see them on the pier.
I see them; they are making a run for it. Right, ahead of us, just keep running.
Yeah, yeah. Getting shot, getting shot. Watch out! How many is there?
Three in the back I think. Cover, cover, cover. Yeah, yeah…
I got one. Got one? Nice. [Achieved with CRYENGINE] [XBOX SOUND]

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  1. Man. Xbox One had evolved. From the Xbox One from 2013 to the upcoming Series X and the current powerful console: Xbox One X, it cannot be stopped. Also great game

  2. I love this game I wish it wasn’t quite so laggy but it was recently updated so maybe it’s a lot better 🤷🏻‍♂️ terrifying game I love each round

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