Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) | Official Trailer HD
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Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016) | Official Trailer HD

November 18, 2019

This is Ricky Baker. Apparently he is real bad egg. We are talking disobedience, stealing, spitting, running away, throwing rocks, kicking stuff, loitering, and graffiti. There’s no one else who wants you, okay? That’s my husband Hector. You hungry? That’s a silly question isn’t it? Look at you
[laughter} Is there anything you want me to do? Yeah… leave me alone. Cool. Goodbye Ricky Baker. Where are you, Ricky Baker? You lost? Oh! Oh uh no? Hector Faulkner and Richard Baker have been missing now for six weeks Faulkner is Cauc-asian? Well they got that wrong cuz you’re
obviously white. 10,000 dollars to anyone who can capture them, dead or alive. [gun shot]
Back up homies! Oh, alive… they should be alive. So what do we do now? We run. [heavy breathing]
Uh… maybe we don’t need to run Oh yeah, let’s just fast walk. Yeah. What’s the fastest way out of here?! Jet-pack! -Do you actually have a jet-pack?
-Nope! What? What? I was trying to tell you it was like the Lord of the Rings.

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  1. I'm glad to see Murray is still gainfully employed, though presumably "Band Managing and Pack Leading" have also suffered beneath the economic crisis forcing him to seek work in the forest. I look forward to seeing the "rest of it'…which leads me to my one criticism: the Trailer shows TOO MUCH FOOTAGE! Aside from that….WOW!! Huge fan of these guys! …and kudos to Sam Neil for accepting independent roles like this as he obviously loves his craft, not to mention it's probably a great written part. Oh…..the DIRECTING IS SUPERB!! I noticed the brilliant shot selection right away in WWDITS and how Taika aided the humor within the scene with the choice of angles pulls. Here…showing the lil trouble maker ""in isolated shots doing minimal damage to property"" made it FUNNIER when it snowballs to over-elaborate consequences i.e. there's no way in the real world this lil guy could cause such havoc but in this universe via a slight "Wes Andersony/Woody Allenish" way he DOES! I'm uncertain if i explained that correctly ("Woody Allenish?") …but the 3 people who read my comment hopefully will (ahem). If its gettin a wide release i'm definitely going!

  2. I can't wait to watch this movie. Even if it's only as half as funny as this trailer makes it out to be, it'll be funnier than the majority of comedies that have come out in the past year or two.

  3. great movie laguhed real good has heart and laughs beautiful movie! cant wait to see thor ragnorok, if it has this type of humor itll be alright!

  4. Was looking so forward to this movie, but i only lasted 30 minutes, too much bad acting, lame jokes and animal slaughter to handle in such a short amount of time, and the kid was really REALLY annoying, i just wish the farmers didn't go looking for him the first time, and just kept the movie about them instead

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