HUGE!! 9 POINT BUCK TAKEN WITH A RECURVE BOW – Traditional Whitetail Deer Bow Hunting – 2019 Archery
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HUGE!! 9 POINT BUCK TAKEN WITH A RECURVE BOW – Traditional Whitetail Deer Bow Hunting – 2019 Archery

November 19, 2019

Saturday November 2nd pretty cold
morning this morning I was about 23 degrees by myself this morning try to do
some self filming we’re gonna drill cameras all summer there’s been some
pretty decent bunk in here so awesome basically doing is walking around to
have some scrapes on manchas that law degree two days ago so hopefully these
blocks are starting to work scrapes everything works out somewhere on this
road hater nine yards all right there I made something that Jason I don’t know I thought that he might
have walked out of you but I got I had to shoot on my hat oh man he is such a nice boy
how are you such a nice book Jesus that towers right below me ordered away a little bit I hit him back
my dears dead he’s dead he’s done I just have to work tomorrow if you don’t love this bow on an
expression history any bow one he got me and I thought he was gonna make yeah
well that doe was standing right underneath me I’ll have to trace them on
the ground my ladders that they shave or something
me that I could hear smell and smell that smell
he looked right up at me and I thought I just have bets one fell I thought it’s a
Ferrari start walking try to circle around get down when I used to close
already the next morning here at dub buck last
night it just completely backed out and didn’t even
didn’t even look for my book blog or I hit him out I just got out of there I
felt like I was tamanna steers dead
it’s just a matter of fine actually he’s not far from where I last seen
but that Bukka Margherita
I do apologize I didn’t get the shot on film I guess it’s one of those things I
was so focused on the shot I just didn’t hit the camera he had me made I mean he
was seen on camera he come in there he was at four yards probably the dough was
right underneath me he had been made he looked up in the tree seen he backed out
of there and he went the only places I could get a shot because of my camera
arm if he would have went to the right I’d never got a shot out of thumb and
walking away but he he did go to the left I got a shot at
him he was walking I hit him like to me it’s like liver back the lungs possibly
hopefully that’s what today’s definitely in the liver said I mean that’s what
makes me feel that he’s nothing that but I was just so focused on that shot that
like I said I forgot to move my camera and I do apologize that for that I try
to get everything that I hunt and shoot on film
hopefully we can find them here this morning he picked my brother up now and
then until it’s gonna come and help we’ll see you here in a little bit
first blood here well you go on them that’s a dandy Bock there are George thanks now the fun part
begins hockey eyes out an eisbock I taught buck
I seen the first day so i guarante did tell you my setup and everything that I
was using as far as yesterday went though I’m shooting blah Blee smoke 47
pounds of 28 inches shoot a gold tip arrow with a nocturnal knock and helix
broad head single bow and it doesn’t number on them I’ve shot four deer with
him so far been really happy with blood trails buck here no that’s exit there
I got his front shoulders cut off but it didn’t actually poke through the high
but I only got about three-quarters draw on him because of my camera arm and he
was quartered away and right there back to the ribs got his long liver a little
bit of gut kind of like I said it it uh you see how blood shocked he is it did a
number he ran probably I don’t know 250 or 300 yards never bedded down I don’t
know if he is dead in his feet and that’s how far he made it or what
happened but yeah that’s my house my set up for yesterday that’s what I’ve been
shooting for on I shot a dark heart there a couple years ago killed a couple
of deer with it but I shoot this ball a lot better so you don’t need much you
see where it came out at the knuckle right there on the opposite side
that’s a 125 but I have 200 grains I have a hundred grain brass in certain
250 grain adapters on tobacco so I’m shooting 325 grains up front so pump up
at FOC a little bit Oh way better bucks with the bow if not the best there’s a
prettiest for sure nice long points she’s about 16 and a half inside 18 and
a half outside nine-inch points nine points so Boog do a European mount on
them for me and now the film toth hopefully he gets a
big one knockdown you

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  1. The Buck had not been officially scored yet. Will update/edit comments and description when we know. Please Like and Share this video! Also leave a comment! It really helps us with the channel to make more videos! Thanks!

  2. Well done, Shane ! You are a traditional bow inspiration ! Love the piece where you film the carcass to show the hit results. That should be done more often. Maybe if Johnny shoots a buck with some antique gun, (maybe an 1851 Civil War piece passed down for 170 years !) he can post the carcass, too ! It's been fun to watch you guys grow up on video from teens to passionate adult hunters. Well done.

  3. That’s awesome! Always love Shane hunting, feels like you’re right with him. Heart was racing the whole time. When the shaking goes away, it’s time to hang up the gear. Great hunt!

  4. Awesome Buck Shane. Thanks so much for the videos. I have 2 teenage boys that just got into really hunting last year and Everytime a new video comes out, we all watch it together. They love it and so do I!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Awesome vid Shane……don’t worry about the impact shot…..your reaction makes me feel normal…..I was shakin with ya!

  6. No need to apologize for not getting the shot in frame. The footage you had of him was plenty enough to tell the story. Great buck!

  7. You have been very fortunate to take some very nice deer over the years.I still remember the one that broke in half when you grabbed the horns!That was a stud.

  8. That's a monster to me. I live and hunt in PA and haven't seen a buck that big in the woods yet. I would have been freaking out after shooting a buck like that.

  9. Well done! Man that is awesome! There's just something real special about traditional hunting, my most memorable hunts have been with a stick-n- string.

  10. Love watching the shakes after the shot When that quits it's time to quit hunting. Nice buck. no need to apologize for not quite getting the shot on camera. All hunters understand.

  11. nice job Shane!, how you could concentrate on doing the camera work with that big fella coming in is crazy. hard enuff to stay calm and prepare for the shot, while self filming at the same time? amazing

  12. I seen a picture of this buck before the video was released. I talked so someone at Tates in Clymer that showed me. Congrats!

  13. I don't care if you got the shot on camera or not, I saw enough to know that if you hadn't taken the shot when you did you wouldn't have gotten a shot at all because you're right, that buck had you pegged and the only reason he didn't bolt was because of that hot doe. I love the footage of him coming in and softly grunting the whole way.
    You absolutely did the right thing by backing out and waiting till the next morning to track him. If in doubt, just back out.
    I honestly think that if you had immediately gone after him you probably would have jumped him and that would be the last time you ever saw him until some rabbit or bird hunters came across what was left after the coyotes cleaned up the carcass. With cold night time temps in November and you make a shot that you're not sure of, it's better to back out quietly and wait till morning. Great Job Shane! Heck of a nice buck. I'm gonna guess high 130's low 140's on the score, hopefully after drying time he will make P&Y.

  14. what a great hunt!! that's a great buck rt there fellers… the joys of self-filming can get overwhelming sometimes for sure! Wade

  15. Dude that was a intense situation don’t worry about the camera shot ? it’s nice to see but you had everything against you and you pulled it off congratulations on a dandy buck ?

  16. Don't beat yourself up over not getting it on film. Self filming is super tough as it is, let alone with a recurve. Nice hunt and congrats

  17. You guys should have twice the amount of subscribers, always great content. Awesome Buck Shane, love your recurve vids. Curious what the score will be.

  18. I love seeing traditional archers getting it done ? new to your channel, but looking forward to watching some more great hunts. Congrats dude.

  19. I love all of you guys videos. The adrenaline was and is the best. Im surprised you didn't shoulder mount this guy. Awesome buck. Especially with a recurve. Congrats!

  20. That’s a great buck, so tough to film your own hunts, I would have also been focused on shooting that bruiser rather than centering him in the camera

  21. Congratulations on a great buck and for harvesting him with your recurve that is something to be proud of.

  22. 3:55 when you cum and she keeps on sucking? sorry I had to, but that’s amazing!! I get this excited when I hit a deer as well!

  23. Great buck but you need to keep your self tied to the tree at all times geez at the rush that’s passion in what you do

  24. Look like he will net bout 120 123 typical what’s sad is that dang nice buck is barely legal in Texas with our shitty rules I like horns but can’t eat horn soup i want meat if horns come big too that’s great our dam deer have to have a 13” or wider spread to be legal on public or private land or 1 unforked antler

  25. He came in be h h h ind me.. Ch ch ch chasin a doe oe oe oe. Lol. Love it man. That feeling right there is why we hunt! Awesome job.

  26. Is it really that normal to get that emotional when shooting deer? I have never gotten that emotional ever over any deer I shot nor even the first deer ever.

  27. Reminds me of my first deer, it died in the only patch of soild green for a couple miles and the light was shining down on it

  28. I’ve been watching your videos on both channels a lot lately. Love them. It’s something I can connect to because of living and hunting in PA. I hunt in 4E and 5B but only game lands. It’s hard to find private lands that are willing to let us hunt and the ones that are want us to pay. Don’t mind paying for good hunting land. But the amount is crazy. Keep up the videos love them!

  29. Congratulations on a great Pa Buck. I loved seeing how excited you were after the shot. That’s what it’s all about!

  30. Hey guys, i just uploaded a video of me killing my ever deer, could anyone please check out the video and please subscribe to me? link to video is here

  31. Haha dude I was dying laughing watching you shake after the shot. Laughing with you because I do the same thing. Get weak in the knees, shiver and suddenly feel so cold haha

  32. I am in the same boat with deer and shooting them far back and I had a doe and I shot her and of course when I go to find my arrow it started raining so we had to follow her and then she bedded 50 yards way and then we backed of but he had seen were she was bedded. But the next morning we walked up to her and she jumped up and ran off. But 1 week later we had found her dead and was so upset.

  33. Had to shoot him? Why not bud? I love your hunts. That is what hunting is all about. The fun of using a recurve and getting close enough to spit so you finish the job. The excitement and fun of watching you hunt makes me wish I was out there myself. Another year I hope to go again when my military is done. God bless buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy!!!

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