HS2: Boris Johnson gives go-ahead to high-speed rail project
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HS2: Boris Johnson gives go-ahead to high-speed rail project

February 12, 2020

So today, Mr Speaker, the cabinet
has given high-speed rail the green signal. We are going to get this done
and to ensure that we do so without further blow outs on either cost
or schedule, we are today taking decisive action to restore discipline
to the program. I will be appointing a minister whose
full time job will be to oversee the project. A new ministerial oversight group will be
tasked with taking strategic decisions about it. There will be changes to the way HS2
is managed. We will, in line with Mr Oakervee’s
recommendations be interrogating the current costs to identify where savings
can be made in phase one without the costs and delays that would
be associated with a detailed redesign. Some have suggested delaying or even
cancelling HS2 in order to get Northern Powerhouse rail done more quickly. But I want to say to you, Mr. Speaker,
to the House, this is not an either or proposition. – Hear hear. Both are needed and both will be built
as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. And to make sure that happens,
we will, working closely with northern leaders, explore options for creating a new delivery
vehicle for Northern Powerhouse rail, and we will start treating HS2,
north of Birmingham, Northern Powerhouse Rail and other
local rail improvements as part of one integrated master plan,
high-speed north. Once again, we see the government taking
ideas from the Labour party, [laughter] adopting language but falling very long,
way short on the substance of it. Today, the Prime Minister is selling his
announcement as a prize for parts of the midlands and north. I simply tell him this: people in those regions
to whom he promised so much in the general election are going to be
sorely disappointed when they see what actually happens. Take HS2 for example. The Labour party supports HS2 as a
means to boost regional economies and reducing climate emissions. It’s essential for boosting rail capacity
and freeing up other lines for increased freight use, etcetera. But we don’t see why the government
should get a slap on the back for announcing it’s going ahead. After all, it’s only because of the abject
failure of successive Conservative governments to keep on top of the costs that the
project’s future was put in doubt in the first place.

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  1. The highest trafficked air-route in the world that is entirely overland is that between Sydney and Melbourne, and that between Sydney and Brisbane is not too far behind. I don't think it will happen before 2040, but the Australian Federal and relevant State Governments really need to start planning a route for a southeast cost High Speed Rail so they can buy up the land now and plan supporting infrastructure and developments around it.

  2. Dear
    (Win)-"Guardian" (Leviosa) "News", 🧙‍♀️🧚‍♀️
    Thank you for posting.
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  3. You better make new under-sea channels connections with Europe, because huge changes will take place soon, based on high speed transportation railways.

  4. By the time this railway is completed (probably 3 decades from now) trains will be a redundant technology for travel and everyone will be using driverless vehicles.
    The government would be better served spending the money for HS2 on instead getting all the potholes filled in on the road network…

  5. Compulsory purchase orders are tyrannical! They need to be removed! We don't want your horrid public transport we want you to leave car owners alone! No more fuel tax, mot or car tax!

  6. The roads have been crumbling for decades since the bankers' bailout/austerity – this is a piss-in-the-face to the tax-payer.

  7. Lol Reminds me of a Cartoon with Foghorn Leghorn and speaking and all the chickens go Nae!!!!! Don't you bums all know we don't trust you neither party neither government in any country. You're all crooked.

  8. What a foolish idea I wish for Labour Party could win. At list, they were used to do for needy people and for their survival.

  9. I like Boris but his spending plans are more in line with the unsustainable spending plans by democrats in America. Where will all the money come from?? How high will taxes and the cost of living go???

  10. Complete waste of money by the time this "never" get finished or it will get as far a Birmingham there will be so much money required for climate change defence, research, flood defence, and on and on it will not be worth spending the money on it. Mark my words. business as usual for the majority of Governments until it's to late. Keep it positive and not real hey Boris just too difficult to deal with. Thanks

  11. Not going to happen but even that is more likely than Scotland – Ulster bridge which is just daft to even think of, as apart from Scottish geography it would need to cross a weapons dump

  12. This will be Johnson's poll tax. He thinks working class people outside London want it. They don't. They want their money spent on better regional infrastructure and on the NHS. Bad roads. Bad train links. Bad hospitals. HS2 won't even be completed until the distant future. By which time it will be out of date. By which time the bill will be in the hundreds of billions. We know it will. Exponential. Just improve the existing line to Birmingham. Even subsidising every Briton's extortionate rail fares with our tax money seems great and affordable sense when put alongside this nonsense. We are not Luddites. We just know a bad thing when we see it. And these vanity projects smack of Pyongyang. Stop this snowballing lunacy.


  14. HS2 = The deliberate demolition of ancient English towns villages and woodlands….. Why? So that 'they' can build giant tower blocks for the incoming hordes……

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