Hoyt Carbon RX3 Ultra Vs. Mathews Traverse Bow Battle
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Hoyt Carbon RX3 Ultra Vs. Mathews Traverse Bow Battle

August 15, 2019

so for the first head-to-head bow battle
for 2019 we’re putting together the Matthews Traverse against the Hoyt rx-3
ultra we’re gonna compare the specs draw cycles wall we’re gonna shoot into the
graph and compare all aspects so which do you think is going to come out on top
let’s find out hey guys Michael Batease from the Elk
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miss out on future videos welcome to the 2019 head-to-head bow
challenge in our first matchup we have the point Carbon rx-3 ultra versus the
Matthews Traverse now we’re going to do all kinds of testing on these we’re
gonna do you know test the draw cycle test the peak test the wall quietness
we’re gonna shoot him through the chrono but first let’s do a little bit of tail
of a take ok axle the axle the rx-3 ultra is 34 inch axle the axle while the
Matthews Traverse is 33 inches brace hike they’re pretty similar the Matthews
is a 6 and 5/8 brace height with the height coming in at a 6 and 3/4 how
about weight the height carbon comes in at 4.1 pounds where the Matthews comes
in at 4.7 which is completely understandable because the riser on the
Hoyt is actually a carbon infused ryebeck riser where the math uses
machined aluminum how about IBO speeds again we’re pretty
dang close whoit whoit has an IBO of 334 feet per second matthews comes in it up
to 338 feet per second the cams the matthews has the cross centric cam
system where the Hoyt actually has the ZT probe how about drawings the Matthews
Traverse goes from 26 and a half inches all the way up to 32 and a half where
the draw length on the RX 3 ultra is either 27 to a 30 or a
2:32 so you longer draw guys will benefit from both these with Matthews
giving you just that little extra half an inch drama wait this is where the
Hoyt has more options you can get these in peak weight of 40 pounds 50 pounds 60
pounds 70 pounds and 80 pounds where the Traverse comes in options of peak
weights of either 50 pounds 60 pounds or 70 now what if you want to customize
your bow there are 11 different color options on the riser available in the RX
3 ultra as far as the Traverse goes Matthews is offering 10 different colors
but they also have the build your own bow to where you can choose the color of
the riser the color of the limbs the color of the string the color of the
vibration dampening so Matthews does give you a lot more options for
customizing the bow to the color and feel that you like now the big question
price MSRP on the Hoyt R x3 Ultra is 1699 where the Matthews Traverse comes
in with an MSRP of 1099 so there you have it we’ve talked about the tale of
the tape we’ve compared the two these bows are really similar as far as
specifications go but how about performance so what we’re gonna be doing
is we’re gonna be running each of these through a series of tests I do have my
hunting setup which is a 470 grain arrow we’re gonna set both of these up to 29
inch draw and 70 pounds and see how they come out let’s start shooting alright so
we have both of those set up at 70 pounds 29 inch draw length so we’ll
bring a new first we’re going to just shoot three shots through each of these
we just have a whisker biscuit in a D loop so right now we’re going to test
the draw cycle the back wall shot for vibration now one thing about the
chipper for 2019 as they actually did come out
with a new grip and change the gripping a little bit so the first impression of
the new grip very comfortable draw cycle is is nice and smooth relaxing I’m not
getting any creep at all on this dead fly on the front hand did not feel any
vibration at all again with that new grit of the hand
just goes right to the same place I’ll hold really well again dead quiet
so draw cycle is smooth there’s no build up it’s just kind of an even pull all
the way through the wall feels really really good you can settle in and relax
you’re not getting any any creep at all all right one more with this we’re going
to pick a different spot those two are kind of getting close together really
nice and impressive so smooth draw cycle throughout the whole way you don’t kind
of you don’t get that peak and then bump over stringing goal felt really really
nice it was nice and comfortable with tip of the nose on the stream I didn’t
feel like I had to crunch the new grille the new angle feels great when you’re
anchored in you can really relax you’re not getting any forward creep at all so
okay so let’s go grab our arrows and test the RX real turn okay so now we
have the point Carbon rx-3 ultra and we’re going to do the same thing we’re
going to fire three shots through it and see now this one feels again the the
grip really really comfortable mmm dry cycle is definitely different I felt a
little bit of chatter we’ll check on the next one both holds well we’re relaxing we’re not
getting any creep there was just a tiny bit of hand shock
but it didn’t feel like the boat wanted to jump out or jump forward
it wasn’t anything noticeable as soon as you put you know a stabilizer or some
vibration dampening on this I’m sure that a little bit of hand shock that
you’re feeling wall disappear so again draw a cycle it’s a smooth load
all the way through all the way through there’s not you know any build up
there’s not any any pump I didn’t notice the hand shock as much that time one
more okay yeah it’s really it really knows okay so first impressions as far as add
recycle handle hold I’m going to give the edge to this round to the Traverse
so we’re gonna go ahead and pull the arrows we’re gonna reposition the camera
put it in front down a little bit and shoot each bow three more times so that
way we can capture the sound out in front and see if we can tell which one’s
a little quieter I was hoping to have a decibel meter here but that just didn’t
happen so we’ll just make do with what we have so let’s switch it around for
the next round alright so here we are back on the next round so like I said
we’re gonna put the camera out in front so you can just see a different angle and also see if we can capture some of
the noise I know it’s gonna be kind of amplified because we’re in a smaller
room but let’s just see what we get I’m pretty impressed with the draw cycle
and the handle on this Traverse all right one more alright so there’s the three shots from
out front for the Traverse we’ll go to pull the arrows and then shoot the arcs
three all right so now let’s do the three shots without the fronts you can
just kind of see the poi rx-3 ultra a little different angle to me it seems like the point is just a
little bit louder without a true decibel reading it’s really hard to tell all right one more out of the two I do
like to grip a little bit better on the Hoyt okay so there’s the three shots on the
rx-3 so we’re going to go down and pulled the arrows reposition the camera
and last we’re going to shoot through a chrono to see how the speeds come out on
both these okay so here comes the speed test so we’re staying in the order again
we’re gonna fire three shots first up is the Matthews Traverse Ivo up to 338 278 shot number two and again this is a
470 green arrow we’re set 28 inches draw 70 pounds 3:09 I’m not sure that one of these
quite right and shoot one more 277
so the Traverse is going to be in that 277 to 279 range so we will put it in
the middle at 278 with a 400 470 green arrow okay we’ll go pull them and then
we’ll switch to the RX 3 all right now we are first shot with the point RX 3
ultra speed test number 1 – 67 shot number two to 68 and third and final – 67 alright so we’re done with the
first round of testing with the first head-to-head battle remember today we
were doing the carbonyl RX 3 ultra versus the Matthews Traverse so let’s
run through everything as far as grip advantage point draw cycle advantage
Matthews the wall and when anchoring in I’m gonna call it a draw
they’re both right in their quietness on the shot advantage Matthews hand shock
or quietness in the hand or the Bobo vibration advantage Matthews speed test
I was really surprised on this one – 78 on the Traverse – 67 on the rx-3
advantage Matthews the ability to customize advantage Matthews now how
about tunability I’ve talked to a lot of different texts and it seems like it’s
about even 50/50 half safe height half save Matthews so we’re gonna call that
one a draw price we already know MSRP on the Hoyt is 1699 its 1099 on the
matthews advantage matthews so for me personally my style of shooting and what
I like in a bow my choice the winner of this round is the Matthews Traverse
thanks for tuning in guys hope you’ve enjoyed this as always keep calling keep
practicing most importantly have fun and we’ll see you guys on the next video
brought to you by Elk Calling Academy

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  1. Any chance you can get your hands on a new Athens ridge 32/34 for a head to head challenge? I know you will be pleasantly surprised

  2. Great job on this comparison! In my opinion Mathews and Hoyt are the top two bow manufacturers out there. I really feel you couldn’t go wrong with either one of these bows. With that being said, there really is something special about the quietness and no vibration of the Mathews. I also really think highly of the Hoyt grip, great feel. Take care!

  3. Great review! I would love to see a comparison between the Mathews Vertix and the Prime CT3.
    Great work Michael !

  4. Did you put both bows on the scale to see what poundage they were actually drawing? Also, did you check actual draw length on a draw board? Mathews likes to run ~1/2” long. Might be closer in speed if all things were equal. Great review though! Appreciate you posting this! Very interested in the Traverse.

  5. Thoughts on putting obsession against bowtec? Those are the two I'm trying to decide on. Upgrading from a 2014 strother wrath which I absolutely love

  6. Neither one of these are probably on my list, but curious when picking a winner and giving attributes why no mention of physical weight in the deciding factor? I am just curious since you have to pack them all day on a hunt. When hiking 12-15 miles a day over a half pound makes a difference. Thank you for the review!

  7. If you watch the shot during the sound test you torque the rx3 on release? This is something I noticed when I shot this bow. I think it's caused by the grip? I can't wait for my Traverse to get here!👍

  8. Thank you for a great video. I love the fact you are shooting real world hunting set ups, showing real world speed and not trying for the trumped up speeds that the companies claim. All this speed talk and who's bow is fastest needs to stop. To many guys buy a bow based on its speed and not how it shoots. When I started in the early 80's, speed was never really given on a bow. I shot Hoyt bows for 20 years and have switched back to Mathews and love my Triax. Keep up with the videos.

  9. Even as a Mathews guy, I figured the Hoyt would win, but a welcomed surprise. Thanks for a great review and as a new subscriber I look forward to more of your content!

  10. The Realm SS and the SR are smooth as glass. Shot them a couple of weeks ago. The SR is faster but just as smooth as the SS and the SR will blow the doors off of any of the two bows you just saw. Botech is a great product and I've got no complaints.

  11. Great review. I wish I could shoot them all. I just ordered a Prime CT-5 and look forward to head to head comparison.

  12. I was gonna get one of these but decided to go with a PVC pipe and shoestring setup. I still shoot 200$ arrows but decided to save a little money on the bow.

  13. Maybe the Helix ultra would have been a better choice because that one is aluminium and way more similiar to the mathews, and i would love to see these bows going at the max so 80 pounds 32 inch draw :). but eh

  14. How to make this better: All bows set at same poundage. Get actual decible readings. Get Actual FPS. Edit tighter. Shoot groups at 30/40 meters. Which one shoots best for you. Watch Paul Harrel videos on shooting guns, etc. Always excellent.

  15. That's funny , my 2006 hoyt Vulcan shoots faster than both those 2019 bows , I think I'll keep what I have , awesome review , was thinking about a new bow until I watched this

  16. Great video. Really interested in the Traverse. I do not understand why guys buy Hoyts for $600 more, when they are proven to be louder, slower, and with more vibration. By the way, I used to shoot Hoyt.

  17. I did the same compariosn of the 2 bows and came up with the same conclusions…Mathews Traverse is on order! Great review!

  18. Put the RX3 against the Vertix with 75 pound mods lol RX3 has copied the Mathews bows, 2018 lowered grip, widened limbs, 2019 30inch ATA and dampner on bottom out front LOL so funny how obvious they made it, and to top it off Hoya rips their customers off by charging them $1700 but they throw in a soft case and a hat so they don't feel so molested 🤣😂🤣😂

  19. Just curious does Matthew's do any torture testing? Because supposedly Hoyt carbon bows go through some of the most brutal torture testing there is.Just curious..

  20. are those both hanging by the cam? the mathews is equal or longer than the hoyt with the bigger cams, the mathews felt great to me at 30-31" and i bought one

  21. i can see you have a 3 cam on the hoyt. at 29 inch draw should have compared the 2 cam ultra in the speed category…

  22. The Helix Ultra is the best Hoyt bow I’ve ever shot. Better than the RX1, RX3, all of them. Never been a Hoyt guy but that Helix is sweet

  23. Maybe compare bows that are similar to one another… And take the tags off at the very least… And then mention that the more expensive one is carbon… Let's start there

  24. Excellent review. The sound comparison was a "washout" in the review because the arrow impact was too close to the arrow release and overpowered the noise of the bow. I could not discern any sound difference.

  25. Few things. First on the speed test. It's fairly well known Mathews runs 1/2 inch or more long on draw lengths so that's about 5fps there. Also was the Hoyt a number 2 cam or number 3? I would think a number 2 cam at 29 inches would be right in that 275-280fps range. Also I think it woulda of been a lot better comparison if it was the Helix ultra and the traverse. On tunabilty the Hoyt is easier to tune than the Mathews. Much easier to twist cables than to shim cams. I do think the Mathews is a nice bow. But they are top heavy and just don't fit me. The Hoyt is much lighter an balances better for me.

  26. Really good and thorough review thank you! Don't listen to all the negative dicks on here also! This match up was spot on and really gave some much needed love to the Traverse as it's shorter brother (Vertix) is what all the videos seem to be about. Cheers!

  27. And the Mathews draws longer than Hoyt’s. You need to measure the draw lengths so they are the same. Not just go by what the cam setting shows. The Hoyt should have been at least the 29.5 cam setting for a fair comparison.

  28. Great review. Did not like the banjo string sound at the end of the draw cycle on the Matthews. It did look a bit more notchy on the draw cycle in the frontal view. The Hoyt seems like it's a bit louder but imo they've always seemed just a little louder than most top of the line bows. Even in the carbon configuration they just seem loud.
    I wouldn't pay the price that any bow manufacturer is asking for their top of the line flagship bow. Me personally I usually wait until they've been on the market a year or two then buy some other fanboys throw away for the latest and greatest gimmick and save a ton of money.

  29. Well I am glad I shoot a Prime but I just went and shot a tuned with a whisker Biscuit at 29 inch DL 70 lbs on the nose Hoyt RX 3 2.1 Cam now the 1st arrow 453 grains and a 442 grain arrow both were surprisingly faster then said in video the RX Ultra shot the 453 grain arrow an average of 279 fps the average for the 442 grain arrow is 285 fps. Now for those that are going to shoot the number 3 Cam it was an average of 10 fps slower so the 3 Cam disappointed us at the local shop as where the number 2 Cam shot smooth and the grip was good as well as the draw but for me a 442 or a 453 grain arrow out of a bow in this configuration will get the job done as for vibration just a hint nothing that would cause any issues down the road or on the line or in the field Hoyt made a good bow here as far as the draw and shot on this bow remember shoot a bow towards its max dL and you will get more speed

  30. I hate that there are so many reviews of the RX3 Ultra in the number 3 cam and not the 2! You have to use the 2 cam when testing 30 inches and under in draw length. In this video, you can clearly see that the cam isn't being fully utilised. Inside out precision has a much better video. Reviewers should stop putting misleading information out there.

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