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How & When To Pump or Manual | Pump Track To Trail

November 4, 2019

– Welcome back you beautiful people, today’s your lucky day where I teach you how to manual and pump at the same time. And then use it out there on
the trail let’s get it started! (“Short Life” by Janet Jones) Cool. Right, the manual’s a
perfect skill to have in your bag of skills
out there on the trail because it can help you gain more speed, plus can get you out of a
sticky situation as well. So before we even tackle
a pump track like this to learn the pump manual, you need to know how to manual first because you don’t want to just
pull off on the first roller, loop out, smack your head. It’s not very nice, it hurts. I’ve done it and it’s a
bit embarrassing as well. So before we even get into it, let me show you how to manual first. Right, we’ve done a video
on how to do a manual and it’s a pretty good one,
but I’m going to go through a few basics on how to
get the manual going. And it’s all about using your body weight to get that front wheel off the ground. And it’s in the L shape so what you do is you get your body weight
going down towards your saddle, and then you’re pushing it back, keeping your arms locked out
to bring that front wheel up. Just remember, you cover that rear brake because by hitting that rear brake, it’s going to help stop
you from looping out and it’s gonna bring that
front wheel back down. All right. So, first point of call is you
gotta find the perfect roller for you to start learning the pump manual. So I found this one, it’s
on a bit of a straight run, there’s no obstacles for me
to turn in to get the roll, or turn out or jump or whatever. I’ve found one with a,
quite a shallow bowl between the two rollers here. You don’t want such a deep one because it has the tendency to drop. So when you’re manualing
over the first one, your back wheel’s going to drop in and it’s going to feel
a bit awkward at first. So find a shallow one. Now to do the manual
through these two rollers, so you wanna come in with
the same amount of speed that you would if you’re
just gonna roll through like normal. But when you get to the top here, you put in your weight a
little bit over the back, straight arms, you don’t
want to pull on it. So you want to keep your arms straight like you’re doing a manual. Don’t pull, keep the front wheel up, let it glide over the top, and then kinda let it roll through and drop your wheel on the other side. What you don’t wanna
do is pull on the bars. Because when you pull on the bars, you’re just gonna have that
front wheel quite high up, and when it gets over
the top of that knuckle on that first roller, and it starts to drop into the
bowl, you’re gonna do this. You don’t wanna do that. So you wanna keep that front
wheel as low as possible to the ground to match the next one. So you’re coming in with a
bit of a comfortable speed, let it roll through. Right, I’m coming in with
the same amount of speed, lean back, straight arms, let her drop in. All right, with one of those manuals that I did coming through, I had the front wheel quite high up, so when it dipped into the bowl, it dropped quite far down. And if you’re not very familiar with that, you could end in some
tears and looping out. But I kinda got away with it. What you wanna do is have
that front wheel lower, so when it does dip like this, you match that sweet spot
of the second roller, and then you can use that pumping motion to pump over that roller
and into the next section. (zealous music) Right, we’ve learned how to
do manuals through rollers, now we’re gonna introduce
the pump into the manual, and potentially give you a
lot more speed through there on a pump track. You wanna keep your body
quite central and low when coming into it, you don’t
wanna be stood quite high up. So you’re manualing through, and when your wheel starts to
drift over that first roller, and it starts to go down the backside, you wanna push down on your pedals, keep your arms straight,
don’t pull on the bars, you don’t wanna have a high front end. Push down through it, let your front wheel drop on the back side
of that second roller, and let your bike just roll through. Right, an example on how
to get that push through on that pedal to get that pump is if you have your bathroom
room scales on the floor, step on it, and you want
to feel a bit heavier. So what you do is you
just, you push down on it. So that’s a good example on how to get that pump going
through the section. All right, key point
that I wanna point out is looking ahead. You wanna keep your eyes in front so you know what’s coming up. You don’t wanna be doing this, and you don’t know what’s coming, you don’t know if there’s another roller, you don’t know if there’s another corner, especially when you’re out on the trail, there could be a tree
and you’re concentrating on what’s in front of you,
not what’s coming towards you. So your key is to look in front. Right now I’m out in the local woods, I’m on my High Tail, and
I’m gonna put that skill of the manual pump to practise
out there on a normal trail. We’ve got a situation here. This is a natural bowled
out area on the trail, and then it goes over a roller as well. And you can just roll through pumping and pump over that roller,
but by doing the manual pump, you can kind of smoothen
out the trail as well and clear a bog like this so you don’t get any mud on your face. So, what I’m gonna do
is then I come through, soon as I straighten
up, I’m gonna manual up. I’m gonna push my legs through
like we did on the roller, push them through, so my
front wheel’s just gonna clear the crest of that front
roller, dip it over, and then let my body weight go all light. And then force my body weight
through, down the trail. Hopefully make it a bit
smoother through the section. Right, this is the most
insignificant roller you can see in front of me. (laughs) You’re probably looking and
going, (blows raspberry) “What’s that?” But when you’ve honed in
that manual pump skill, you can look at this and go, “Oh, wow. “I can smooth out this bit of trail, “I can potentially get a
lot more speed out of it “that’s gonna help me
continue through the trail.” Feel the front, get that in, and there’s a little landing there, where you can place that
front wheel and get through it way smoother and a little bit quicker. Well, this is the last example of me using that manual pump technique
on this section of trail. As you can see, I’m forcing
that back wheel down, I’m fighting it because I
didn’t want to launch off of this little drop roller thing here, and you can see me forcing it down and letting my front wheel
down this bit of landing here, and then getting through the
trail as smoothly as possible, I think. But if you want to see another video, where you can use your
wheelie skills out there on the trail to benefit
you, click up there. And if you’re still struggling
with that manual technique, I know it takes so long to
perfect the manual, took me ages. But when you get it, it’s pretty cool. And you’re struggling,
just click that one there. And if this video helped you, and your buddies need a hand
as well, share it with them. Hit that little globe there to subscribe. And if it helped, definitely
give it a thumbs-up like.

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  1. I think something that doesn't get mentioned enough about lifting the front wheel, is that you have to push the pedals forward, using the force of your legs to lift the front wheel. That was the key to me when learning to manual and bunny hop.

  2. Nice to see u at my local pump track…when in Frome…if I take my bike vault pic there, will u actually ever put it in ??

  3. Sweet tips like always. Should i concentrate at lifting my front wheel when second bump coming and while i already pumping to go faster? I mean not lifting above the ground but working with weight.

  4. Anybody know what bike blake was riding in the trail half of the video? I saw it was Nukeproof, but it looked much more aggressive than the Scout that Doddy rides. I am in the market for a new hardtail and am wondering if that would be a good option.

  5. #askgmbn when I'm riding dirt jumps or just any kind of jump should I lock out my forks or should I keep them open thanks in advance.

  6. Hey gmbn/blake, does rider weight matter when doing a manual? Im quite a light and small rider so I cant seem to get the front end up. Do you have some tips? Ps. I have a 27.5 trail bike

  7. Blake talking about going faster on trails? 😀

    Well done Blake, your presenting skills have improved quite a bit as well 🙂 ??

  8. Hi Blake, please understand me well – this is finally a material that gets back to the roots of GMBN, at least for me. Making my car pack for the ride, making instagram photos – end with these. Better to see manaul and bunny hop again.

  9. Need a place to talk all things MTB!? Follow The MTB Group on facebook!!

  10. #askgmbn is it ok to have a slight bent on my spoke? The wheel is pretty true and straight im just a bit worried it might break the whole wheel…

  11. Hello, GMBN. I usually use my mtb just as a vehicle, but looking forward to riding on mountain or practicing tricks such as wheelie, manual, bunny hop and more… but, my old mtb ‘Gary Fisher Wahoo 2007’ can’t satisfy me and this is so small now for me to ride (I have to ride M size, but Wahoo is XS size OTL). So, I’m thinking about buying a bicycle, but I can’t decide what to buy.
    As I’ve been riding a hardtail, I want to ride a full suspension bike, but also I’d like to purely build my own bike (hardtail AM’s price is proper to build, can’t afford to build full suspension). I to ride roughly like going downstairs, practice tricks and more, but also, I’d like to ride a light-weight bike.

    I have several candidates(?).
    1. All Mountain Hardtail [Nukeproof Scout Frame] (To build a new bike)
    2. Full Suspension XC [Canyon Neuron] (Which is good at speeding, but I’m afraid of its aggressive geometry which can make me hard to practice tricks (In my thought).)
    3. All Mountain Trail [Canyon Spectral] (It can make me ride more roughly, but weight seems to be heavy to uphill or practice tricks)

    What bike do you think I should buy?

  12. I tried this in my bikepark ezelsdorf video but i crashed so hard and there was so much blood flowing that i didnt want to put it in

  13. #askgmbn What is the name of the hardtail bike blake was using. I think it was a nukeproof cuz I saw the logo but Can you please tell me the name. Im not talking bout the Scott Voltage I mean the other bike

  14. Haha. Nice one Blake. I am 53 and biking more. My goals for this year are to wheelie and manual. Off to speak to Tom cardy for some tuition.. all the best. Yours in sport.

  15. Hey Blake baie cool ou, like you clips op you tube, ek tik Afrikaans want ek weet jy verstaan, ek is in Natal, ek kyk al jou you tube goed, baie cool, ek het n Spesialized Camber 29, cool bike, leer die ding nog ken, maar jou clips help daarmee, thanx

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