How to Waterproof Feather Fletchings with 3Rivers Archery
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How to Waterproof Feather Fletchings with 3Rivers Archery

August 16, 2019

3Rivers Archery
Your Longbow and Recurve Experts Hi, I’m Johnathan Karch with 3Rivers Archery.
Today we’re talking waterproofing. What we’re waterproofing… is my fletchings. Very critical to any archer, and any type of shooting. If you get caught in the rain your
fletchings are gonna go flat. Just the only downfall when it comes to
using turkey feathers. Especially processed turkey feathers. If you use natural
turkey feathers they come with a built-in waterproofing to them. But with any
processed turkey feather it loses its natural waterproofing coating, but what we can
do is use Water ‘Proof’ right here is what we’re using today. And all you have to do
is apply a coat of it to your fletching. Comes with a brush applicator so you
soak that with it, and you hit your fletchings. It soaks into the fletchings
does not add weight, no odor. Now being a liquid like this it is a thinner coating
so you’re gonna need to reapply this every season, but the nice thing with it
being a thinner coating is like I said you don’t add weight doesn’t add
stiffness to the fletching it just gives a nice… nice waterproof coating to it for
something as delicate as fletchings. You can do 40 or so fletchings with this
little bottle like this. And it’s up to you how much you want to apply on there. I don’t soak my fletching so that it’s, you know, like it’s been dipped in water,
but I have it to where I… I know that I’ve covered every bit of the fletching
at least a couple times when I’m running the brush over it. And then you just
let it air dry. That’s it. That simple for
waterproofing your fletchings. If you have any questions on waterproofing
fletchings or any other gear of yours, please leave in the comment section
below. If you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up. If you really liked
it please hit the share button so you can share it with friends and family. I’m Johnny Karch with 3Rivers Archery.
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