How to – Visual Impaired Biathlon
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How to – Visual Impaired Biathlon

November 20, 2019

Have you ever wondered how a visually impaired or blind person can play a sport or do something that you would otherwise think is impossible? Like ski or shoot a gun? Wow, that is a very good lead in to our video, good job buddy the guide plays a very important role because you couldn’t make all those turns alone everything seems whiter than white, you can’t see anything for example, for a right turn, he says “turn right” and points in the direction, he’s basically my eyes one look back is enough for me to see her condition completely if it’s hard for her, if she has any strength left I don’t have many hobbies now as sport is very time consuming in between training there is only enough time to rest, recover and gain strength Your average person on the street can’t really begin to understand how can a blind athlete ski 12 kilometers with a guide? how can a person with just 1 arm hold 1 stick and travel forwards? whenever people see this they are totally flabbergasted and instantly impressed by the sporting prowess what she does, I also do, so I keep myself fit but it gets hard sometimes the first competitor to arrive has to take target 1 and the positions are filled one at a time like this so competitors are given some guidance on the line they need to shoot we shoot at sound, you need to choose the highest sound it’s not quite the same as the biathlon where spectators applaud every shot thing are a lot quieter here because any noise would disturb the athlete’s concentration there are athletes for example who approach the shooting range with a particular pulse I don’t do that, I don’t monitor my pulse when I get to the range I can have any pulse and it will still be comfortable for me to shoot almost everything demands attention, the trail, descent ascent, the snow, the way the athlete feels, ski preparation everything that concern the race so the biathlon, I don’t know how this event came to be super simple, it was people who had to go hunting to feed themselves in cold climates so why isn’t like banana picking an Olympic sport then? actually if you watch the great outdoor games there is a lot of tree climbing and axe actions so here’s my question for you though what two totally unrelated things, if combined into an Olympic sport would give you the best chance of being an Olympian eating chicken wings, preceded by telling a joke interesting. Gold medal. You got anything? Maybe we’ll film that next time

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