How to Use & Counter Magic Archer | Clash Royale ?
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How to Use & Counter Magic Archer | Clash Royale ?

August 11, 2019

[Mmm it’s a Orange Juice] What’s up everyone, It’s OJ The magic archer initiates his attack at 7 tiles and it shoots 11 tiles far He can’t snipe the king tower from across the river However, if there is any unit in the center of the map and a tower is down, You can just barely reach the king tower for that sweet snipe It’s always good to know how much damage a card does left alone. This lets you gauge how threatening it is to leave it ignored. Five hundred damage on the tower means you can afford to ignore him in beat down decks His arrow has a piercing effect And most importantly, it has a 0.25 tile splash radius Check out how he pierces through skarmy He is nowhere near as efficient as the executioner But he is fast This is what makes him deadly He can one shot skeletons, fire spirits and bats Even though bats die in one shot, his arrow is very thin; so you can actually surround him with bats right as he crosses the bridge to fully deny him though you have to be careful , since he has a 7 tile attack range, he locks on to the tower really fast like a dart goblin does So if you mess up,then you are in for a world of hurt His range is massive. He practically insta-locks on to the princess. So it’s harder to stop him from chipping your princess tower when one is down. On the topic of range, he wrecks the Bowler’s knock-back mechanic He’s fragile, but he can actually take out a bowler for a positive elixer trade. If you get too greedy and plant him too far back, the bowler will knock him out of range, and the bowler will lock on to your princess tower and deal five hundred damage. Another interesting thing is that he is just strong enough to stop one bandit. It’s all about angles, in a perfect world he can two-shot three minions straight up. They’ll die in two shots, nice and swift. But you can also use minions to counter an unprotected magic archer just like with bats. His projectile is as fast as a dart goblin. The difference? It doesn’t lock on to any target, so it can be outpaced easily. Take for example the minion splitting. It really distracts him and leaves him vulnerable. Generally speaking, you’re going to want to watch out for very fast moving troops to keep in mind the angle at which you place him. Especially those infinite Ninja Turtles. He’ll literally let every single spear goblin connect on to your tower at full health The goblin hut is finished before he can even touch it if it’s placed inefficiently. The interaction with the minion horde is different because of the formation of the horde. Straight on he is only piercing two minions. He is gonna get wrecked Treat it like any other ranged card and pull the minion horde. Doing this pulls them out of formation into a nice solid shape to snipe more than two minions at a time. He takes minimal damage and can wreck the horde. When they counter your push with a minion horde and then they counter attack with a miner, you actually have enough time to position your magic archer at the best angle to assault that miner. You’ll need an ice spirit or ice golem to minimize the damage done He can also three-shot archers, princess and dart goblin. It’s not too strong, but it is effective. It’s worth remembering this interaction for when these troops are supported behind a tank In terms of real game play, how do you use him? He has two major functions: The first function is to defend against major beat down pushes He wrecks a giant, night witch, and musketeer And literally deals twelve hundred damage to the tower because that giant is in position for him to perfectly chip the tower

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  1. I got him in shop today but ill wait fkr bandot lr log and then get 12 k which is needed for another legy whoch will be ram rider

  2. Sometimes the magic does not come from inside but from the name

    The sense in nonsense is useful unless the sense is taken out

  3. Thank you for making this video I recently got magic archer and I thought he was one of the worst legendaries now I know how to use him and he is AMAZING!

  4. Hey thanks so much now I know how to use it! (That is what I would say if I actually had the card)

  5. Magic archer:I’m op just look at me I’m magic and I can shoot the princess even when there’s someone in front of me

    Executioner:HOLD MY VODKA

  6. 2016 Goblin Barrel
    2019 Is The Hog Earth Quake Inferno Tower Still Dead?
    I swear this is the Oj time line lol
    Edit: will this Get a pin?

  7. Well, this video alone helped me push another 500 trophies from 4500 to 5000 with a average level of lvl 9.5 XD

  8. Uses 4 elixer magic archer for 3 elixer bandit

    poSTivE EliXeR tRaDe
    Edit:omg thx for all the likes wait i didnt get any

  9. Man I wish Supercell never nerfed the magic archer. Still a good card, but he gets totally outclassed these days unless you're pretty good with him. He's high skill cap.

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