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How to Use a Recurve Bow | Archery Lessons

August 11, 2019

All right. Archery bows come in all different shapes
and sizes, depending on what you want to do with archery. This is the basic bow. This is called a recurve bow because it has
a recurve on it. It curves and recurves. What happens with this recurve, it gives the
bow more power. Because, as you open it up, the spring effect
of the recurve shoots the arrow out a lot faster than just a straight bow. This is really the most common kind of bow
today. This is the type of bow that’s used in the
Olympics because it’s known world wide. That’s why it’s allowable in the Olympics,
because anybody in the world has access to this type of bow. This particular bow is a basic bow. It has a wood handle and it has limbs that
are attached to the wood handle. That makes it, actually, a very good bow for
a beginner, because the limbs actually, can be changed to different poundages. As the beginner improves and strengthens,
he can change, he or she can change the poundage of the bow. The bow’s main part is called the riser. The riser contains an arrow rest where the
arrow rests on. It’s an elevated arrow rest, so that as the
arrow passes the bow, the arrow doesn’t interfere, or the bow doesn’t interfere with the arrow. This is what we call a basic bow.

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  1. so glad they taught me soo much like propper finger placement and how to  aim and how to shoot all i can say is 10/10 best tutorial on the internet for shooting bows

  2. 00:13 does anyone else see how arrow is attached to the string slightly up. Do they ever explain why to do it like that ?

  3. First off her mechanics are way off especially the release hand she did not get the first rule of archery one finger on top of the arrow and two beneath the arrow but hey what do i know watching movies and watching the Olympic archery i guess are doing it wrong. I think if they are going to instruct people on archery they should find someone that knows what they are doing.

  4. my god this is ridiculous. A recurve is not a basic bow. they use compounds in the olympics. A 3 finger under is not the olympic style of shooting. This guy does not know what he is talking about  

  5. how do the limbs change the poundage? are they thicker or longer? how do you get more draw weight into a recurve.

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  7. Hmmmm, she is nice!, I would love to play with her Fletchings!!, or even split her aarow!, lovely, please show some naked archery! !

  8. Wow good bow for beginner? Yeah true but she doesnt even know how to shoot it right (two fingers, one above and one under the arrow) and they cal this a recurve bow lesson

  9. Hey I have been looking for a bow that is all dark wood and won't break the bank (as in under 200 preferably). I prefer takedown recurves but all the ones I have been able to find have light colored wood or striping that affects my depth perception and results in a less accurate shot. Do you have any suggestions of a make and model that might be a good fit for me?
    Best, Madeline

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  12. not useful tips i suppose i only confused about 1 thing and that is if your right handed do you hold the bow with that hand or would use use that hand to pull the arrow as your main hand will always have more strength than your other hand

  13. That is not why it is in the olympics. The way they shoot in the olympics is not easily attainable, sights, veins, stabilizers, etc is expensive and can be hard to get. It is because it takes more skill then a compound or Genesis.

  14. To the girl: you should get your thumb off of the string while drawing, close your thumb in your hand, release seems static (I'm not sure)

  15. Even though beginners use the method of not holding the arrow between their fingers, it's preferred that the arrow should be held under the index finger and above the middle and ring fingers. And her elbow should be pointed outwards (not facing inwards towards the bow) otherwise the string will (and it did) hit her elbow when it recoils.

  16. I'm assuming you guys never shot archery before, read the wikipedia page, then thought it was good idea to put this up?

  17. I am a young teen that really wants to get into archery. I did it a lot in archery in elementary school, which was about 3 years ago. I really want to have my own. I have a few questions about it if anyone can answer?

    Do you have to have a lot of upper arm strength?

    Rate from 1-10 how dangerous is it to a younger inexperienced person like me?

    Does it take along time to master?

    What type is the easiest?

    Is it okay if it's made out of plastic, not wood?

    Thank you a lot! Please comment. ❤️

  18. The wood "handle" is the riser and on Olympic bows you an get different poundage limbs too, not just beginner bows

  19. The bow that is being used is called a take down recurve bow. A standard recurve bow has limbs that cannot be detached. The bow used by Oliver Queen/Green Arrow on the show Arrow is a Oneida Eagle Kestrel RH Kanati bow that has been painted to match his needs. It is a high end bow and is actually a hybrid Recurve/Compound bow. A longbow has more power than a recurve or compound, they can shoot targets up to a football field away while with even a 75lb draw weight recurve or compound they will only make half that distance because they are what are referred to as flat shooters while the longbow is an arc shooter because you have to raise the bow to make your long distance shots. They are long range weapons and are usually not seen at Archery ranges because most ranges aren't long enough for them and you will embed your arrows half their lengths into the range's targets and be unable to fetch them out. I've been bow hunting and range shooting for a grand total of 5 years.

  20. I hate this type of video because they tell you how to use your bow. Dont understand me wrang it can be good for beginers but in the end its not the technic that lets you hit the target. Everybody sould figure out his own way of hitting the target. Its about what works not what looks best or what most do.

  21. LOL that string oscillation though… You can tell right away that she uses a low poundage bow.

    And watching her left elbow not rotated making me cringe badly.

  22. umm does anyone think this dude has no clue what hes talking about? "uhh this is a recurve bow because it has a curve and a recurve"

  23. I love you videos least you have their shooting the boat isn't somebody wearing a bikini Air address in like their Armada let you know that doesn't quite you know that but anyways thank

  24. You want to teach people something when you do a mistake in holding the bowstring LOL.
    Your right elbow while holding a bowstring should be in a same line as your left hand holding a bow.

    And your right hand should be right under the arrow
    This was like 2-3cm under it, it should be 1cm

    It seems like no problem, but your arrow will not hit your wanted place

  25. This is a fishing rod. It is long and rod like and used to catch fish. Because you can use this rod to catch fish it is called a fishing rod and is used everywhere which is why it is used in a lot of places. It bends when it needs to because it needs to bend when bending is needed. String goes through these little string hoops on the fishing stick and a tiny anchor is tied to the string. The anchor weighs the string down into the water just like it would on a boat. You can fish from a boat and often boats are used to fish with and they call them fishing boats.

  26. I’ve been doing archery ever since I was 6 and that was 13 years ago. I’ve never seen anyone draw back like that and I certainly don’t recommend it. I would recommend the three finger pull index finger above arrow and middle and ring finger underneath it. 🙂

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