How to Use a Rangefinder for Hunting
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How to Use a Rangefinder for Hunting

February 15, 2020

How to Use a Rangefinder [INTRO MUSIC]>>JIMMY HAMILTON: What’s up everybody, this
is Jimmy from Vortex and today we’re going to talk about laser rangefinders.>>JIMMY HAMILTON: Rangefinders are the perfect
tool for achieving the ultimate accuracy when you’re hunting. Whether it’s from a treestand on deer or
other animals that might come out as close as 10 or 20 yards, or you’re hunting long
range somewhere out west, for example.>>JIMMY HAMILTON: The nice thing about rangefinders
is that they’re really simple and straightforward to use. You look through them just like any other
optic and you scan the field and find the animal that you’re hoping to go after. Once you’ve found it, you’re going to
push the measure button and you’ll see a crosshair show up in your field of view, similar
to like you’d see in a riflescope.>>JIMMY HAMILTON: Once you’ve put that crosshair
right over the animal or maybe it’s a tree or rock next to an animal that you’re trying
to get a range on, push that measure button one more time. The laser’s going to go out and come back
to your rangefinder and it’s going to give you the reading on the distance to that exact
target in yards or meters.>>JIMMY HAMILTON: We all want to put as accurate
and ethical a shot on an animal as we possibly can when we’re out there hunting. If we just simply find the animal and do a
total guesswork as far as how far away it is in order to get proper ballistics or a
holdover or whatever you need in your bow or your rifle, then we’re not guaranteed
to get that great shot on an animal.>>JIMMY HAMILTON: Using a rangefinder takes
that guesswork out and it gives you a precise distance to the animal so that you can use
a ballistics solver, use the pins on your bow or whatever you have to then make that
really accurate shot and wind up filling your freezer.>>JIMMY HAMILTON: So, there you have it folks,
take the guessing game out of your shot and use these hunting Pro Tips to learn how to
use your rangefinder. [OUTRO MUSIC]

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