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How to Use a Modern Compound Bow | Archery Lessons

August 10, 2019

Here at Queen’s Archery, when we teach modern
compound bow shooting, we use a hybrid bow. The hybrid bow is much easier to use, but
you learn the same technique as the compound bow. Without having the effort of pulling back
a heavier bow. This is the hybrid bow. It looks just like a compound. And we shoot it exactly the same way. With a compound bow, we do have the availability
of more accessories, which will actually help you. For instance, you can see that on a compound
bow we have a sighting system. We have a rear sight system. We have a loop on the string, in order to
put a trigger release into. And that’s the way you shoot a compound bow,
is with a trigger release. So a compound bow is much more accurate than
a recurve or traditional bow. We’re going to demonstrate the proper form
of compound shooting. Again, we take an arrow out of our quiver. Place it on the bow the same way, by clicking
the back of the bow onto the string. And the front of the arrow rests on the arrow
rest. Now we put the trigger release into the loop,
locking it onto that so that it does not slip out. And we go into the rest position. Same as before. Rest position’s the same. Ready position is the same. Bending the arm, lifting the elbow. Now comes the difference. When we pull back, we’re going to anchor,
instead of on the corner of the mouth, we’re going to anchor back by the neck. Thus placing the nose and the corner of the
mouth on the string. So that your eye can look through the rear
peep. So we’re going to pull back, anchor, look
through the rear peep, aim with the front sight, then place our finger on the trigger,
and pull. Perfect shot.

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  1. I went to the archery range yesterday to buy a bow. When I asked for a certain bow, I got glared at and asked if I was a Hunger Games fan. Have fun!!

  2. I'm glad it is getting hot again. I love archery and I'm glad that people are interested in the sport again.

  3. ha ha he should be happy people are now buying bows because they realize how cool it is due to the Hunger Games.

  4. That's not how to use a bow, that's information on a bow. I already own a bow with a great pull, (guy said 80 and it has special things to feel like 50), how the hell do I aim it?

  5. I'm curious. Keep in mind, I know nothing about bows (yet), but I want to prepare for survival situations. In other worlds, I want to be able to hunt with a bow. Let's say you're dropped in the middle of a forest with nothing but a bow and some arrows to catch your next meal. What kind of bow would you want to have, knowing that you may be stuck in this environment for years, possibly? What would be long-lasting, light, and efficient for hunting. This also assumes you're at least competent.

  6. The bow is the very least thing you should think about. You can have the best bow in the world, but if you don't know how to find deer, it won't be of any use.
    Let alone finding water ,etc.
    Any type of bow will be able to put down a deer , but compounds are the easiest to use. Anyone can get accurate with those within a week , out to 20yrd plus.
    Crossbows would be even easier to use.

  7. Thanks for the answer, and don't worry about the other survival stuff. I have been learning all about trapping, tracking, fishing, navigation, etc. in the meantime; I'm not stupid.

  8. Well in that case, the best bow would be a traditional recurve or longbow, because it requires very little maintenance and pretty much anything on it can be done by hand without a whole set of tools and machines to just change the string.
    It would also be a lot easier to get proper arrows and new strings on those bows. Compound strings have to be incredibly durable and the arrows have to be very stiff. I don't think you could even shoot wooden arrows well with a compound.

  9. Hmm, so it's low-maintenance vs. easy to use; easier repair vs. increased accuracy. You've really given me a lot to consider and I think I will be able to make a wiser decision. Thanks!

  10. Still learning, actually. I do a lot of research online, then I try it out for real, because experience is the best teacher.

  11. well good luck on your survival practice and hope to see you become better than Bear Grylls and if you do please make tutorial videos they would be awesome. happy new year.

  12. im just saying… i always liked bows before it became this sudden big thing in the last couple of years.

  13. Hate to sound imprudent but most on here are here because of this beautiful archer 🙂 myself included!

  14. God I cannot stand listening to that dude talk… Just speak bro quit sonding like your struggling through the script they're holding up behind the camera Jesus Christ

  15. I would have laughed my nuts off if the string had slipped the cam when this doosh was torquing the bow while demonstrating the let off. For the ignorant viewers, this guy knows diddly. Never draw a compound like that!

  16. Please don't listen to this video guys. Please visit a reputable pro shop and have them teach you. This guy is damn hopeless. Not to mention he has a death grip ( kung fu grip ) on the bow wile pulling it back with his fingers, string derailment can and in his case will happen 1 day. He moves his eyes wile he talks, basicly saying (i have no idea what i am talking about, i am being paid to do this) You probably won't see this because these guys will delete this comment. Please ignore this rubbish guys. Also he doesn't even mention how to shoot it lmao, howcast is a fail. do yourselves a favor and unsub from these noobs please. Happy shooting, and remember you don't need a high priced bow to shoot well. Best of luck to you new archers. Ps I'm new myself and still know that this guy is a complete noob, ask reputable pro shops, those guys will tell you the same thing if you don't believe me

  17. Dude, put an arrow in that thing if you are going to pull back. Not sure I would trust this guy if you are looking for a good instructional video from a real expert!

  18. Absolutely awesome bow.>>> My 10 year old child thoroughly enjoyed it! It's the customary bow for their tournaments and so he was already using this in school. The added bonus of the other colors and items made it more fun for her.

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