How to Use a Mechanical Bow Release | Archery Lessons
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How to Use a Mechanical Bow Release | Archery Lessons

August 13, 2019

All right, basically when you have a mechanical
release being used with a hunting bow, or any compound bow for that manner, a caliper
release is the best type to use. Caliper release means that it opens both sides
at the same time. Can you see it? Now, when you have a caliper release, you
can then put a loop on the string. The loop actually makes it easier for you
to hook the release up. And when you pull back, the loop around the
arrow creates a situation where, as you pull back, the string perpendicular to the arrow. It doesn’t actually angle as you pull back. Which would happen with a T-release, but I’ll
show you that in a minute. What I want you to do is put an arrow on here
Vicki, and then put the caliper on the loop. Now, if you focus in on where the arrow is
making contact to the strong. Hook it up. As she pulls back you’ll notice that the arrow
stays perpendicular to the string. So that when you release the string, the arrow
gets pushed out by a perpendicular string rather than an angled string. Now, with a T-release, I’ll take another arrow. The T-release gets hooked on under the arrow. It doesn’t get hooked on to the loop. So, when you come up, and turn your hand,
you notice that there’s an angle where the arrow actually hooks on to the string. And when she releases it, that angle has to
first click forward and then push out. Of course, it’s faster than the eye can see. So, when you’re setting up a bow with a T-release,
you always want to have some kind of a support under so it doesn’t jam up against the knock
of the arrow. When you’re setting up with a caliper release,
you always want to use a loop around the string.

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  1. Gay bows, gay items, I have my wood arrow with normal rope and no item for release, much more plausible effect than a gay bow

  2. It's as though he's teaching what he thinks is right, after about 20 minutes down the pub talking to someone who's mate does archery.

  3. wow, her arm is NOT trained. she needs to twist it straight; i learnt that when i was still shooting a long bow
    her first shot was low
    they're shooting at like, what, 10 metres?
    he's completely illiterate
    and good day.

  4. Whoa whoa, hold up. Why is there no feather centered and straight up? And who needs a little hoop for that assist? I had to get my old, way too small bow just to check this stuff.

  5. The low hit is probably because the cocking vane was down, and the second shot it was up. While, with this kind of rest, the cocking vane should be pointing out.

  6. Is he trying to say you don't need a d-loop to use a release? okay, now i am convinced this guy has no fucking clue about what he is talking about.

  7. she should learn not to hyper extend her arm like that, that's how u hit your arm, time and time again. She also needs a proper anchor point. ie under the chin, and string on tip of nose. this allows consistent shooting. These videos are awful, i don't know why i even bother commenting smh. 🙁

  8. Teaching people archery with a girl that can´t shoot for shit by dude that doesn´t know shit about archery. Brilliant, just brilliant….

  9. Wow those two are top level comedy performers!
    I wonder if somebody got hurt while shooting these epsiodes… 🙂

  10. so much wrong with this the arrow was upside down and that "loop" is called a d-loop and that girls shoot is so bad there at like 10 yards that is a shoot i can make a 50 with my recurve. so much wrong with this

  11. She is sooooo shooting this bow wrong. You don't hold the bow! You let it rest in the crease of your hand and DON'T WRAP YOUR FINGERS AROUND IT! It will cause the bow to be unsteady, hindering your supreme accuracy. And PLEASE DO NOT PUNCH THE TRIGGER LIKE SHE DID! You only rest your finger on it and pull back your whole arm slowly. Not expecting the shot. When you punch/pull the trigger like that, then you cause the bow to move which causes inconsistent accuracy!

  12. She needs to change her grip on the bow, she has a death grip on the handle. Also she needs to bend her elbow so that the string doesn't brush against or hit her left elbow. The way she puts an arrow on the string is not correct either, it took her forever and she has to move her bow a lot. Just saying :/

  13. I bought this Genesis bow for my grandson as he is in the archery program after school, now he doesn't have to use the generic bows to train with.>>> I have also bought a bow and we practice together. He enjoys shooting his own bow now and his placements are getting better.

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