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How to Use a Hybrid Bow | Archery Lessons

August 19, 2019

Alright. This is another type of bow. This is what we call a hybrid bow. It’s in between the recurve and the compound. A hybrid bow looks like a compound bow, and
when you shoot it, you shoot it the same way you would a compound bow. This is what we use a lot for training, because
it has no limitations. Compound bow is also built basically the same
way, with a riser section, and limbs on either end. The difference between a compound bow and
a recurve bow is that it’s mechanically aided by the use of, of cams and wheels. By, by putting a cam on the end of the bow
with pulleys, it acts kind of like a uh, pulley system that reduces the weight of the bow. In other words, when you pull the bow back,
the cams and the pulleys interact in order to make the bow actually easier to pull and
hold. When you shoot it, then the power of the bow
is transferred into the arrow more efficiently, and this is why the compound bow is becoming
more and more popular.

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  1. Why did you bring that girl into the video? and I watched the whole of it just to see an arrow flying into one of those targets!

  2. Fuck this bullshit, I still don't know how to use a hybrid bow!! And fuck HowCast, I miss the old days where you'd be learning how to make a wallet out of duckt tape and shit.. this is just fucking retarded. Unsubbing now bitchesszz

  3. dear youtube user,
    What should howcast care about. I think you should run the show there seems like you would be good.

  4. This did not teach me how to use a hybrid bow. It only told me the difference between two different bows..

  5. It's a 'hybrid bow' bow because it has no set draw length. They usually use it to find someone's draw length. Love how ridiculous these videos are

  6. @HeavenlySpork Actually they didn't even do that really, because they never explained how the hybrid is different from either. But as for how to shoot it they did say you shoot it like a compound bow.

  7. This is a compound bow. 
    The only bow that is a true hybrid is an Oneida, which is exactly between a recurve and a compound.

  8. I'm certain that this gentleman is quite knowledgeable . But he kind of gets off point quite often .
    Maybe if he were to use a script, and que cards he'd be a bit more effective.

  9. I meant no disrespect, I am serious about the que cards or script. I am also serious about your knowledge. I'm probably about your age, or possibly a bit older. I am new to Archery though, and I must confess, I too was looking at the chicken. oh well..

  10. This was a little misleading. The cams actually make the bow harder to draw until you are near full draw where they make it much easier. This way you store more energy AND separate storing the energy from aiming the bow – you are holding against less force at full draw. It is much easier to aim holding 15 pounds than holding 60 at full draw. Finally, if anything, one might expect the recurve to be more efficient in transferring the stored energy to the arrow as there is less stuff being accelerated … all that hardware … than there is on a compound. But, since you stored so much more energy (because the bow was harder to draw over much of its travel), the arrow comes out with twice the energy than it would from a recurve with the same peak draw weight.

  11. That's just the original compound bow as developed by Wil Allen in 1966 before they started putting parallel limbs on them.
    What's hybrid about it?

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