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HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR CHI | Mantak Chia on London Real

August 12, 2019

For me. You know, it’s good to be just do some simple Exercise okay in the sitting position Because we are a very simple if we understand a simple way is that? We are 70% water the same thing like Earth or [the] 70% of Ocean water and 30% of Earth that we stay on now. We have 70% so the Earth the whole Key is the ball the fluid is Laia body so one body Five major Ocean is one body So when you have a wave from here, go forever It’s in line timeless keep on and now high tide low tide It can be a 10,000 mile away, High Tide there and low tide here. So the water are moving [like] this. We have the same so we have the fluid inside and Everything is a fluid floating So the first step in a dowser, hey The most does first step we have [the] spinal cord [free-floating] in the spine, okay? And when we sit we sit on a pump So that we have a secrum pump and cranium pump okay. [it’s] [a] major part, so a very simple exercise We say moving the spine of a fluid and the brain fluid So what we do with inhale, we call it. We inhale you expand your chest, okay? You expand your stomach and your neck go like this, (…ohh Okay, you can go now okay) ..and your chin up and now when you exhale you curve down So you curve everything down now? inhale exhale good enough that you [feel] because we have a To tendon [then] when you clip them we activate the pump ok inhale exhale you know smile breathing in call the light into your spine and your brain and exhale Cloudy and greater than out [sometimes] we just let go all the emotion or everything down to the [cloud] so you know exhale you know Exhale….. now when you do for a while you rub your hand warm and you cover the secrum and you cranium, so Now when you when you rest for a while, you can really feel like you feel that warm your secrum one and your cranial. This is the cranial pump So we have a family call. We stand up, so the doll said when we stand up we last 24 story high So people live on the top floor or on the tenth floor or 20 floor the most important is water from no [water]. We finish it okay electricity water everything so when you feel that when you move them something move and Now when you can feel them Okay, conscious feel about some something moving and it’s moving we call the beginning practicing the chi, okay? The energy the Chief picture your sochi flow So when you feel that warm night and your host and your rec woman when you [say] mine and you feel your host fine [nice] and [warm] and [you] know that’s how [the] food co-op when you inhale oops we go up when you excel The sequel now you know So your [you’re] circum and lumbar have to move because the doubt that we have seven times Very important because we are pump if we sit too long. We sit on [a] pump okay, and the time don’t work okay? We don’t work what we do with high it exhausting okay, and we depending on coffee Or some people depending on a smoke to stimulate the body To keep up with food the body to keep us energy okay, okay? There’s no key okay, and now this is the flow now We have two third of the fluid is in here two thirds of food, so we started with the Spine of the well [covers] [and] [that] breathing technique was to get the spinal fluid going okay? You would do that longer normally we nanak [relax] few the energy flow another nine nine, we’re Gonna Do nine nine eighteen or Twenty or Thirty six that’s a good number of you, so you would do that, and you rat you feel the flow nice That is how we call energy okay? You feel chi flow okay? And then you warm your heads and you put it here afterwards we gotta go [through] [Pam] automatic parts to warm them up Okay, the warm em up and you feel there’s something moving okay, and you do this sitting down Or you do that standing up to standing up is the best is the best for that exercise, okay, okay? I am except but the next one we be right here because this is the fluid right this is the most important part [more] important [apply] because 2/3 of the Fluid come in here, okay? because [we] have all the organs we have the Leeward [picks] almost what a blood kidney take so much blood that makes more Interesting when we eat so much blood coming to take nutrition everything it’s a so much blood right and the whole key is the sickness It comes from the [Cichlids] come from that when the fluid don’t flow okay, okay? And the peclet now every sickness come okay, let me take so many million and million of Metal try to seek this organ problem when you walk through like a western [hospital], and you see all these sick people Do you just think? Then why don’t they just get breathing get the play wood moving and they would have them would be out of the hospital they see All of them with yeah, I have so many students that come me. They so sick like in France this time They [say] I’m came here two days only they say I feel so much better just By this breathing by the fluid flow aware of the fluid flow and aware the time being can start [Qi] and now they have Because they drain themselves and victims you keep on using your mobile telephone in the tongue you don’t talk them It’s kind of gone. Okay is so now it [was] very cynical as in here We said we we have lower abdominal yeah middle, okay apple, okay, so lower part We have sexual organ okay, and we have Elimination there is the last in testing in here. We have small in testing The exception and keep me and here we have all [the] digestion People don’t care about that okay, and People so stressful stress we come not the western day the definition Is that stress is when you in stress we call fight and fire [export] you are photo wall Or you’re running [ok] fight-or-flight response or stress okay? And now when you are in them When you’re in the resting mode we call policy meeting mode you’re in rack and detention, okay? but when you stress Digestion nearly [Slowdown] or not digestion. Okay now. No, no food supply We’re going to we’re going to lose the wall okay, [and] there’s a [couple] people then so people Business is war That’s it. Yeah in the olden [time]. We will make [wall] when we have wall [is] still have to finish But business, we never finish We after one wall But they finished next year budget more budget more sell more pushing muscle new product knitting We are keep on pushing note non-stop. Okay, when [we’re] working non-stop you fight and 5x bond now what you’re going to do you slow down the digestion you sold out the extraction and You slow down all the elimination be big trouble the number one elimination is the lung The number two elimination is the kidney the manometry admission is a large intestine? Long if we don’t breathe fuming if we die? Keep me if don’t filter three day. We die three or four [day] also learn up every night and laughing testing maybe one week or blow up also, but breathing and The fluid flow free throw in what with the breathing? But so if we put the hand here yeah hello, a lower Abs your lower abdominal I cut that is the set [walking] and it’s a lower ocean is the lower part, okay? If this want to move nothing move okay? It’s the lower half so you really simple except you except for $10 stomach in how you put your finger And some people in a warmer place they can use the mouth And when you night on your ass you see and you feel? The Cheekbone is deep after you exercise your right to feel the energy and you learn how [to] control and you learn how to guide the energy and the fluid flow and It is flow win when wind blow The wave go when knowing no way, okay? We know where oh my can’t you in the seaside say? Oh my gosh, so hot [and] the fish and everything cannot grow awesome, okay? No wind no Chino. Nothing flow okay. Energy and what am I doing? I’m breathing what you should [said] short breaths and all you in now. Yeah, [except] pushing a button by pushing in pushing yeah, and if you can learn how slowly to squeeze the organ because This one in the dow we said this is the second and the third heart Okay, okay [you] got heart pumping but if you [doing] this one here pumping so now in the middle is the big one achmed Oh [yes], so you know the same same thing, okay now Emphasize you [squeeze] them squeeze in And your rat and you wrap your RaVi 1-1 [wow] [wow] [wow] now when you want energy flow When mep fo the blood the Chi the fluid flow I see everything [studied] for food [that] stuff also flow Okay, yeah now digestion also, so now elimination also started to flow okay everything The whole Key is like Light like the water pipe, okay? And it is packed nothing flows all forming all coming with a big humming you sit right in a very big funding okay? Now when you read it the time, you can feel the energy Okay, now we come up to the upper [part] yeah. Oh yeah, there is all the digestion People have all the digestion like blow up not digestion and [the] problem cannot digest food well No, you’re not energy. You are no resupply digestion of food you have no resupply No resupply you get weak and sick now you get Everything go, okay? So the same if you put your hand near lever on the right hand side right hand side stomach on the left and this pencast So you inhale? Now when you say nighttime you right, and you [search] Away warm nice. Energy Gather the energy collect energy and focus on energy Now you start to say hey, I feel warm inside now you will learn how to with focus the Chi and later on you’ll learn how to move the chi weaker with the mind and The focus my eye hat we call focusing focus concentration and and Just focus on it now, you can move the energy and the black [follow], okay? That is the we call the big fruit okay now that how long would you do that? So the lower ones how many breaths would you do nice nice. Good [nine], okay? And you after you rest you feel something you do another [nine] [the] [no] effect And the [per] [step] so [t] set a four set is 36, okay. It’s good number Okay, if you can do that I don’t know how people don’t get sick, okay? And that’s not [that] four sets of [nine] on the bottom Right or set to none in the middle right forces in on the top and how hard are you pushing in three hearts that you? Can as hard as you can low no, okay? Quickly increase the whole key like you squeeze something out of it that yes okay, now with the next one is the [Hardener] Line is the rib cage okay, and this one we call Actually the heart in what with a heart, so we call the heart is a communication Because heart is connecting so hard when you really love the one connection a Lot of people will catch a block so the heart cannot open okay, so when you eat when you excel You cook in your case You know Expand and you [fill] the heart the lung open excel club in in out Expand to the Scapula together on the back open your [chest] exhale Sings free the lung and I have very small inhale Expand My skI, [okay] [smile], okay, 2x out inhale exhale And you’re right, and you just feel your heart open. Love joy. Happy When you feel a little happy everything started to move haha pump So you know that believe that when you do this? You’re increasing to hot Drink Iii heart including four hands 402 three and four okay, you have more heart to do thing continue watching this fascinating conversation For free by clicking on the link below to visit our website one from the best minds in the world and connect with a community of passionate people building the best versions of themselves Just click on the link below and I’ll see you on the inside

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  1. I dont listen to chia,because not only did he allow his agent kris,a scizo,harm me bt the latter tried to ruin my life,and colluded with others to conspire.i know he copied my ideas about healing,but tried to trap me in healing tao.i siffered,but look healtier then him.he reached a dead end ,whilst i got places to go.they should be beware of ttheir karma.

  2. There are some contraindications to much of these, including the breathing. In particular those who suffer cardiac health issues such as ischemic heart disease, heart failure, autonomic failure etc..I tried these breathing inc pranayama, and worsened considerably, was told to giveup by the teacher. Same for some Qi Gong, worsened to such an extent, endedup in hospital. Beware, can cause serious side effects.

  3. He is very physical but taiji is very spiritual way to get chi.Not need a very harsh exercise relax and try to dance. You will be chifull. Very dumb master.

  4. Great video! I use ancient Egyptian electrical technology called "cylinders of the pharaoh" which are copper and zinc cylinders filled with quartz crystal capable of producing up to 1.5 volts while holding them! They can be purchased on Amazon for only 29.99

  5. Hello my friend I am very much upset please help me. My penis is numb and this happened since I have been sitting on computer for any hours at the border of my bed in odd position , one day I felt numbness acutely in my penis while sitting at the edge of the bed wooden so I got up immediately and manipulated my penis with hand and sensitivity returned back but then I lost sensitivity after a few days and I have no sensitivity on cock and scrotal area, I have errcetions but no sensitivity. I know some nerves are compressed , when I go for intercourse I feel intense pain on ring of circmcission ring. please help me thanks

  6. These are unique traditional skills in the Primary contexts that still exist. However, the Westerners in the secondary context rejected it through modernism and postmodernism ideologies. Let's revive it.

  7. How I wish there are subtitles! I tried turning on CC (close captions) and it was hilarious what displayed…I turned it off. This is a very good video with valuable teaching.

  8. These breathing exercises are extremely helpful. Thank you so much! I also love the way the interviewer facilitated this segment. Thank you so much! 🙂

  9. I asked this question to several Qi Gong masters, whom I met, and on YT. I am very ill, following vaccines two meds and galdo,inium toxicites. All systems have been affected from head to toes, told by western doctors also damaged at DNAmt level, ion channels dysfunction and a long list of diagnosis. Unable to do breathing exercises, massages, autonomic issues, lungs, heart, etc..
    1. Why is it that each time I practiced or saw an energy healer, symptoms worsened, sometimes seriously?
    2. Is it because basically the electrical pulses between cells potassium, calcium channels between cells do not function? Homeopathy, acupuncture, Qi Gong healing, Tui Na, Jyorie and many more all considerably worsened my health. Could you perhaps flag where to start???
    3. If the Qi is very very low, how can you heal yourself? Would you not deplete yourself further? There is an issue with eating following inhaling accidentally chemicals as well as three toxicities from meds causing serious allergies, thus, led to diagnosed malnutrition. Can only three single foods, which is having serious consequences. How then can Qi Gong help? Little strength, bedridden, very diseased, including heart failure, etc..Thank you.

  10. The interviewer got very excited in breathing.. XD 9:22 , He got More Excited when 10:46 😛 …. Anyway I`m gonna practice those techniques… Looks good!

  11. u can observed that the interviewer breathing is not smooth for the abdominal part….his qi flowing just insync with the nature yet..

  12. A usual, at least 90% of the comments are ego centered (people trying to show or prove something), sophomoric, useless, and should be refrained from. "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt." Hopefully I've saved some of you some time wading through them.

  13. Chi, we the Spiritual Satanist call it vril. We are for truth, knowlege and balance. Learn more about the powers of the mind and soul on Joy of Satan .org

  14. Some people think Spirituality is related to a specific religion like budhism etc but it has nothing to do with it. Pakistan is attached with china that is why there are several muslim saints like Baba Lal shah who lived a long life without so little food and he used to have company of snow leopards. People were amazed how he can control these creatures, he did not even feed them.

  15. I deeply appreciate your work conducting this interview with Master Mantak Chia. I feel i'm so benefited from this Master Chia's knowledge. Thanks s o o o o o o o o much!

  16. How do I learn chi iv tried but people won't train unless they know you there's not really a lot of vids on ti chi or chi I just want to meditation not combat

  17. Many thanks, I been tryin to find out about "learning powerful methods to build your Chi energy" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Fellmeroni Rudimentary Chi – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my m8 got excellent results with it.

  18. This is glorious, I have been researching "learning powerful methods to build your Chi energy" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Fellmeroni Rudimentary Chi – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my co-worker got great results with it.

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  20. Winner of a video, I have been researching "learning powerful methods to build your Chi energy" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about – Fellmeroni Rudimentary Chi – (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my m8 got cool success with it.

  21. Winner of a video, I have been researching "learning powerful methods to build your Chi energy" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Fellmeroni Rudimentary Chi – (just google it ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my cousin got great results with it.

  22. This channel has some of the best and some of the very worst videos.
    Worst – an evil Muslim terrorist (who is now free in Britain again) who had the host suck up to and portray as a victim. Also worst, the evil criminal monster Bill Browder. Complete with a vile tone of anti-Russian racism.

    Mantak Chia and Nigel Benn were really good videos.
    I unsubscribed from this channel when a particularly vile platform was given to Browder and the terrorist.
    And as the host has no intention of removing the trash ones, I won't be resubscribing.

    Its a shame because some real quality stuff is here. He doesn't need to give platforms to lowlives.

  23. It WORKED!,THE SPINAL FLUID(Chi) MOVEMENT EXERCISE WORKS!!….Within FEW REPS,The Pain in My back Gone!,MY Lethargy Also Gone!,& Feeling The Body Sooo Energetic!!…I LOVE THIS GUY(MANTAK) NOW Iam Gonna Follow This Mans Teaching on Net!…

  24. When you can feel Chi with just thought alone I.e energy you can move it with just intent thought Chi / Energy follows Yi / Mind in Chinese understanding.

    This is so very true this is very similar to Yoga Pranayama & Lions breath Bhastrika

    The breath is the life
    Thanks Mantak Chia &
    Brian Rose :)>

  25. I would like him to talk about the magnetic energy whether he describes it as Chi also as for years it has felt like I have beams coming out of my hand energy centres / chakras.

  26. This is an invaluable teaching. FYI the noteworthy breathing exercise begins at : 12:00 min. THANK you London Real. STILL watching in 2019.

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