How to Stop Your Cats From Scratching Furniture
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How to Stop Your Cats From Scratching Furniture

August 29, 2019

All right. Fine, Jackson, fine. You told me all about
declawing and how terrible it. Is And fine, fine, I
won’t declaw my cat. My cat is still
wrecking my house. My cat is scratching
up my furniture. My cat is scratching me. I don’t want my cat to scratch. Now what do I do? Well, calm down Sleepless
in Scratchville. It’s time to get catified. If you watched episode
about declawing, you know exactly where
I fall on the matter. I mean, I made myself
pretty clear, right? Don’t do it. Don’t do it. It’s inhumane, it’s cruel,
it’s unusual, it’s unnecessary. And it rarely works in
solving behavioral problems. It usually makes
other ones crop up. And did I tell you it hurts? You said, find. And you said it in
loud, loud ways. I mean, thank you
by the way, people. The way you’re coming out,
team Cat Mojo in force, right? How do you live with
a cat and her claws? Well, I’m going to tell you it. There’s a few things we
have to bear in mind. Scratching is a
necessity for cats. It’s not a luxury. Cats need to, first
of all, exercise the top part of their body. It’s a nice way to grab
something and pull down and get that exercise. Also, it’s a really important
part of marking territory. Now remember, Cat Mojo 101. Cats need to own places. If they don’t own places, they
become very, very insecure and anxious, and they
act out in other ways. If it is a necessary, if cats
do need to scratch, well then, what are we going
to do about that? The first thing that we
do is trim their nails. You take either a nail trimmer
or a human nail clipper, or the ones that they
sell in the stores that are more like systems,
whatever suits your fancy. You press the cat’s pad. And boink, out comes the nail. All you’ve got to do
is take off the tip. You don’t have to
take off that part where the red meets the white. You don’t have to worry
about hurting them that way. You don’t worry
about what we call quicking them, which is
hitting that blood supply and making everyone unhappy. Just bump, and it’s done. It’s also the approach, folks. Just act as if you’re just
walking up and you’re say hi. And things will get
much, much easier. Also, catch them napping. I mean, when your cat’s
sleeping or just waking up, you’re having a lazy
moment together. You can have clippers
by the side of your bed. All you’re doing is getting
the nail out and clipping. If every time you
touch your cat’s paws, they’re going to get clipped? Then they’re not going
to let you do it. So associate it with positive
things, a nice quiet time. And then maybe you
only get one nail while you’re sitting there. That’s fine. Because over the course
of a couple days, you’ll get them all. The next thing that we want
to start thinking about is where they’re scratching. Remember, it’s
territorially important. There’s two human scent
soakers– your couch and your bed. Where do you spend the
most part of your time when you get home from work? Your couch and your bed. And that’s where
your scent is strong. It’s a scent soaker. And because of that,
your cat is going to want to compliment
your scent with theirs. In the show, you’ve seen this,
I’m sure, a million times. I get redundant. The yes and the no. Behind every no,
there has to be a yes. If we don’t want them scratching
on the arm of the chair, we have to say, well, this
location is still important. Let’s say you use a
product like Sticky Paws. Sticky Paws is
double-sided sticky tape that is actually designed not
to actually stick to your couch. But when your cat touches
it, it’s kind of tacky and they don’t like it. OK, we’ll say no, and put sticky
paws down the arm of the couch. But right next door, there
has to be a scratching post. There has to be a scratching
post that works for them so that they can compliment
your scent with them, and leave a visual and scent
marker in a territorially crucial area. What makes a good
scratching post? All right, let’s
talk about that. The first thing is
a nice wide base, because if your cat goes to
scratch down and the thing wobbles, well then,
the couch wins. Does your cat prefer corrugated
cardboard or sisal rope or carpeting or natural wood? What is it your cat likes? There are a lot
of nice scratches out on the market there. But you’ve got to sometimes look
in different places, you know? You don’t want to just go
for the first one you see, and then get mad
when it doesn’t work. In a situation where
you have young children, or if you’re immune
compromised, things like that– which in the past
were kind of given reasons to declaw a cat– you can think
of something like Soft Paws. And Soft Paws is a brand
name, but there are other ones out there. They’re basically
just vinyl nail tips. They go on. They don’t hurt,
nothing like that. And the only downside is
that after a month or so, they’re just going to pop
off as the nail grows. And then you trim the
nails and do it again. It is a way that there’s
no way that the nails can do any damage. I like that to be
sort of a last resort. Because why do it? Why go through all
the aggravation if you don’t have to? Plus. I like accommodating
the raw cat. We want cats to be confident
in the areas that they scratch. We want them to assert
themselves territorially. We just want them to
do it in the place that we want them to do
it, and not in the place we don’t want them to do it. Don’t forget, you can start
this when they’re young. I mean seriously, if you are
clipping your cat’s claws and giving them the yes and the
no, and they’re a young kid, you will not have a
problem as they grow up. And there’s a lot
of people out there who are like, why would
I compromise for my cat? You know, you’ve got children. You’ve got spouses and partners. And let me tell you
something, the compromise involved with those guys
dwarfs the needs of your cat. So listen, if you’ve got
to go out there and get a scratching post, you’ve
got to put some sticky tape on your couch, you’ve got
to go put Soft Paws on, you’ve got to clip
your cat’s nails. That’s the cost of having
a beautiful relationship with your cat. It is an invaluable
relationship, and beautiful in
every single way. Now you know everything
that you need to know– the basics,
anyway– on making sure that your furniture and
the people in your house stay safe while keeping
your cat’s claws intact. Now, in the meantime folks, you
can find me anywhere, right? Anywhere and everywhere. Find me Twitter, Facebook,
InstaGram, Google+. There’s no excuse. I am all over the place. Be sure to join me on
Wednesday, February 5. I’ll answer your questions. And we’re going to talk
more about declawing. So stay tuned for
more information. But man, get that on your
calendar and do it now. Hey, I’ve got to say
it one more time. Folks, thank you so
much for the support that you’re showing that last
video that I put out there. It’s getting circulated
far and wide. You are telling your friends. We are finally going to
get that message out. What’s the message? Declawing your cat is not OK. Anyhow folks, until
we talk next time. All light, all love,
all mojo to you. Muah. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. The fake nails don’t work, my cats chew them off within a day. Then they go about hitting my 3000 dollar leather couch. Yes they have scratching posts throughout the house but they prefer the fine texture of leather. Help!!!

  2. I have a scratching post that my cat uses quite frequently but she still heads towards the couch and scratches it. We also clip her claws too.

  3. If you think on declawing your cat, you don´t deserve to have one, you unresponsible and egotistical piece of shit.

  4. My cat likes sisal rope my husband got the cat scratching post with a hiding center in it and a flat 30 platform on the bottom and eight is hard for her to sit at ours is right next to our couch

  5. Have u seen the new Melissa McCarthy film called "Can You Ever Forgive Me?"? In the movie, her character takes her cat to the vet because it's likely in renal failure, and she encounters a women who has brought in her cat and says that she has brought in her cat to have it declawed. You should see the ass kicking that Melissa McCarthy's character gives this woman, lmao. It is priceless!!! She goes on to scream things like, "IT'S SO PAINFUL FOR YOUR CAT! WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO WALK AROUND LIKE YOU HAD GLASS IN YOUR SHOES?!?!?!" Oh, man. She let her have it! It was awesome! I just LOVE what you're doing for animals. Someone must educate these people. I hate that movies like the one that just hit cable is seemingly what it takes to get through to people, but i suppose, at least it's getting through, right? Again, ty so much for what u do. You're making such a difference. I hope u know that. Please take pride in knowing that u are truly making a difference. You're awesome.

    Lastly, i wish there was an app for people who wish to prepare their own dogs' meals. My has diabetes mellitus and can't have/eat certain foods due to allergies. He also lost a great deal of weight due to his diabetes diagnosis. He went from 90 lbs to under 70 lbs, so like 68 lbs or so. He'll be 11-yrs old in October. So, he's a senior and shouldn't have even more food items, like corn and grains. My point is that I'd LOVE to cook his own food so ik what he's getting, but i need recipes from a nutritionist…and CANNOT afford that. I can't even afford his insulin and actually buy human insulin from Wal-Mart, which my vet worked out last time i saw her. Anyway, someone could make a killing with an app like this. Js. Lmk if u wanna know more. I have lots of ideas. Oh, I've also taken a screenshot of this comment. Hagd, Jackson! Thx, again!

  6. Pop a mouse trap on each of your cats claws three times a day. That will break them from any nasty habit using their claws!

  7. you need to give something for cat to scratch , like scratching post , or i let my cat to scratch very old sofa but i dont let her to scratch anything else and she only scratches that sofa which i allow her to scratch

  8. Holy cow the trimming nails seriously works!! Remy is a one year old and would rather eat my hand than let me brush him. But I just clipped his first nail after we got home from a walk. He was happy and lounging. Remy just let me reach over and clip a nail.

  9. Hey Jackson, can you help me how cat cannot scratch my curtains at home? Thank you it'll will be a great help. my cat came from outside i mean from stray cat until he come lives with me. This is Keziah from Philippines Thank you.

  10. Word of advice. Don't tell a crippled person, or someone with twisted bones and tendons that declawing is cruel and cripples them. My cat walks and runs better than I ever will and she's happy as a clam.

  11. Human nail clippers are hands down the best tool don't let these shitty claw trimmers producers fool you :v

  12. My cat is scratching my fence. Rather that than indoor furnitures 😂:

  13. I made a homemade scratching post with sisal rope in an attempt to get my girlfriends kitty to stop scratching the bed but I failed 🙁 gunna get some soft paws stuff!

  14. Who else has a white cat with green eyes?? Humane society cat that I adopted randomly just asked for the problem child and the adoption coordinated said this girl might be a good match. I’ve adopted her and everything is fine, but I’m just trying to figure out what’s the deal with these all white cats with green eyes and is it something that is genetic to a specific breed or is it that the mama can be any color and suddenly have a white kitten. I know it’s not albinism because she does have pigment in her eyes.

  15. I have a sofa and chair covered/constructed with microfiber fabric….in the past when my cats were younger, they used to stretch their legs on the side of the sofa…but I noticed they (thankfully) couldn't dig their claws into the fabric…so I guess I got lucky….
    Of course I do have scratch boards and sisal cat towers which they love to use for their stretching and scratching needs….

  16. We made two scratching posts for our cat and one is up stairs and the other down stairs he loves the one upstairs but doesn't use the down stairs. He scratches on the steps.
    Any tips?

  17. I would never declaw my kitty. I know she needs her claws. I adopted her from a shelter as a kitten and she's now 9 months old. She doesn't scratch furniture or people. But she does love climbing up my curtains! My curtains (RIP) lol haven't been changed again as I know she'll just do the same. Any tips? Anyone? She has a scratching post and she loves it but still climbs the curtains. 🤷‍♂️


  19. Wow no one knows what a cat would really like to claw other than your furniture.
    When cats are outside the first think they do if they don't have a clawing post in the house is head for the nearest tree and start clawing it. I have had three cats for the last 35 years and one clawing post, it is 4 inches in diameter and 20 inches long with a 12 inch square piece of 1/2 inch plywood nailed to one end and stands in the kitchen not far from their food dish. best clawing post is a 4 inch diameter by 20 inch long ash log with the bark still on it. All three cats have found it and used it almost instantly after having a snack. It is what they claw in nature so get one in the house guarantied.

  20. These are the best along with a good scratch post.

  21. Thank you for this video! I especially like how you explained the proper way to clip the cats nails and that it’s OK to clip one nail at a time if the cat is sleeping. I think that is the only way that my mom will be able to clip my cats nails, because she scratches all the time, but I think it’s because her nails are so long that when she tries to climb up on anything, that’s why she scratching The furniture. We do tell her “no “when she does scratch, but like I said, she doesn’t mean to. Unfortunately, she doesn’t like her scratching post. Maybe, it’s because it’s old and we had it for our previous cat who ran away.

  22. Never in a million years would I have put two and two together about the cat scratching at where the scent soaked areas were strongest. Makes sense!

  23. Actually declawing doesn't just remove the claws. It is amputation of part of the knuckles. They then have what they call phantom claws, just like humans who have parts of their limbs removed suffer the same thing. Definately a cruel procedure.

  24. Would never declaw. However, Rocky has ruined nearly everyrhing. Fortunately, he allows me to trim his claws.

  25. Hi Jackson! Love Ya! My 3 cats love those cardboard scratchers that come in a little box approximately 12x 6 x 1 inch. These are great, I put them by my couch and they prefer to scratch those over my couch. Plus, I can add a bit of catnip to make it fun! I don't even need sticky tape.

  26. I got the cat a scratchpost since we have no room for a cat tree.
    He still scratches up the chair and despite putting sticky tape on my desk, still jumps on it.

  27. It can take 3 or 4 days to get the nails one at a time. That's fine. We take our time. I invite him to come on the table, I get one or two claws, I give him treats and we celebrate.

  28. Anyone who is resonsible removing the claws of a cat, should imagine a life without having fingers and/or toes. If you don't like scratches and can't deal with it, don't get a cat. Period. I get scratched often and I don't care at all. It's because I grew up with them 19 years and it's my love to them. I'm a girl btw, not frail enough to complain or bitch about it.

  29. My door im ten and my parents dont like cats he scratches the door to get out of my room yes he has to stay in my room

  30. I stopped my two cats from that a easy cheap way I blew up balloons and pin them to corners of furniture and believe me they don't like the noise of a poped balloon about two months they stop doing it just put a balloon where u don't want them to go and u win .

  31. Declaring they call it torture it should against the law they need those claws for protection if u can't teach your cat then your too stupid to own any animal got it !!!

  32. I wish cats were more like dogs, in that a good owner can train them, instead of just working around their bad habits and changing up your whole house. You can't have nice things when you have a cat. My cat has the absolute best of everything. Only the best food, frozen raw whole diet, carbon filtered water fountains, a 500 dollar automatic litter box, installed a fully heated marble floor in his litter box/play room floor to make it easier to clean up etc. And he still finds a way to get onto the counters and nightstands to knock everything off it. Tries to eat our food, hops into the kitchen sink to try to get our leftovers. I thought a cat would be low maintenance, but honestly I just I miss my dog.

  33. My wicker night stand made an excellent scratch post… My cat loves wicker… 😊 I have gotten her several scratch posts and others too but she loves the night stand and a whicker chair arm… So I gave both to her 😎😎😎

  34. Soft paws are not a good solution. The bulky cap forces the cats to keep their claws in a semi-extended state which can’t be comfortable all the time. Plus some cats HATE them. I did it once years ago and within two days my cat had chewed them off.

  35. Easy: 1) Have scratching posts in your house and 2) say 'no' whenever they scratch something you don't want them to. Cats are pretty clever that way. Also whatever you do if you live in an underdeveloped country that allows declawing… Just don't.

  36. Thank you. Did not know about soft paws. Love to learn things. I cannot stand when people declaw their cats exspecially with-ought doing they research. Hear my vet said they are bending declawing. Yeah! Found out if you do that cat more lucky to bite. We adopted one who was declared and he nips you. 3 years been trying to train him not to. 😂. Trained my others figure I can train this 10 year old. He a sweetie and loves to cuddle, hates been alone.😋. But every night he wakes yup between 4 and 6 am. Is their away to train a ten year old not to? He thinks it morning and wants his wet food. I do not mind him sleeping with me since general he a good 🐈. But not to wake us yup to early. We do have try food out always. But demands for wet food. Lol. I give him a bit when I get yup or my husband does. Even has a bit at dinner and around 10 pm. But the problem lies between 4 and 6 when the birds are yup. He thinks it is breakfast time,😂. We do need our sleep.
    Any adduce would be happy to have. Thank you !

  37. This is such an old episode, but I’m hoping for a response. My cats scratch at my dining chairs. They are not declawed, there’s literally 2 scratch posts and cat tree right next to the chairs, and we never use those chairs (so there’s no human scent of us on them). What else can I do?

  38. If you can't take care of a cat, then just don't get one. It's that easy! You should know what you're getting into before you get a pet that will probably live for 15 years with you.

  39. Declawing a cat, what a horribly cruel idea!!! Vets would never do that in my country, I even never heard of it before I watched your show.

  40. What do you suggest for my friends cat who doesn't scratch any furniture (doesn't seem to have any interest in scratching vertically) but instead scratches the carpet? She rents an apartment and is worried about losing her desposit. I suggested getting one of those scratching mats you find at the pet store and placing it where he scratches the most, but she says he doesn't have one particular place he scratches, he just scratches whereever he happens to be standing. Her carpet fibers are starting to come up from it. It's not like you can put sticky tape down across the whole carpet.

  41. My 2 kittens (Both 4 months old) just love to go at the base of my bed or the couch which i rarely sit on and just go ham despite there being a scratch/climbing post literally 50CM away from it. Everytime i catch them doing it ive just picked them up and put them by their own scratch post (Which they use regularily) but sometimes they'll just go "No, ill scratch here despite my owner not liking it"

  42. Nice how you are actually helping and educating people. Most people do nothing to help; but making things worse for both cats and people. This is why experts like you are important as you are actually the rare few to make positive changes for both cats and their owners.

  43. It's not mentioned here, but some cats are vertical scratchers, some are horizontal scratchers. To be successful in getting your cat to use a scratching post, you must accommodate their preference. You can tell their preference by watching how and where they scratch. The arms of the couch= horizontal; side of the couch= vertical.) Or get both kinds and see what's used most. I'd also have multiple preferred scratching posts, in places your cat likes to be. I've never had a problem once I figured out their preferences. And start nail clipping ASAP. Mine always got their favorite treats or playtime after clipping. Since starting this as kittens it's never been a problem. Good luck!

  44. Jackson Galaxy – My two cats have almost destroyed 2 sofas that are only 18 months old. They scratch when they want food. And by food, I mean fresh from the packet. None of this stuff that might have been put in their bowls 30 minutes ago and certainly not the dry food that sits on the edges of their bowls because they ate from the centre. They want a fine dining experience.

  45. My cat doesn't trust me when it comes to clipping her nails. I gave up trying…she becomes unhappy and wanting to scratch me whenever I try to clip her nails. My mother is mad because I refuse to declaw my cat (her name is Mila) and she's scared to buy new furniture in fear the cat would scratch it up. She likes to go after the couch my mom sits in and the one I sit in. I don't have the funds to move out (yet) and I don't want to give my cat to someone else or take her back to the shelter.

  46. All my kitty's have there claws and each like to scratch n stretch on different things lol 😍😺💓 thanks so much Jackson!!!!!!!!! Your teaching me so much!

  47. My cat keeps scratching me and biting me idk why can someone tell me why? Thank you it would be very helpful 🙂

  48. We have 3 cats. I have at least 4 scratching toys (one being a whole cat tree). I have one cat that scratches right in front of the scratching toy but never on the toy or tree. Why?

  49. I would start scratching the post anytime my kitten would go for the couch. My kitten would then come over and start playing with the post instead.

  50. My cat scratches the floor right in front of the patio door. I can’t exactly put sticky tape on the floor. What would you recommend for that? I also don’t spend a particularly large amount of time standing at the doorway so I don’t know if he’s doing it because my scent is there? Any tips would be appreciated. 🥰

  51. How can I get my cat to stop biting me, attacking me, drawing blood? Seven-month-old Charlie, we have had him since he was 4 weeks, taken from an abused situation. I wear rain galoshes to protect my legs, ankles and toes. My face and arms take the biting. These are not scratches, but actual chomps with the pointy sharp teeth and drawing blook and scaring. What can I do?

  52. In my opinion my cat is living with me like a partner or a child. So my appartement is also hers. So she also needs stuff like I do. Watching your tv show I‘m sometimes confused. In some homes you don’t see that there’s a cat, too. OUR home is full of scratching posts, beds, tunnels, toys… and hair. 😸 You enter and a second later you just know, That’s a cat‘s home. And I think that‘s totally okay. 😁

  53. I would not EVER declaw my cat! I do want to help him not scratch my couch. I clip his nails. Have done it since he was a baby. He doesn’t mind.

  54. This is 5 yrs old….but I NEED answers as to WHAT to do with a cat that absolutely HATES to have her nails clipped!!!!! Been doing it since she was a kitten….have to cover her head and hold by the scruff….it ISN'T a pretty sight!!!!! I dread it EVERYTIME, and I know she does as well…ANY SUGGESTIONS??? 😕🤕

  55. I have door-hanging scratching posts of all different textures throughout the house along with a scratching post. I also let them scratch several rugs that are in different rooms. Never had a problem since they have such a variety to dig in on.


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