How To Silence A Recurve Bow
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How To Silence A Recurve Bow

August 9, 2019

Hey guys, my name is Lilly and today I want to try out a new bow. This one here is the Phantom by Mandarin Duck. And yup, Mandarin Duck has sponsored this video. They wanted me to try out one of their bows. And when they asked me which model of their bows I would like, I chose this one. Because the Phantom is a pretty small bow as you can see. And yeah, it’s the shortest recurve bow that I’ve ever had. To me it was important that it’s short, so that you can move around, you know, in thick brush. And I wanted one which is a takedown bow so that I can take the bow with me when I’m traveling abroad. Besides the bow, I also got some accessories. I got this wristband here. I got a strap for the arrow quiver, if you want to wear it on your back. But it also comes with this pant loop here, so you can wear it on your belt. And this is the quiver which is so beautiful. Look at it! It’s the most beautiful quiver I’ve ever had. And this is genuine leather, and it’s completely hand sewn so that’s pretty awesome. They also have sent me some finger taps and an arm guard which I’m going to use today. Okay, let’s try out a couple of shots. Bullseye! Yeah, sometimes the tip is slipping off my finger. So it’s definitely too big for my hands. Okay, my first impression is that the bow shoots accurate. Just have to get used to the bow because now I’m used to other bows, but yeah, it’s shooting accurate which is a great thing. What I don’t like about it is the sound. you know. It’s really really loud, so. Actually, this is not a big problem. because there are some things that you can do against the sound and if a bow is too loud, it’s not good, especially when you’re hunting. Because the deer or the animals that you shoot will hear you before the arrow reaches the animal. So it’s better if the bow was silent. First I have to determine where the noise is coming from. So let’s try this out. Okay, it comes from the sinew. It comes from up here as well. And most of the noise comes from in here. Okay. Let’s disassemble the bow and let’s see where the problem is. Okay, I think I know what the problem is. The riser here has a hollow part and And, I think it sings because of this. Because it’s just like a guitar and you have a hollow body. It makes more sound and the limbs have a little bit of play, just, just a little bit. Okay, I brought a few things with me. I brought cotton, and I’m taking some cotton, and I put it into this hollow space of the riser. It’s pretty simple just takes out the sound. And then I have prepared these cotton pieces which go inside as well. And it will take out vibrations, and it also takes out the little amount of play that the limbs have. The grouping looks much better. These parts of the bow are pretty silent now, and next I want to silence the strings. And for this I have brought some beaver puffs. These are just strips of the pelt of the beaver. Extremely fluffy and it takes away a lot of vibration from the sinew. Okay. These puffs will take out the vibration of the sinew. The downside of using these is actually that you lose some speed of the sinew. And therefore you have a little bit less power for your arrows. The next thing that I want to take care of is this curved part here. This is the part where the sinew hits the bow. And today I have brought some Velcro with me. And I want to cut it out and glue it onto this groove here so that the sinew is silenced even more. See, it’s pretty silent now! Cool! Grouping was not bad either. So I want to try again and shoot a little bit and test my self to the bow. Yeah, I have to say that for $80.00 a bow like this is pretty awesome you know. That’s a very good deal. And after all the silencing mods that I have put on the bow this is really a great bow. It’s very accurate, Very accurate. And… Yeah, it’s a little bit heavy because of the riser. It’s made [of] of some kind of heavier metal. Heavier than my other bows. But yeah, you would get used to it. You will build your muscles. I want to thank the company Mandarin Duck for sending me this awesome bow, and for equipment and for sponsoring my video. Thank you so much! If you are interested in buying one of their products, make sure that you are visiting their website. The link is in the description of this video. Thank you for watching and stay tuned to the next time!

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  1. Thanks to Mandarin Duck for sponsoring this video! Please visit: Multitool used in this video:

  2. What advantages do you get by lifting the bow above head before full draw? That's something that kyuudou archers practise with strict discipline too.

  3. Would it affect the shot too much, I wonder, if you put some fabric or Velcro on the arrow rest to eliminate the “ssssss” you make when you draw? Animals would notice that

  4. Mbak ini latihan diposisi lain kalau mau makan silakn rung cari pakai instink orangnya pasti tertawa kan lagi

  5. I love that when you explained that the limb pockets have a hollow that amplifies the sound "just like a guitar" – I thought you said "cadavre" … and I thought it still made sense!!!

  6. Oh wow, a bulls eye at 3-4 meters. I stopped watching immediately after that. She only got the views from pervy men of whom probably have zero experience in firing any projectile other than their own jizz from watching this video and pulling themselves off to it!
    Anyone who disagrees to this statement, is probably mopping up their own spunk out of their belly buttons right now.
    Go figure! Good luck. Fuck saaaaaaaaake!

  7. This is fooking laughable. Grouping at 4 meters was terrible. One eye closed. She should worry about the scent of her arse crack more than the sound of her bow at that ridiculously short range.
    I bet most of her views are from men who have no experience of firing any projectile other than their own spunk whilst watching this tripe!
    Any one who disagrees, is probably mopping up their own spunk out of their belly button right now. FUCKING RIDICULOUS!!!

  8. Not a bad video. I just recommend not putting the final product in the first few seconds of the video…

  9. If you point at the sky when drawing and accidentally fire you could kill someone. Draw pointing at the ground, if you cannot, the bow is too strong for you.

  10. I reckon you & Joerg Sprave should have babies ,then nato can stand down & we can save a shit load of money !!

  11. Another "recommended" movie for me about bow, but previous was better and… I know that this woman is holding BOW WRONG 😛 BAD GRIP 😛

  12. Was interested in the simple low tech solution and how dramatic of a difference it made filling those hollow spaces under the limbs in the riser. Now wondering if any of my bows have that. Pretty cool, good vid. Although without a bow press taking apart my compounds would be a chore.

  13. great tips! very nice bow. i prefer take down guns here in texas and i might have to get one of these. sound dropped a ton after you patched it up.

    great shooting as well..

  14. Niiice… good mods.
    Kind of had a cool air show sort of sound tho.
    That pushing air sound. Awesome but not optimal.
    Anyways, this might we'll be a channel that needs a binge to catch up on.

  15. There is a things you could do against sound. For example use it in cosmos that be perfect also you could shot much further 🙂 And you get 100 times more views.

  16. You can say it is silenced, but still, animals would run after first shot. If you need bow for hunting, try compound, they can be much more silent. Even classical historic bow can be more silent that this one.

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