How to Shoot Down Drones – MACHINE GUNS
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How to Shoot Down Drones – MACHINE GUNS

August 11, 2019

How hard is it to shoot down RC target drones… with machine guns? rat a tat tat pew pew pew hee hee haw haw why you…. I oughta… whoosh! This is typically what you guys do to an airplane. . You shoot the motor out of it It dropped like a brick. We have not been able to shoot down this other one It runs out of gas each time. Come on, will you hit it? We’ll fly that again. You can see on the bottom a big scar. Crash it into them if they don’t shoot it down. How many planes did you bring this time? I built 30 for this shoot. We were able to salvage parts off damaged planes. and the one airplane that did the best
today it was this eight or nine passes. I was diving over their heads It ran out of fuel and it landed in a big
bush It’s got two holes in it, it’s perfect other than that. Flying the target drones at night da plane da plane! Plane down! Nice!

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  1. There is but one thing that i can say about this

    "Red Horizon"

    This is one of the Awesomest vids that i have seen on Youtube as of yet!

  2. Awesome, especially the night footage! It would be even more fun if the drones were a little bigger and carried cameras and paintball guns (or maybe even fireworks). Man vs drone, who gets shot first?

  3. hobbyist shooters.. so much fun to fire at purely moving targets. Wish you took part in the footholds of Afghanistan. Your aim is pretty good, why didn't you enrol like me and the other guys? I'm not trolling, but seeing this, from the distance too, you would have made good gunners. Nice shooting fellows. But consider sending your skills towards a paid and worthier cause. Hitting moving targets 1/4mile in burst fire is pretty much a pass!

  4. Love it Taofledermaus. Should be a national, Olympic or official sport! "The 300m machine gun"! Love those tracers too. Impossible where I live in Australia due to the laws. Nothing wrong with law abiding gun owners, which are always facing punishment when a non law abiding idiot does something. Love the Vid, cheers!

  5. Go to a fireworks display, eh, guess it's OK. See a laser display, cool.. See tracer rounds flying through the sky, HOLY SHIT THAT'S AWSOME!

  6. If i had the expendable income, I'd love to build up some RC planes to fly at big sandy! I definitely can't afford a full auto…

  7. I think they forgot to lead their shots. I saw the night time tracers and it looked like they were aiming straight for the drone instead of leading their shots.

  8. Wow. That's quite a show. I've never actually seen MG fire at night.

    It seems remarkably difficult to shoot down a drone, far more than many might expect.

  9. If you put some parts of the audio on a loop it could make great back ground music for an FPS game.

  10. Lol, the drones gotta feel like such a badass right now, i imagine it saying, as he is doing a roll 'that one was close redneck! not close enough!'

  11. It's such a good thing these guys are careful enough not to fire at it while it is ABOVE the ridgeline downrange… It's not like those rounds won't go a few miles or anything.. And be lethal if they hit someone who just happened to be out in the wilds out there. High velocity rounds shot at an angle act completely different than rounds fired straight up..

  12. HAHAHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE CANT FACE THE TRUTH!! DID THAT HURT ???? thats why we dont go nowhere nobody wants to face the truth cuz it fkin hurts… what you gonna do when they ban guns in the US ? delete peoples comments too or go outta business because its coming believe or not, if we dont stand up… trust me delete this one too im out

  13. Pure FUN god dam Romans I mean Americans lol just kidding enjoy ;)… No wonder Americans don't want their weapons taken away it's to much FUN.

  14. How's the aa12 for distance? I bet that thing would do pretty well within a certain range. Either way that looks like an amazing time. Amazing channel just found it. I will tell others.

  15. This is actually enjoyable. I fly 'drones'. Race them. I always have people threatening to shoot me, or 'knock down' my drone. Laughable they always believe it's easy. As if the thing will just be sitting there waiting for their final judgement. LOL. I've had my rigs shot at illegally and seen at least one of these guys get a visit from the sheriff saying if he was to shoot at it across the road again, he'd be going to jail. Not one time have they ever gotten a single hit. I mean, this pilot is literally handing this thing over to be shot, and they still aren't knocking it down. You see, flying them on my property or my dad's property or even my friends property is just to good of a chance for one of these guys to spout off. They can't take it it's too good of a chance to show how tough they are……. LOL… Enjoy shooting your guns. As an American I promise you I'm happy you enjoy owning, shooting, and carrying guns as the Constitution provides. In fact, I love this video of guys having fun shooting. I just think it's totally funny that doesn't reciprocate.

  16. Imagine this as somekind of sport.
    "And in the final round: Arthur MacAllister with his MG42 versus Jeffrey Hancock with his M134. May the bigger brass curtain win!"

  17. Should do a version with a quadrotor or other type of drone thats highly maneuverable and can carry a payload. Namely, a remote operated paintball gun, operated by a seperate gunner, that it will fire back at the shooters, and see what the drones kill to death ratio is.

  18. good morning friends . My name is Rafael, and I live in Rio de Jameiro in Brazil. I wanted to ask you if you could help me by donating these pieces of these drones or selling me. I have a dream and to have a drone, even if it's broken, please help me destri I wanted these pieces please the love of god. I am pober and I do not have money to buy a deçes …. I await an answer.

  19. good morning friends . My name is Rafael, and I live in Rio de Jameiro in Brazil. I wanted to ask you if you could help me by donating these pieces of these drones or selling me. I have a dream and to have a drone, even if it's broken, please help me destri I wanted these pieces please the love of god. I am pober and I do not have money to buy a deçes …. I await an answer.

  20. I hate these things so much,I came up with a definite cure for invasive quadracopter flying near your home or family. As a concerned homeowner and parent ,when my neighborhood started being invaded by these childrens toys with high speed razor blades attached,I became furious at the invasion of my privacy of dwelling. Being an avid outdoors-man,my spinning pole's reel needed to have the old line stripped ANYWAY, so I tied a rusty 1/4×20 nut on the line and started casting like a basketball bucket-dunk,flipping the line higher and higher. I changed to an equally rusty 5/16 nut, and found I could flip-cast a nut 300 feet in the air,and when falling back to earth,it became a tangled web of line in the sky !!!!!
    So far I have disabled or caught 6 of the critters.
    In my next post,I will share good recipes,and proper tenderization techniques to use. A always, we recommend the use of American made corn oil for frying.

  21. In the first minute I just thought it was hysterical. If anyone thinks its easy, try it. Even worse, try it from the pitching deck of a ship!

  22. Ha ha, look at how many shots it took to take that drone down! Lol. ? A shotfun would have worked waaay better.

  23. LOL you can barely catch a glimpse of the little bugger… so much destructive power and that little engine keeps whining … Guys seem to mostly be shooting behind the planes… Place steady fire ahead of it and let the plane fly through the bullet cloud!

  24. All those Americans unloading thousands upon thousands of rounds to shoot down a little balsa wood RC plane is the perfect metaphor for how ineffective the American military is despite its might.

    Trillion dollar military. Can’t beat a bunch of dudes in caves with 70 year old assault rifles.

  25. They should have picked a better pilot. Local 12 yr old Billy "Wild Bill" McFearsnothin, Jr. is currently the best Top Gun leading this competition. Hopefully "Iceman" will take him out like he did "Maverick" in the last epic showdown.

  26. Honestly, this does look fun but what a stupid fucking video. What a waste of ammunition. These guys have way too much money and time on their hands and THIS is what they do with it. Haha OK? I'm not impressed…

  27. I see a money-making venture right here… how much do you think people would spend for some action like that???

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