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How to shoot a recurve bow | Archery 360

August 11, 2019

This is how to shoot an olympic recurve bow Archery is a sport best practiced in controlled conditions Please see your local archery club for a place to shoot safely first our archer will be stepping to the shooting line She puts one foot on either side of the shooting line She’ll also attach her finger sling to her thumb. So that she can relax her bow hand after she has Gotten her posture, she’ll be drawing her arrow out of her quiver and knocking it to the bowstring Keeping in mind that one fetch faces the archer creating a nice flat path for the arrow to leave the bow Olympic-style archers used three fingers on the bowstring. one finger above the arrow and two fingers below You can also see that she’s using a finger tab to protect her fingers from the bowstring Next she’s going to slide her hand into the grip into a profitable position and raise her arms So that the arrow is pointed straight at the Target From here she’s going to draw the string back to her face an Olympic-style archers Anchor with her finger touching their jaw and the string running up the chin the lips and the tip of the nose She’s now aiming with the front sight pin when she’s ready, she’ll shoot After the shot her bow arm stays up and her fingers end up behind her neck creating the follow-through And that is how you shoot an olympic recurve bow

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  1. "After she has gotten her posture"…
    You don't say how she does this or even show what correct posture is.
    Correct posture is the basis of every shot and if it's not right then the shot will not be right.
    Even the action of standing correctly is something that has to be explained in detail and practised again and again to get right.
    Posture has to be right before you even think of fitting an arrow to the bow or the whole shot is doomed to inconstancy.

  2. great video but can you make your videos longer. it seems kind of rushed.. like your trying to explain everything real fast. I find myself pausing
    the video a lot to watch her forms and techniques. I love your style though

  3. When you get to the point of releasing the string, is it a rapid conscious release or a gradual release until the string releases upon its own?

  4. I like the style this video was shot in with the imaginary lines very sightful how ever releasing your bow like that every time not a good idea for your wrist muscles why she did that I have no idea. But instinct tells me that’s not how you shoot.

  5. I have a few questions sorry for my grammar im dyslexic so here goes, i'm just starting archery my coach says i need my bow arm in line with my shoulder to reduce pressure but when i go to take a shot looking through the sight ring my arm is at 1 o clock not 12 as it was in line with my shoulder.2 because im shooting at 1 o clock my shoulder some times is sore is this due to the wrong shooting line or is it due to lack of shoulder strength ?? 3 all so my coach says i need my pull back to the centre of my chin and rest on my nose but it seems that im resting the bow string on my chin and moving my head down to touch my nose can you give me some tips on how to remedy these problems any reply would be grateful fingers crossed as its a 15 month old clip

  6. Looks like The Matrix training software. I was expecting him to say "let's see how you deal with a live target".
    Cool video!

  7. Please keep camera to subject executing task instead of speaker. It would aid visually as audio is continuous already

  8. I have a question, Can I use this PERFECT video in my Instagram account?
    Obviously giving you rights in the description and tagging you. I work with an archery company and you are perfect. Please, I need your answer
    We are @legend_archery

  9. I get those attachments make the bow more accurate, but I'd much prefer the traditional recure bow with just a bow and string.
    Makes me feel, I dunno, more like an old fashioned archer, even if it's not as good

  10. Holding that long, makes it muscles tense, which makes your shot inaccurate. Never draw for more than 2 seconds, ur accuracy will suck

  11. It's somewhat different if you're shooting on the correct side of the limb. The right side. Then the fletching should be facing away. You're also more accurate if you shoot on the correct side of the limb. You also don't need idiotic arm protection when you use the correct side of the limb.

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